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Payments of minimum wage of MKD 12,000 to start in September.

The Government proposed supporting the business sector with 1.5 million euros a month over a period of six months to help firms raise the minimum wage from 10,080 to 12,000 denars. The budget revision allocates 6 million euros to this end. The payment of a minimum wage of 12,000 denars would begin in September. Business owners find this proposal acceptable but they say it would also drive the average wage up.

"Wages shouldn't be equated as that would have a negative effect on our good employees. If a good employee is still paid 12,000 denars or just as much as those that have so far been paid 10,000 denars, it is going to affect productivity in companies," says Angel Dimitrov, President of the Organization of Employers of Macedonia.

"The 2,000 denars is an increase of about 16 percent and in our opinion it shouldn't be much of a burden to businesses," said Nebi Hoxha, President of the Economic Chamber of Northwest Macedonia

The business community believes that if 23 percent of the workforce, currently being paid 10,080 denars, are paid 12,000 denars as of September, consumption will step up and the standard of living will improve.

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Title Annotation:ECONOMY
Publication:Macedonian Business Monthly
Date:Jun 1, 2017
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