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Paul Routledge's column: JACK IT IN, SON.

Byline: Paul Routledge

MEMBERS of the Transport and General Workers' Union must agree with me because they have elected Tony Woodley as their Number Two to Bill Morris.

In a secret postal ballot, he emerged a clear winner with a majority of 20,000 over his rival, Peter Booth. Congratulations, Tony!

Attention now focuses on Amicus, formerly the engineering union, where a poll is under way for the top job.

General Secretary Sir Ken Jackson is standing for another term of office. He is opposed by Derek Simpson, a regional officer based in Derby.

There have been lurid allegations of dirty work at the crossroads by the union hierarchy, but I don't propose to go into those.

Instead, I want to ask Sir Ken: "What happened to your promise to spend a million pounds to get more working people into Parliament?"

I see no evidence of tool setters or lathe operators on the green benches of the Commons.

Only the Tory millionaire turncoat Sean Woodward, who got a safe Labour seat in St Helens courtesy of the engineering union.

Perhaps it is time for a breath of fresh air at the top.

Sir Ken, a genial chap and a hundred per cent supporter of Tony Blair, must be in line for a peerage.

In any case, he is already of retirement age and ought to be putting his feet up on the red benches.

Amicus members might bear this in mind when they cast their votes.


WIN: Woodley
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 14, 2002
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