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Paul Routledge's column: The Right Will Get It Wrong.

Byline: Paul Routledge

I'M beginning to worry about the Tory leadership chances of cheroot-chomping, beer-swilling Ken Clarke.

He is the obvious choice to lead the Conservative Party out of the wilderness and back into the political centre-ground where elections are won.

But reports from the front point to a narrow win for his hard-line rival, Iain Duncan Smith, when the 330,000 party members make their choice next month. The Lemming Tendency is gaining ground.

Tories want to swap a bald, young, unelectable Right-winger, William Hague, for a bald, older but equally unelectable Right-winger, usually known by his initials as IDS - which makes him sound like a furniture warehouse.

Officially, the leadership contenders are observing a two-week truce in hostilities. Fatbelly Ken got in the last word, accusing his opponents of being headbangers.

But this truce will be a war carried out by other means.

The ambitious young Turks in both camps are intensifying their fire through leaks and spinning. IDS's spin doctor doesn't know where his chief is on holiday. If any Mirror reader spots him hiding beneath his trilby, give us a ring!
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 3, 2001
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