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Pearl settles another agreement with union.

Pearl settles another agreement with union

Pearl Brewing Co. settled with another union last week when 69 workers in the company's can plant ratified a new 18-month contract, a source at the Teamsters Local 1110 said.

The contract calls for the same $4-per-hour cuts in pay and benefits that 165 workers in the brewery accepted a week before, (see Modern Brewery Age Tabloid, February 26, 1990).

Pearl, which has been negotiating with four unions, has said it needs concessions from the workers or it faces a possible shutdown of operations.

The can plant employees agreed to a $2.26-per-hour cut in wages, including the loss of a paid 30-minute lunch break when they were technically on call, said one union official. The other $1.74 will be cut from various benefits such as uniform allowances.

Pearl has now reached agreements with its machinists, plumbers and electricians unions.
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Title Annotation:Pearl Brewing Co., Teamsters Local 1110
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Mar 12, 1990
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