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Paying farmers for their milk--latest IDF survey presents results in 29 countries.

Devising payment systems is a complex exercise. Modifying existing systems is just as difficult.

New research published by the International Dairy Federation reveals the variety of solutions found around the world to meet the variety of demands made on farmers and the dairy industry.

In order to meet consumers' expectations, farmers pay attention to the composition of their milk, its hygienic quality, absence of contaminants and antibiotics and also environmental issues, farm assurance programmes. All these feature in payment systems in some countries but there is no universal system. Differences from country to country--climate, market structure, and role of government, export orientation--mean that the aims of the payment systems also differ. Frequency and method of payment, how the actual price paid is determined, what markets are served, what premiums are paid, and how cost factors such as cooling and transportation are dealt with this new IDF publication.

"This new IDF survey covers all parameters currently taken into account to calculate how much a farmer gets paid for the milk. Practices in 29 countries are presented, from the most sophisticated dairy sectors to the least and covering cows milk, buffaloes, sheep and goats. IDF does not seek to recommend any one system, however to ensure that it provides a source of ideas for those who establish or adapt payment systems." said Michel Beausejour, compiler of the survey. "Payment systems for ex-farm milk" is the new Bulletin of IDF no 403/2006. It can be ordered in electronic form via the IDF website.

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Date:Mar 1, 2006
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