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'God drove that history': Last survivor of a monastic commmunity's massacre in 1996 looks back and ahead on Muslim-Christian relations. Aug 23, 2019 1683
Iraqi refugees stuck in transit. Apr 29, 2011 1562
Despite history of stability, turmoil reaches Syria. Apr 15, 2011 1408
Jordan protests reveal east, West Bank tensions. Apr 15, 2011 681
Stone by stone: cistercian architecture of silence, contemplation coming to America. Dec 12, 2008 2688
Cornered. Interview Oct 17, 2008 645
Kerry Kennedy's catholic calling. Oct 3, 2008 2386
Catholic in many ways. Book review Oct 3, 2008 1437
What's the news? See it at the Newseum. Aug 8, 2008 1621
'John Brown' looks at the cost of freedom: a truly American opera about the struggle to end slavery. Editorial May 30, 2008 1326
Carbonated holiness: in their first encounter, writers Anne Lamott and Elizabeth Gilbert fizz with wit. Apr 18, 2008 1984
A historian's historian: an unorthodox traditionalist, John Lukacs challenges both the right and the left. Interview Apr 4, 2008 2037
Pilgrim soul: memoirist Patricia Hampl talks about the quest literature of our time. Interview Jan 11, 2008 2219
The beauty in the silence. Book review Oct 5, 2007 122
Frugal splendor: artist William Schickel pursues simplicity in his life and work. Critical essay Sep 21, 2007 1820
A vibrant partnership. Sep 21, 2007 374
U.S. debate about the war misses the Iraqi perspective. Aug 3, 2007 988
Finding 'herstory': Pilgrims in Rome examine women's leadership roles in the early Christian church. Cover story Jun 22, 2007 4410
Nobel laureate injured in West Bank. May 4, 2007 1102
Soul sisters: former prostitutes tell their stories to the women who helped them leave the sex trade. Feb 23, 2007 1446
Hard truths about prostitution. Feb 23, 2007 768
Edwina Gateley's dream. Feb 23, 2007 363
Making sense of the Shia-Sunni divide. Book review Feb 9, 2007 1556
The tragedy of Darfur: journalist Nicholas Kristof talks about genocide in Sudan and what can be done to end it. Interview Dec 15, 2006 1170
Legal experts criticize trial that convicted Saddam. Nov 17, 2006 1111
Christian Zionists rally in San Antonio: speakers say Islam is the enemy and advocate attacking Iran. Nov 3, 2006 1420
The mission of Ray McGovern: former CIA analyst tours country saying U.S. not the solution in Iraq, it's the problem. Oct 27, 2006 1592
Candidates vie for top U.N. job. Oct 6, 2006 1662
Insider Shashi Tharoor seeks 'impossible job'. Oct 6, 2006 458
Disarming Hezbollah next stage in Middle East drama. Aug 25, 2006 1683
U.S. involved in planning Israel's attack, reports say. Aug 25, 2006 367
Evangelicals rally for Israel, warn of Iran threat. Jul 28, 2006 1023
International law under attack: fewer double standards would enhance world security, says expert. Interview Jul 28, 2006 1686
Muslims in America: they face rising public suspicion but new opportunities. Cover story Jun 30, 2006 1286
Catholics who turn to Islam. Cover story Jun 30, 2006 1531
Converts meet with questions. Jun 30, 2006 808
Investigation of killings at standstill. Mar 3, 2006 1230
For Muslims, no humor in cartoons. Feb 17, 2006 993
McBrien insists charges won't stick. Feb 10, 2006 839
Islam and the West. Book Review Feb 10, 2006 1360
Love never ends: sacred sounds. Sound Recording Review Dec 16, 2005 127
The chants of Christmas. Sound Recording Review Dec 16, 2005 135
Quakers, Jews and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Book Review Nov 25, 2005 518
Remarkable women, remarkable lives. Book Review Oct 7, 2005 720
The force of fundamentalism: conservative Christians are making their mark on American culture. Sep 23, 2005 2227
Max Stamper: crusader for the U.N. Aug 26, 2005 1477
Catholic masters of the universe. Mar 25, 2005 1000
Dennis Ross speaks his piece; Mideast envoy saw region's major players up close. Dec 17, 2004 1302
Interpreting bin Laden: experts see America's No. 1 enemy as adopting a new stance. Nov 26, 2004 2665
A sobering, exhilarating look at the myths of modernity. Book Review Oct 8, 2004 1178
Islamic fundamentalism feared, misunderstood: political repression and poverty fuel a religious movement. Oct 8, 2004 2205
An Iraqi-born artist sculpts his experience of home: exhibit aims to foster healing, celebrate the beauty of Iraq. Jul 16, 2004 1282
Navigating the minefield of Edith Stein's life: a new Catholic theater company promotes dialogue between Christians and Jews. Jul 2, 2004 2108
An unbuttoned, insider's view of The New York Times. Book Review May 21, 2004 721
The rise of global fundamentalism: fundamentalists battle what they see as modernity's evils, but the movement itself springs from a modern mindset. Cover Story May 7, 2004 1954
Israel's nuclear whistleblower leaves prison: free, but restrictions continue on speech and movement. Apr 30, 2004 1284
To build a cathedral is immense, crazy work. Apr 30, 2004 420
Papal echoes in Avignon: imposing medieval palace a reminder of church intrigue past. Apr 16, 2004 1188
