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Paul Gauguin: a Journey to Tahiti.

(2001; $14.95), by Christoph Becker. Prestel, 175 Fifth Ave., Suite 402, New York, NY 10010.

Few articles have had as much written about them as Paul Gauguin. Born in 1848 in Paris, his life's experience has become the subject of many stories and myths. In the long run, however, it is his art that serves as the "center" of what we now remember about him. Paul Gauguin: A Journey to Tahiti tells of the artist's life and work in an exotic tropical island. The book is designed for young children (grades 4-6). Of course, there are other more advanced texts available that offer more in-depth discussions of Gauguin and his contemporaries. Nevertheless, this book serves as an excellent introduction. It includes excellent reproductions and photographs of the setting in Tahiti. Of special interest is a reproduction showing an unfinished canvas by Gauguin that makes clear the artist's working process: pencil drawing; early work with dark-blue color clarifying the drawing; and more detailed painting of a figure and the landscape. Also, there is a brief mentioning of Gauguin's diary, later named "Noa Noa." This serves to emphasize the rich connections that can be developed between writing and the visual arts. All in all, this book serves as a useful resource to help students empathize with an artist who took up residence in a far-away land and then used the lives of its inhabitants and natural life as the subjects of his art. For information about this publication, circle No. 393 on the Reader Service Card.
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Author:Hausman, Jerome J.
Publication:Arts & Activities
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Apr 1, 2003
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