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Peaceful Yog-Ahhh.

Yoga is easy to learn and ideal to de-stress and grow stronger. See how yoga helps young teacher Sangita, and pick up quick chill-out tricks.

My mum and dad say I started doing yoga with them when I was a baby. Both my parents taught yoga, and our whole family would do yoga together. These days, I take yoga class from my mum four times a week, and I do yoga practice on my own every day.

I now teach yoga to other girls. I decided to because I remember watching how my dad's students seemed when they walked into class, and then when they came out. They were totally different people--happy and more peaceful with themselves.

So I really wanted to do that, too, and help girls feel better about themselves. Because that's what life is all about: It's about being happy, and you can't achieve happiness without peace.

I love how yoga makes your body feel. I love the fun postures and the breathing exercises. I like how they calm me down. For me, yoga is not just good for your body; it's also about learning to focus your mind and gain knowledge of your self.

I try to incorporate yoga in little bits throughout the day. At school, there's so much drama and stress and homework and assignments and tests. I do breathing exercises when I study to calm me down and help me focus. And I try to do yoga after school at least 15 minutes a day. After I do my practice, I feel more connected with my body, and I forget everything that's making my mind crazy!

When I was younger, I didn't think much about how I looked, but now my friends and I sometimes talk about body insecurities. I try not to compare myself to others, but it's hard not to do that. Yoga helps me focus on the fact that I have a healthy body, and I feel proud when I learn more poses. The first time I went into headstand, I was like WOW, I can do this!

I want yoga to help girls in a deeper way, too. For me, yoga is about learning to have awareness of your divinity, loving all beings as equals, caring for animals and humans alike. Practicing yoga and living a yogic life is ultimately about reaching my greatest potential of being human and expressing complete freedom of being in all that I do.

Yoga can change the way you look at life. Try it!

Sangita, 14, Florida, was certified as a Sampoorna yoga teacher last year. She lives with her family and studies at her father's ashram. Find out more

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Date:Nov 1, 2015
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