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Patrick Arundell.

You could find yourself enjoying a moment of total recall, yet this can be about an event that happened years ago. A little bit of gossip can also be passed on to you. Be mindful of the motives of the person sharing this with you. They may tend to tittle-tattle about you too! Call for more news... It's not like you to decide to alter course at the drop of a hat, but today you may just do that. Yet the refreshing thing about this is that you can get a buzz from being off the cuff. Generally, your nature is to stick at things come what may, so a change like this can be a breath of fresh air. Call for more... A power battle can break out. This could just be an intergenerational squabble and one which will blow over, or it could be something meatier. If someone has been trying to control you, or you have been trying to dominate proceedings, this could be the blue touch paper that gets lit. Call for more... Someone could pull out of a long standing travel plan today and you can feel let down. Equally, there can be a sudden dispute blow up over an insurance claim or payout or a legal matter. However, in a few days, the dust will settle and you can evaluate the true meaning of all this. Call for more... You could be one of those dignified kind of Leo's who will do everything in your power to avoid having an altercation with someone. But sometimes, life does demand that we take the gloves off and tell it how it is, and today can be one of them. You can and will cope! Call for more advice... Will you blurt something out today? Or will you find yourself having to unexpectedly stand up for yourself against a rival's jibes? Either/or, is possible. Things remain unsettled romantically too. Yet if you like a bit of spice and choppiness, you can be in your element. Call now for your love scope... Recently it's been the important but everyday details of life which have preoccupied you. Now, you are back in familiar territory as issues concerning your relationships come to the fore. This will go on until the end of the month, so important developments are more than possible. Call for more... Serendipity is a word which sums up astral potential for you and at its best, this occurs when we least expect it. Your nose for a bargain or the ability to see the value in things others don't can help in this. You may be able to spot something which is underpriced or you simply love. Call for more... If you've found your mood up and down of late, changeable to say the least, the wind of change blows through your affairs today, but in a helpful way. You can feel bubblier, more amiable, and in close relationships, your more affectionate side can shine through. Call for more news and advice... The Sun, Mercury and Uranus are all side by side. The chances are this will stimulate some brilliant ideas or a bit of a discussion. You could find yourself being a little bit dogmatic or conversely being open to ideas that in the past may have not interested you at all. Call me for your in-depth forecast... You can be a straight forward person, but that doesn't mean that everybody has to conform to your view of life. And yet today, someone's attitude can prove disappointing. But then perhaps you will make a stand on what seems like a trivial matter to someone else. Call for more news and advice... However settled elements of your life are, there's still rich potential for you to tip the table over and start again, and in a completely different direction. However, remember that if you are spontaneous like this, what seems appealing now can seem much less so in only a short while. Call for more...
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 16, 2010
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