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Patients die in rubble.

A GIANT crater 20ft. deep and about 70ft. across and wide-scale destruction followed the heavyweight high explosive which landed on Erdington House Public Assistance Institution (right) which was also being used as an emergency hospital.

Three patients were killed, two seriously injured and 33 - including 12 members of the staff - slightly injured.

The bomb landed on a handicrafts shop, which disappeared. It tore away the corner of one hospital block and shattered a ward which had housed mothers and babies.

But a block housing 300 evacuees from London was untouched.

A male nurse sitting at a kitchen table having supper was uninjured though the storeys above him collapsed and two firemen buried for half-an-hour by falling masonry were rescued only slightly hurt.

Left: Firemen damp down the ruins of Moseley Street after the raid of October 25-26.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Nov 3, 2007
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