Peace from the ground up: social entrepreneur Fred Schlomka seeks to desegregate Israeli housing. Mar 5, 2004 1318
Historian in demand: Appleby takes low-key approach to explosive religious issues. Cover Story Dec 26, 2003 1827
Bush sets new course in the Mideast; analysts praise directive on democratization, but some wonder if action will follow. Nov 28, 2003 1669
Preserving the gospel stories of today: project seeks to record Catholic experience under communism. Sep 19, 2003 1034
Historian contends Catholic church gets a 'bad rap': anti-Catholic bigotry feeds clerical sex abuse scandal, Jenkins says. (Q&A). Aug 1, 2003 1368
A theology of the 'human other'. (Interview). Interview Jul 18, 2003 1297
Care of the soul: a small center for religious instruction in Paris made history by making the individual its priority. (Feature). Apr 18, 2003 1119
A priest who inspired intellectuals and artists. (Feature). Apr 18, 2003 907
Scandal's fallout still settling in Palm Beach: after losing two bishops in sex abuse crisis, Florida diocese struggles to recover. (Church In Crisis). Mar 14, 2003 2490
New bishop faces old problem. (Church In Crisis). Mar 14, 2003 794
Finding family at the Catholic Worker. . Cover Story Mar 7, 2003 4337
An extraordinary, difficult childhood: Dorothy's daughter, others recall growing up in the Catholic Worker. . Cover Story Mar 7, 2003 1622
Talk fosters pro-life, pro-choice civility: dialogue breaks down demonization, but reveals irreconcilable worldviews. (Cover Story). Jan 17, 2003 2282
Medical advances enliven stalemated abortion debate. (Cover Story). Jan 17, 2003 1278
Beyond Baghdad: Iraq seen as first step to extend U.S. hegemony. . Cover Story Dec 13, 2002 2389
At Kansas L'Arche community love is the not-so-secret ingredient. Nov 1, 2002 1852
Hebron: a West Bank magnet for trouble. (World). Oct 18, 2002 2924
Bingo tycoon subsidizes extremism in Israel. (World). Oct 18, 2002 1859
Will fundamentalist Christians and Jews ignite apocalypse? Many fundamentalist Christians embrace Israel because of their end-times theology; Israel's right wing welcomes the economic and political support. Cover Story Oct 11, 2002 3951
Iraq singled out for defiance, but it's not alone: many U.N. resolutions are violated while Bush demands enforcement for one country. (World). Sep 27, 2002 1734
Charities leader says preemptive strike on Iraq could destabilize globe. (News)(Cover Story). Brief Article Sep 20, 2002 540
Catholic press takes issue with U.S. war on Iraq. (News)(Cover Story). Brief Article Sep 20, 2002 726
East meets West; U.S. and Eastern European sisters meet to build bridges of understanding. (Ministries). Sep 20, 2002 2783
U.S. church invited Americans to help churches of Eastern Europe. (Ministries). Brief Article Sep 20, 2002 177
Assassination as a weapon: despite moral qualms, killing enemy leaders reconsidered as a war tactic. (September 11: a year later). Sep 6, 2002 2787
U.S. past haunts Iraq war plans: reports detail U.S. weapons, intelligence aid to Saddam Hussein in '80s. (World). Aug 30, 2002 1563
Employees unionize at four Texas parishes. (Nation). Brief Article Jul 19, 2002 949
Bishops offer tough policy on abuse; under glare of media, they hear straight talk from laity. Brief Article Jul 5, 2002 673
The U.S. church post-Dallas: head of review board promises to hold bishops accountable. Jul 5, 2002 1277
Priests question fairness of policy. Jul 5, 2002 1111
Bishops struggle to fashion sex abuse policy. (Church In Crisis). Jun 7, 2002 1383
Call to Action proposes sex abuse guidelines. (Church In Crisis). Brief Article Jun 7, 2002 208
Israeli group monitors rights violations. (World). May 17, 2002 1177
Christians in the crossfire: ignored by the West, Palestinian Christians suffer under occupation as their numbers dwindle. (World). Statistical Data Included May 10, 2002 3132
Conditions deteriorate under Bethlehem siege; food, water dwindling at church; city under curfew. (World). Apr 26, 2002 1150
Settlements fuel war's fire in Middle East; although seen as a block to peace, construction in occupied territories cements Israeli control. (World). Apr 19, 2002 1389
Americans in every aspect of Mideast conflict: from settlers to educators, they seek to influence politics. (Cover Story). Apr 12, 2002 3649
When does a `special relationship' become a blank check to Israel? (Cover Story). Apr 12, 2002 2475
Showcase of death: thousands of medieval skeletons make Czech `bone church' a macabre experience. (Destinations). Apr 12, 2002 1455
Israeli raids cause bitterness and bloodshed; a lethal show of force spawns international criticism. (World). Apr 5, 2002 1508
Destruction on the streets of Bethlehem: reporter encounters rubble, roadblocks and bloodstains in aftermath of Israeli attack. (World). Brief Article Mar 29, 2002 900
Priest says he's innocent, fights for his job: a Boston case raises questions about due process. (Nation). Mar 8, 2002 1803

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