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Paulist, producer, and priest.

While on the set of the 2011 Hallmark Channel movie The Lost Valentine, Paulist Father Eric Andrews' presence was confusing to many. One actor asked if he was there as an extra for a wedding scene that was about to be filmed, according to Religion News Service.

However, Andrews is both a Roman Catholic priest and a movie producer--making him a bit of an outlier in both circles. Andrews has described himself as "too liberal for most priests and too conservative for most agents." After attending film school at New York University and working with Jim Henson on The Muppets, Andrews felt called to the priesthood.


"There was always the two different strands in life," says Andrews. "Joining the Paulist Fathers was an effort to put those together with a community that is more open-minded."

He seems to be striking the balance quite well as the president of Paulist Productions, a Catholic production company responsible for such films as Romero.

Though he is approached for informal counseling more often than his colleagues are, Andrews remains focused on producing films. He hopes to adapt a version of Tattoos on the Heart (Free Press), an autobiography of Father Greg Boyle, a Jesuit priest who works with Los Angeles gang members.

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