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Payroll audit checklist.

* Do you have instant access to your quarterly payroll reports?

Yes No Not sure

* Do you have copies of all the form 940 (federal unemployment taxes) and form 941 (federal taxes and Federal Insurance Contribution Act [FICA]) deposits you made with the federal government?

Yes No Not sure

* Do you store I-9 forms (immigration and naturalization employment eligibility) separately from payroll records?

Yes No Not sure

* Do you have a system for computing federal withholding and FICA taxes?

Yes No Not sure

* Do you properly record monies withheld for 401(k) or other deferred-compensation plans?

Yes No Not sure

* Do you have current figures available for workers' compensation funds paid out?

Yes No Not sure
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Publication:Journal of Accountancy
Date:Jun 1, 1994
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