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Patrick Madahbee has joined the lobby firm of Leonard Domino & Associates, a company that focuses on providing government relations strategies and services.

Madahbee has spent more than 30 years in First Nations politics, and more than 13 years as a chief. He served as spokesman and tribal chair for the Robinson-Huron Treaty Region and the United Chiefs and Councils of Manitoulin.

He honed his understanding of economics and business while working on economic development for his band and in his other career as manager of Aboriginal Financial Services with TD Trust.

"Whether you're talking about dealing with the federal government, the provinces and municipalities--or about dealing with banks and other businesses--the challenge is 'navigating' from what seems to us to be a simple matter of what is right and fair and effective for our communities, to an approach that makes sense from the other party's perspective," said Madahbee. "We don't have to give up intrinsic rights. But we have to understand that not everyone sees things our way and we have to strive to find the words to make our goals fit into the government program or the business case judgments.

"First Nations leaders face 'navigational challenges' every day, as we try to resolve issues with people who don't really understand us," said Madahbee. "I think I can safely say that Leonard Domino & Associates can be a very valuable 'navigational aid."

Camilla Rabisca and Robert Leon Kelly have been appointed to the Sahtu Renewable Resources Board by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada Minister Jim Prentice. Both have roots in the north and in Sahtu.

Rabisca was born in Fort Good Hope and for 26 years lived off the land, hunting, fishing and trapping. She is an active member of the Hunter and Trappers Association and served on the local education board.

Kelly is also a resident of Fort Good Hope and is serving a second term on the K'asho Got'ine Charter Community Council, is a former president of the Yamoga Land Corporation where he presently sits on the board of directors. Kelly also coordinated Fort Good Hope's delegation to the 35th Dene National Assembly.

The Sahtu Renewable Resources Bard was established through the Sahtu Dene and Metis Land Claim Settlement Act. Its purpose is to establish policies and propose regulations related to wildlife and commercial establishments for harvesting, hunting, guiding and outfitting services.
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Title Annotation:Appointments
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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