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Dominant Factors Affecting Regional Inequality of Infant Mortality in Vietnam: A Structural Equation Modelling Analysis. Nguyen, Mai P.; Nguyen, Chi M. Jul 24, 2021 5368
Delta Partners Group To Reduce Maternal Mortality. Jul 16, 2021 274
Delta Partners Maris Stopes International Organization To Reduce Maternal Mortality. Jul 15, 2021 275
Liver diseases in pregnancy and outcomes: A retrospective study from Saudi Arabia. Fallatah, Hind I.; Al-Dabbagh, Ammar A.; Mimish, Heba L.; Al-Sahafi, Majed A.; Akbar, Hisham O. Report Jul 9, 2021 5532
Skilled birth attended ratio increases to 68pc in Pakistan. Jun 28, 2021 403
Skilled birth attended ratio increases to 68pc in Pakistan. Jun 28, 2021 403
Skilled birth attended ratio increases to 68pc in Pakistan. Jun 28, 2021 402
Over 90pc of babies die from preventable causes: Study. Jun 24, 2021 750
Maternal Mortality: FG Should Fully Operationalise National Health Act a Okowa. Jun 15, 2021 1023
Improving Healthcare. Jun 12, 2021 306
Why we need to talk about baby loss... Two mothers who have lost 10 babies between them explain to LISA SALMON why it's vital to talk about the heartbreaks and help parents grieve. LISA SALMON Jun 12, 2021 1177
UN, Kebbi govt engage stakeholders on infant mortality reduction. Jun 11, 2021 494
Why we need to talk about baby loss... Two mothers who have lost 10 babies between them explain to LISA SALMON why it's vital to talk about the heartbreaks and help parents grieve. LISA SALMON Jun 11, 2021 1177
Northampton man responsible for nationwide football teams for grieving dads honoured with Prime Minister's award; The Points of Light Award recognises outstanding individuals making a difference to their communities. Carly Odell Jun 11, 2021 610
Why we need to talk about baby loss... Two mothers who have lost 10 babies between them explain to LISA SALMON why it's vital to talk about the heartbreaks and help parents grieve. LISA SALMON Jun 10, 2021 1180
Why we need to talk about baby loss... Two mothers who have lost 10 babies between them explain to LISA SALMON why it's vital to talk about the heartbreaks and help parents grieve. Jun 10, 2021 1169
Why we need to talk about baby loss... Two mothers who have lost 10 babies between them explain to LISA SALMON why it's vital to talk about the heartbreaks and help parents grieve. Jun 10, 2021 1174
Why we need to talk about baby loss... Two mothers who have lost 10 babies between them explain to LISA SALMON why it's vital to talk about the heartbreaks and help parents grieve. LISA SALMON Jun 9, 2021 1177
Why we need to talk about baby loss... Two mothers who have lost 10 babies between them explain to LISA SALMON why it's vital to talk about the heartbreaks and help parents grieve. LISA SALMON Jun 9, 2021 1177
Why we need to talk about baby loss... Two mothers who have lost 10 babies between them explain to LISA SALMON why it's vital to talk about the heartbreaks and help parents grieve. LISA SALMON Jun 9, 2021 1172
Why we need to talk about baby loss... Two mothers who have lost 10 babies between them explain to LISA SALMON why it's vital to talk about the heartbreaks and help parents grieve. LISA SALMON Jun 9, 2021 1177
Opening the conversation around miscarriage with podcast series. VICKI JONES Medical condition overview Jun 9, 2021 482
Why we need to talk about baby loss... Two mothers who have lost 10 babies between them explain to LISA SALMON hy it's vital to talk about the heartbreaks and help parents grieve. LISA SALMON Jun 9, 2021 1172
Why we need to talk about baby loss... Two mothers who have lost 10 babies between them explain to LISA SALMON why it's vital to talk about the heartbreaks and help parents grieve. LISA SALMON Jun 9, 2021 1177
Opening the conversation around miscarriage with podcast series. VICKI JONES Medical condition overview Jun 9, 2021 482
