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Patient-centered med homes spend more, earn more.

patient-centered medical home practices spend about a third more per patient than non--medical home practices but earn nearly twice as much per patient after operating costs, the Medical Group Management Association reported.

Total operating costs for patient-centered medical home (PCMH) practices per patient in 2013 were, on average, $127, while non-PCMH practices spent $84 per patient. After operating costs, the total medical revenue for PCMH practices was $144 per patient, with non-PCMH practices earning $78 per patient--only 54% of what PCMH practices earned per padent, the MGMA said.

Total medical revenue after operatir4 costs among primary care single-special ty practices was highest in the Midwest at just over $199,000 per physician, the South lowest at $54,000, according to the MGMA. While primary care phy sicians in the East earned the least, primary care practices in the East earned $165,000 per physician, more than tripli the revenue in the South and twice as much as in the West, where total medical revenue was just under $82,000 per physician.

The MGMA data were collected from 2,518 medical groups that responded to an annual survey.

Caption: Notes: Based on data from a 2013 survey of 2,518 medical practices. Source: Medical Group Management Association

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Author:Franki, Lucas
Publication:Internal Medicine News
Date:Oct 15, 2014
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