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Patient-related factors affecting nursing workload.

Patient-related factors affecting nursing workload

The factors defined below play a role in
determining a nurse's workload intensity.

Medications            The number of medications
                       a patient receives during
                       a 12-hour nursing shift that
                       must be verified against
                       a medical doctor's order
                       and based on standards of
                       medication delivery

Complicated            Task- and time-oriented
procedures             procedures carried out to
                       perform competent patient
                       care in management
                       of disease process and
                       prevention of complications

Education              Requirements for complex
                       patient care encompassing
                       teaching about disease
                       processes, procedures,
                       preventive measures, and
                       standard facility protocols

Psychosocial           Nursing tasks related to
                       monitoring and intervention
                       correlating with mental
                       disabilities, end-of-life care,
                       and palliative care, and
                       including personal or family

Complicated            Task- and time-oriented
I.V. medications       distribution and monitoring
                       of I.V. medications, blood
                       or blood products, or
                       hemodynamic monitoring of
                       vascular access

Harper K, McCully C. Acuity systems dialogue and patient classification
system essentials. Nurse Admin Quarterly. 2007;3 1:284-299.
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Publication:The Pulse
Date:Nov 1, 2016
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