miR-141 is negatively correlated with TLR4 in neonatal sepsis and regulates LPS-induced inflammatory responses in monocytes. Lin, Xinyu; Wang, Yaohui Jun 8, 2021 3864
Why we need to talk about baby loss... Two mothers who have lost 10 babies between them explain to LISA SALMON why it's vital to talk about the heartbreaks and help parents grieve. LISA SALMON Jun 8, 2021 1172
Parents warned not cover baby's pram during the hot could be fatal; Parents are being reminded to take care when trying to keep their babies in the shade from the hot sun as it could lead to them overheating...or even death. Leanne Clarke Jun 4, 2021 767
Edinburgh author Ryan Sam Turner to launch debut novel in support of stillbirth and neonatal death charity SANDS; An Edinburgh writer has announced the release of his debut novel Born will raise money for stillbirth and neonatal death charity SANDS. Steven Chisholm Jun 3, 2021 439
Poor health in a country among largest milk producers. May 24, 2021 654
On Saturday, May 15, Fox Valley Hands of Hope is hosting the annual Footprints M. Submitted by Fox Valley Hands of Hope May 9, 2021 278
Infant immunization in Pakistan. SAMRAH IMRAN-Karachi. May 6, 2021 301
Referral pattern and outcomes of neonates from secondary care setting of Aga Khan University Hospital to tertiary care centers in Pakistan. Khemani, Suneeta; Shamim, Nazia; Mirza, Adnan; Muhammad, Nadia; Kagazwala, Safdar; Ahmed, Shakeel Report May 5, 2021 2874
Fox Valley Hands of Hope. Submitted by Fox Valley Hands of Hope May 4, 2021 353
Prenatal Exposure to Glyphosate and Its Environmental Degradate, Aminomethylphosphonic Acid (AMPA), and Preterm Birth: A Nested Case-Control Study in the PROTECT Cohort (Puerto Rico). Silver, Monica K.; Fernandez, Jennifer; Tang, Jason; McDade, Anna; Sabino, Jason; Rosario, Zaira; Ve Report May 1, 2021 11972
ANTENATAL CARE AND NEONATAL MORTALITY AND MORBIDITY IN THREE HOSPITALS OF PUNJAB, PAKISTAN. Rizwana Akbar, Naila Azam, Fatima Ali Raza Mughal, Mahmood Ur Rahman, Ahmed Tariq and Maira Wajahat Apr 30, 2021 2693
Hospitals and Healthcare sector in Pakistan (Facts and Figures). Apr 25, 2021 184
Call for action on disturbing infant death rate in city; number of baby deaths nearly double the national average. JANE HAYNES People & Politics Editor Apr 13, 2021 650
Indiana Senate OKs Bill Making Pregnant Worker Accommodations Optional. Casey Smith Apr 9, 2021 530
120 communities rescued from maternal, infant death experiences in Upper East Region. Apr 3, 2021 617
Two popular screens for gestational diabetes equivalent. Lubell, Jennifer Apr 1, 2021 1195
Pregnancy Consequences and Vertical Transmission Potential of SARS-CoV-2 Infection: Seeking Answers From a Preliminary Observation. Kumari, Kalpana; Yadav, Ramakant; Mittra, Sangh; Kumar, Arushi; Singh, Jigyasa; Bajpai, Prashant Kum Apr 1, 2021 2218
Comparison of Feto-maternal Effects of Twin Pregnancies and Twin Pregnancies Caused By Assisted Reproductive Technology. Ozcil, Mustafa Dogan Report Apr 1, 2021 4992
Association between genital tract infection and premature rupture of membranes: A retrospective case control study in Tunisia, North Africa. Darine, Slama D.; Nabil, Sakly N.; Hamouda, Babba H. Report Apr 1, 2021 3989
Differentials and determinants of neonatal mortality in Pakistan: A cross sectional analysis; Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey(2017-18). Kamal, Asifa; Shakeel, Abeera Report Mar 31, 2021 2436
Charity founder features in podcast on child loss. JUDITH TONNER Mar 31, 2021 489
Maternal and Fetal Outcome of Fever in Pregnancy. Raj, Shwetha Surya; Sarmishta, M.; Dhanalakshmi, M.G. Mar 29, 2021 3636
Money saving initiative helps Chitralis in different ways. Zahiruddin Mar 17, 2021 377
Advice shared for Barnsley parents in Safer Sleep Week. Mar 16, 2021 250
Nigeria's Alarming Infant Mortality Irreversible Without Improved PHC. Mar 3, 2021 827
The next generation: Pregnancy in adolescents and women living with perinatally acquired HIV in South Africa. Anderson, K.; Mutemaringa, T.; Technau, K.-G.; Johnson, L.F.; Braithwaite, K.; Mokotoane, E.; Boulle Report Mar 1, 2021 4940
