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Peace in Afghanistan.

In the midst of the ongoing process of the US' withdrawal, the Taliban have made significant advances in Afghanistan which led high-level peace talks to stagnate. However, in recognition of the important role its neighbours have to play in conflict resolution, Iran hosted a conversation with the Taliban. In doing so, certain progress was made as the Taliban agreed to return back to Doha for further negotiations with the Afghan government. We expected this to be a tough process but we must all now rally to protect the region from worsening circumstances.

Initially, it seemed as though Afghanistan's government and the Taliban were making headway in their Doha conferences but all progress was halted in the face of increased violence, occupations and diplomatic impasse. The power vacuum left behind by the US' withdrawal is also a contributing factor for this surge in tensions as both stakeholders scramble to consolidate their hold on the area and the people-the recent attack of Qala-e-Naw for instance. Well aware about the ramifications of this civil war-including a refugee crisis, economic instability, heightened terrorism and regional security threats-Afghanistan's neighbours must join hands in preventing the country from turmoil. Collaboration by Iran and Pakistan is particularly vital considering that we share our borders with the war-stricken country.

Playing a constructive role dictates that we provide a platform through which further conversations can be held, create peace strategies that might aid the country and direct our resources towards improving the standard of living for the masses. Through a closer partnership amongst ourselves, we will be able to put up a stronger stand against regional clashes. Thus, this is something that we must work towards. Independently, we have been directing our efforts in facilitating peace in Afghanistan. Now, Pakistan must nurture its relationship with regional powers so that the resolution process is as successful as it can be.

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Publication:The Nation (Karachi, Pakistan)
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Date:Jul 9, 2021
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