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Peace, love, and red cards.

Since ascending to the papacy, Pope Francis has inspired people across the world with his words and actions. In his native Argentina, a new soccer team has been created and named in his honor. The twist, however, is that the team, Papa Francisco, has dedicated itself to playing the game nonviolently.

"Our motto is no hooligans, no violence, and no insults," team founder Jorge Ramirez told the International Business Times.

Unfortunately for team Papa Francisco, this is easier said than done. While playing the team's first game on April 15, two players were ejected after receiving red card violations.

Members of the team, which is nicknamed "Saint of the South," acknowledged that it is difficult to "maintain decorum" and always exhibit good behavior on the field. But, as midfielder Fabian Gaddi explained of the team's nonviolent intentions, "It will be a complicated thing if we insult others, [but] the pope is Argentine and he knows and understands us."

Again, unfortunately for team Papa Francisco, the real kicker is that Pope Francis is not affiliated with the team and has been a long-time fan of the Buenos Aires soccer club San Lorenzo.

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