What Do the Midwives and Nurses Know About Safe Sleep?/Ebe ve Hemsireler Guvenli Uyku Hakkinda Ne Biliyor? Yildiz, Ilknur Report Mar 1, 2021 4640
COMPARISON OF SHORT TERM NEONATAL MORBIDITIES IN LATE PRETERM VS TERM INFANTS. Ali Abbas, Haider Nisar, Qudrat Ullah Malik, Sajid Ali, Bushra Anwar and Munir Akmal Lodhi Feb 28, 2021 2627
Factors affecting successful scale-up of health-related pilot projects. Ashraf, Mariam; Ismail, Aniza; Idris, Idayu Badilla; Thaver, Inayat Report Feb 28, 2021 3813
AGPMPN offers free medical services to mothers. Feb 17, 2021 534
Embrace child safety in motor vehicles. Feb 11, 2021 990
WE FAILED MOTHERS & BABIES AND WE'RE SO SORRY; Council's 'sincere apology' on home. GORDON DEEGAN Feb 9, 2021 395
Security Beef-Up As Senators, Reps Set To Resume Plenary Tuesday. Feb 8, 2021 358
Hospital-wide support for maternity staff: Members across all services strongly supported the stand taken by Blacktown maternity unit staff. Feb 1, 2021 316
Diagnostic evaluation of heel prick newborn screening of thyroid stimulating hormone on dissociation-enhanced lanthanide fluorescence immunoassay with the establishment of reference value in Pakistani neonates. Raza, Ayesha; Barkat, Ambreen; Fatima, Safia; Farooqui, Fizza Faizan; Chaudhri, Naureen; Haider, Sha Report Jan 31, 2021 1746
Referral indications for foetal echocardiography in a low resource setting. Ladak, Asma; Hoodbhoy, Zahra; Mohsin, Shazia; Ashiqali, Salima; Malik, Saima Report Jan 31, 2021 2564
In crisis-hit Venezuela, maternity wards have become death traps. Jan 29, 2021 755
Life expectancy increases to 75 years. Jan 29, 2021 306
Halsey soon to be a mommy! Jan 28, 2021 213
Improve infant, maternal health service delivery. Jan 28, 2021 616
Sanwo-Olu Commissions Four-Floor 110-Bed MCC, Others In Badagry. Jan 23, 2021 620
9,000 died in Irish homes for 'illegitimate' infants: report. Jan 13, 2021 568
Mother and baby report reveals 'appalling' scandal of 9,000 child deaths; More than one in ten children admitted to Ireland's mother and baby homes died, a report said. Michael McHugh Jan 12, 2021 730
Report reveals grim infant death toll, cruelty at Church-run homes in Ireland. Reuters News Service Jan 12, 2021 779
Newborn losses 'occur early'. GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR Jan 9, 2021 357
Webinar to discuss findings from youngstock survival study. Jan 7, 2021 304
Cash helps projects across the community. Jan 6, 2021 337
Oyo First Lady, Meets, Donates Cash, Gifts Items To New Year Babies. Jan 1, 2021 513
At-Home Cardiorespiratory Monitors for Newborns: Helping or Hurting Parents' Peace of Mind. Stiefel, Alyssa Report Jan 1, 2021 4761
Relationship between immediate postpartum umbilical cord pH, fetal distress and neonatal outcome. Wajeeha Syed, Nazia Liaqat, Qudsia Qazi and Sumaira Yasmeen Dec 31, 2020 2563
Application values of prenatal screening and non-invasive gene sequencing in fetal birth defects. Jingjing Bu, Pan Jiang, Xiaoli Cui, Hongyan Zhou and Fengxia Han Dec 31, 2020 2873
Procter and Gamble Launches Pampers Rigakafi III Programme. Dec 20, 2020 284
Senate Moves To Halt Maternal Deaths In Nigeria. Dec 17, 2020 272
WE WANT OUR NAMES CLEARED; Family's High Court bid over infant death declarations. AODHAN O'FAOLAIN Dec 10, 2020 309
HEALTH NOTES. Dec 9, 2020 304
HEALTH NOTES. Dec 8, 2020 314
HEALTH NOTES. Dec 8, 2020 304
HEALTH NOTES. Dec 8, 2020 304
HEALTH NOTES. Dec 8, 2020 301
HEALTH NOTES. Dec 8, 2020 304
HEALTH NOTES. Dec 8, 2020 304
HEALTH NOTES. Dec 7, 2020 304
Antenatal pentoxifylline therapy to prevent endotoxin-induced fetal injury in the preterm goat model/Preterm gebe keci modelinde endotoksin ile induklenen fetal hasarin onlenmesinde antenatal pentoksifilin tedavisi. Sezik, Mekin; Koker, Afsin; Ozmen, Ozlem; Haligur, Mehmet; Kasikci, Duygu; Aydogan, Ahmet; Ozatik, O Report Dec 1, 2020 9574
