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Peace is freedom from travails of war.

Peace is freedom From travails of war. It is the state of rest of people. Peace is the time when friendship is in the hearts of the people. It is the happiest time that people could ever wish for.

When we talk about peace, what comes to our mind? Isn't it the war that is happening to our country? People in the country wish to live peacefully, with no travails and no wars. It is a wish they want granted. It is however something that is difficult to achieve.

People don't know the faults that they make. They do not accept their faults and they do not know how to say sorry, like the government. Government does things that make people angry because they do things only for themselves and not for the people.

We cannot blame peace if it does not come. The bad attitude of people stops us from having peace. People can not prevent war and have peace if they blame each other. They do not help themselves.

People need self-discipline in order to have peace.
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Title Annotation:peace & the children
Author:Aquino, Kimberly
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Oct 1, 2003
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