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Paul makes green dream home reality; State-of-the-art eco-build means no more bills.

BUSINESS man, green entrepreneur and dad of three Russell White has revolutionised his eco home into something quite special. The eco-friendly dad from Northop, Flintshire has designed a zero-carbon eco home from scratch.

And the 43-year-old is confident that this kind of project is the first of its kind in Wales.

The new build property means that for Paul and family, bills are a thing of the past.

The impressive home comes fitted with solar photo voltaic panels and wind turbines that will generate enough electricity, for the family to save up to pounds 4,000 a year.

And solar water heating will ensure enough hot water for showers and the dishes all year round.

"This is the first time that anyone in this country has built a house with all of these features and products" said Paul.

"Because we generate all of our own electricity there will be absolutely no running costs - completely zero."

"It's a nice feeling knowing that for the rest of our lives we'll never again have a utility bill landing on our doorstep.

"Most people accept gas, water and electricity bills as an unavoidable part of life but what we're doing shows there is another way if you're prepared to make that initial investment."

The owner and founder of Flintshire based eco-retailer, Allbrite UK, is more than used to reducing his carbon footprint.

The home is built from blocks of recycled pallet wood which help to insulate the home.

A harvesting system will help to recycle rainwater to minimise waste and power showers and taps, and LED light bulbs will be fitted in each room to save energy.

And when it comes to dinner time the family will be cooking on a log burner.

"The roof has 100 mm of insulation between the eaves and we are putting 300 mm of glass wool insulation between the ceiling joists so the house will be so well insulated that it will hardly ever need heating", says Russell. "As a back-up, ribbon underfloor heating mats which come on automatically when the temperature dips to 16C have been fitted throughout."

Nothing has been left unplanned. The outside garden will serve as a vegetable patch and orchard with pigs, goats and.

Russell's vision doesn't stop there. The eco-friendly dad also wants to turn his land into a renewable energy training centre and a commercial warehouse.

Now, after two years of hard work, Russell and family are close to completing their future dream home.

"Anyone can do it - it's just a case of having the know-how." says Russell "It's one thing to be in this industry and talk the talk on energy efficiency but very few of the so-called experts practise what they preach. This project demonstrates my faith in what I do and if it inspires more people to do something similar, that's great."


The loft of the zero-carbon home Russell and Sandra White outside their zero carbon home
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 21, 2010
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