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Pearl is eyed by China contingent.

After touring the Pearl Brewing Co. in San Antonio, TX, a group of Chinese officials have expressed interest in producing the brew in China, Trevor Goodman, spokesperson for S&P Cos., told the San Antonio Express-News.

"The Chinese were very inerested in the Pearl and Texas Pride brands when they were in San Antonio," Goodman said. "There is nothing firm yet, but Pearl may be brewed in China."

Goodman added that if an agreement were to be reached, Pearl would probably be imported initially.

Currently, S&P Cos. already has dealings in the Chinese beer market through a joint venture with the Zhaoqing Brewery, which produces Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. The brewery, which was originally located in Vancouver, WA, was dismantled in 1986, and shipped to China, where it was rebuilt in 1990.

Goodman also noted that S&P plans to sell five additional breweries to the Chinese in the near future. Two of the five - the Falstaff Brewery in Fort Wayne. IN, and the Pabst Brewery in Omaha, NE - have already been stripped and are ready for shipping.
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Title Annotation:Pearl Brewing Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Aug 24, 1992
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