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Payne, Gregory: Chase to the Brazen Head Young.

** PAYNE, Gregory Chase to the Brazen Head Young Haven, 2010 209pp $19.95 pbk ISBN 9789881809452


Archie and Edward both live in China, but are from very different backgrounds. Archie is from America and Edward from England. Archie dislikes living in China, missing his space and sports from home, whereas Edward researched as much as he could about the history and culture of China before his arrival. Archie and Edward, despite their differences, become film friends. Edward shows Archie the oldest building in the school, a disused church that is now a museum and library. The China Exploration Club (CEC), who launched an expedition every summer to explore and research ancient China, built the collection. The boys become friends with Ah Sook, the curator of the library and museum. When Ah Sook does not arrive for New Year celebrations as planned the boys become worried. After investigating they find an old foe of Ah Sook's is back to try and steal the Brazen Head, a mechanised device shaped like a head, which can answer questions. Edward and Archie, along with their new friends Yan Yan and Sze, decide to reform the CEC and find the Brazen Head before the thieves. So begins an adventure filled with Chinese culture and history, danger and a little bit of magic, a feast for any young reader interested in this topic. The characters are developed well, the plot is action packed and the book will appeal to a wide audience. LD

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Author:Derouet, Liz
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Article Type:Young adult review
Date:Feb 1, 2011
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