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Paul Starling Column: PAT'S MENNA FROM HEAVEN.

Byline: Paul Starling

I ASKED a couple of weeks ago whether it was right for BBC Wales controller Menna Richards to allow husband Patrick Hannan to make many of the station's plum programmes.

I also asked if it was true that Mr Hannan will be handed pounds 40,000 from this year's budget by Mrs Hannan to make those programmes.

Rather than answer herself Menna asked her good friend - and colleague she brought with her from HTV - Clare Hudson to respond.

One 'friend' from HTV who has not (yet) 'gone over' since Menna took control is HTV veteran Nicola Heywood-Thomas.

We will all suspect that it's jobs-for-Menna's-people should Heywood-Thomas turn up daily on Radio Wales presenting 'arty-farty' issues.

Especially if the brilliant Sarah Dickins programme which gives you, the people of Wales, the chance to discuss current affairs daily was dumped to make way for yet another meandering arts programme.

-CAN it be true Simon Brooks was dropped like a hot Welsh cake from HTV's political unit when it was discovered he was leader of the highly political CYMUNED group which is stirring up the language issue?

When I asked HTV threatened legal action.

Are they sensitive or what?
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 17, 2001
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