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Patients Fighting Pulmonary Fibrosis Founder Joseph Stendig Expands Suit against InterMune, Charging Antitrust Violations.

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A lawsuit by Joseph L. Stendig, founder of the not-for-profit Patients Fighting Pulmonary Fibrosis, against Brisbane, CA-based InterMune (NASDAQ: ITMN) is proceeding, following a preliminary court hearing in San Francisco on March 18, 2003. Stendig has expanded his suit, detailing breaches of pharmaceutical regulations, violations of interstate commerce laws, and anti-trust infringements under the Sherman Act.

Stendig's suit also alleges that InterMune, which owns marketing rights to two therapies for the fatal disease idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IFP), has repeatedly obstructed his doctors' attempts to obtain one of those drugs, pirfenidone, under the Food & Drug Administration's Single Patient IND provision. He contends: "InterMune is suppressing pirfenidone." He adds: "InterMune hopes I'll just go away and die. It's not going to happen."

An amended complaint filed in San Francisco on March 20, 2003 details extensive violations by InterMune of the Sherman Act, clear breaches of FDA rules about promoting 'off label' uses of Actimmune for IPF, and blatant manipulation of the IPF community by payments to doctors.

"InterMune is in breach of the law, and we can prove these violations with affidavits, documents and depositions," Stendig says. "The company is motivated by greed, and fear that its stock price will collapse. Pirfenidone is a much cheaper drug than Actimmune. During 2002, InterMune racked up sales of over $100 million from Actimmune, which is not approved for IPF treatment, performed poorly in trials, and didn't work for me."

He charges InterMune - which bought marketing rights to pirfenidone from Marnac in April 2002 - has made no effort to bring that drug to market, despite clearly superior tests results from Asian and US trials. "InterMune tells barefaced lies about 'trials' of pirfenidone it says it is conducting. No such trials exist. The only US trial with IPF patients, begun before Marnac transferred rights to InterMune, was abruptly terminated by InterMune in December 2002. InterMune lies to shareholders, to the SEC, to the FDA and to doctors. Its behavior is scandalous, unethical and inhumane," Stendig says.

Extensive documentation and the full text of the revised complaint can be found at:

For further details: Lola S. Lea, 207-828-8000 or E-Mail:
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Date:Mar 25, 2003
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