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Pattern contracts in apparel industry.

More than 100,000 members of the Ladies Garment Workers in the Northeast Were covered by Settlements with 47 associations of apparel manufacturers and con

tractors. The round of bargaining led off with patternsetting settlements by the New York Coat and Suit Association and the Infants', children's, and Girls' Sportswear and Coat Association.

The 3-year contracts provide for a 4-percent wage increase each year bringing average pay to $8.44 an hour, according to the union.

A feature of the settlements was establishmentof provisions permitting male or female employees to take up to 6 months' unpaid leave for the birth or adoption of a child. At the end of the leave, the employee is entitied to retum to a comparable job with the same employer. A union official called the provision "an important benefit for this group of workers, which include many two-earner families with children," further noting that 1987 settlements for 25,000 garment workers had provided for parental leave, presaging a possible trend toward widespread adoption of such provisions. About 85 percent of the union's members are women.

Other contract terms include an increase in employer financing of health and welfare and pension benefits, increased holiday pay, and a longer duration of paid funeral leave.

The settlements with the 45 associations that followed the lead of the pattern-setting cost accords were in the women's dress, sportswear, knit goods, children's wear, and rainwear industries.
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Title Annotation:Developments in Industrial Relations.
Author:Ruben, George
Publication:Monthly Labor Review
Date:Aug 1, 1988
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