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Pavane in Five Parts.

what happens to you happens to us all

you can change some things but mostly you can't
change others have you tried of late? of late I see
signs you're holding something back, or in--how
do you say that?--but you know what I mean.
quickly, what is it you felt you wanted to tell me?
if you know
what, what?

after a rape (for D. B.)

fractures the person you were after which
there's no yotr. forget to converse, waking
confuse name, sever sometime hence: spirits
come in dreams--talk

in spells, words you don't know if they speak to
or cure you. I say I'm uncomfortable feeling for
you. mend may. beneath integument the cord of
you holds.
the trial is not a trial
appeals are evaluated according to the criteria
here's a list, your new evidence will be
forwarded for reconsideration, we claim to be as
clear as day though we'll never explain how we
came to our decision only that we're always
right: here are the directions which are
ambiguous please follow them
to the letter.
dejeuner sur I'herbe
the table along the river was set for the family to
gather at the guinguette everyone would be
there the cousins on the poor side and the in-laws
who had the business and were rather well
off and offered to pay for everything though no
one had asked but everyone ohed and ahed when
the in-laws took the bill & insisted as if the sum
was nothing to them they'd hardly notice, his
wife's bracelets were there but she wasn't, an
odd absence no one mentioned, ill already? you
wondered later about she who would though no
one knew yet not see the new year, she had
called jauntily after him as he left--I'll be with
you all in spirit- and then lay back on the couch
to read Camus because for some reason she
couldn't explain she needed something from
language on fire with

pavane pour les enfants defunts
among the scattering of lives after violence &
minds suddenly unfettered, a hundred thousand
dust-to-dust particles to companion but not to
accompany, to mourn them all alone each child
black white brown because we can't talk reason
or stop them yet - the Loaded Guns - & stand
guard: what I mean is that earthbound we bear
the souls departed in open arms which empty &
overhead the dun uplift of so many
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Author:Hogue, Cynthia
Article Type:Poem
Date:Sep 1, 2018
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