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Peace Education in America; 1828-1990: Sourcebook for Education and Research.

The author is well known for her workshops and presentations on teaching children conflict-resolution skills and her articles on peace education. This book was inspired by the recent Gulf War conflict in which American forces were sent off once again to a foreign land to wage war. Letters written by children and published in the local newspaper reminded her of other generations who had wrestled with similar conflicted feelings--pride in their country mixed with concerns about their loved ones. "Why are there wars, anyway?" was the question that children asked from one generation to the next.

Stomfay-Stitz's research for this book began 10 years ago when she was teaching in the elementary grades. She discovered that other concerned teachers like herself wanted to help children achieve a peaceful world and trader-stand why wars still persist. In each one of the decades that she investigated in her research, educators asked the same questions over and over again--"Why isn't there education for peace?"

The answers the author finds constitute the meat of this comprehensive and practical sourcebook. The author's first goal is to share the hidden strand of history that is peace education in America with those in education, research and the general community. The second goal is to help children learn about the thoughts and deeds of the children of other generations and their dreams for world peace.

The author accomplishes these two goals by offering a fascinating look at peace education in the United States since 1828 and providing a wealth of resources for educators and parents to use in developing peace education activities at school and home. Teachers and parents can help the author reach her second goal by using the resource directory. The author organized this directory under seven difference categories, beginning with "Curriculum Guides" and concluding with "Post-Soviet/American Friendship and Exchange Programs." There is something for every age group--from nursery through high school--in this impressive directory.

Stomfay-Stitz opens many new windows for the reader. I recommend this book for all who are serious about making peace education an integral part of the school curriculum.
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Author:Gilstrap, Robert L.
Publication:Childhood Education
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 1, 1994
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