Impact of the expanded examination of fetal heart to the prenatal diagnosis of congenital heart diseases/Genisletilmis fetal kardiyak degerlendirmenin konjenital kalp hastaliklarinin prenatal tanisina etkisi. Kosger, Pelin; Velipasaoglu, Melih; Keskin, Tugcem; Kiztanir, Hikmet; Ucar, Birsen Report Dec 1, 2020 4367
Evaluation of coagulation factors and serum ferritin in preeclamptic Pakistani women. Shaheen, Ghazala; Sajid, Sabahat; Jahan, Sarwat Report Nov 30, 2020 1703
Quality, affordable care can reduce neonatal mortality. Medical condition overview Nov 17, 2020 453
Balochistan has worst neonatal mortality rates in country. Nov 13, 2020 480
Woman re-arrested in case over baby deaths. Nov 11, 2020 171
Hospital baby deaths: nurse re-arrested; Suspect quizzed on 8 murders. STEPHEN WHITE Nov 11, 2020 458
Hospital baby deaths: nurse re-arrested; Suspect quizzed on 8 murders. STEPHEN WHITE Nov 11, 2020 466
Experts advise state lawmakers on health care policy Doctors, academics appear before a joint Senate committee on health disparity, access Health:. RAYMON TRONCOSO Capitol News Illinois / Report For America Nov 11, 2020 974
City named among worst in the UK for infant deaths; 336 CHILDREN DIED BEFORE THE AGE OF ONE BETWEEN 2017-2019. TOM BOKROS Nov 9, 2020 368
Six counties most dangerous for mothers and babies now safer. Nov 7, 2020 541
Dangers of smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Odendaal, Hein J.; Kruger, Mariana; Botha, Matthys H. Editorial Nov 1, 2020 2201
CLINICAL AND MORPHOLOGICAL SPECTRUM OF CONGENITAL ANOMALIES OF KIDNEY AND URINARY TRACT (CAKUT) - A TERTIARY CARE CENTER EXPERIENCE. Javairia Shakoor, Naureen Akhtar, Shahida Perveen, Ghulam Mujtaba Zafar, Adeela Chaudhry and Farkhan Oct 31, 2020 3054
Admission patterns and risk factors linked with neonatal mortality: A hospital-based retrospective study. Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Momani Oct 31, 2020 3751
Choir call issued by baby loss group for project. Oct 29, 2020 562
Efforts To Curb Infant Mortality Gets Boost As Firm Unveils Micronutrient Powder. Oct 28, 2020 406
PTI's dreamland. Oct 28, 2020 954
Less restrictive reproductive policies lead to healthier babies. Oct 28, 2020 286
Clinical Study of the Incidence of Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes and Maternal and Fetal Outcome. Mamatha, N.; Bano, Arjumand; Sabavath, Sharada Clinical report Oct 26, 2020 2452
Procter and Gamble supports federal ministry of health, state governments to promote maternal and child health in Nigeria. Oct 17, 2020 563
Oyo launches 'T'omo Ti'ya' initiative to reduce maternal, neonatal mortality. Oct 8, 2020 443
Oyo Launches 'T'a>>Ma>> TI'YA Initiative' To Reduce Maternal, Neonatal Mortality Rates. Oct 7, 2020 982
Oyo Targets 30 Percent Maternal, Neonatal Mortality Reduction By 2023. Oct 7, 2020 669
Wave of light helps bring comfort. Oct 7, 2020 272
C'River pledges to eradicate infant mortality. Oct 6, 2020 233
Reducing Nigeria's maternal, infant deaths. Oct 5, 2020 1646
A 5-Year Clinical Experience of Haemolysis, Elevated Liver Enzymes and Low Platelet Count (HELLP) Syndrome at a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in North Karnataka--A Retrospective Analysis. Biradar, Aruna Mallangouda; Yaliwal, Rajasri G.; Kori, Shreedevi Somashekar; S., Gamini B.; Pujeri, Medical condition overview Oct 5, 2020 2986
COVID-19: Providing Steady Reproductive Health Services For Nigerian Women. Oct 2, 2020 924
Garissa's new strategy to reduce maternal, infant mortality. Oct 1, 2020 200
Perinatal outcomes better in rural areas with local OB care. Bosworth, Ted Oct 1, 2020 1080
The impact of paid family leave in the United States on birth outcomes and mortality in the first year of life. Montoya-Williams, Diana; Passarella, Molly; Lorch, Scott A. Report Oct 1, 2020 4867
Maternal Supplementation with Dietary Betaine during Gestation to Improve Twin Lamb Survival. Brougham, Billie-Jaye; Weaver, Alice C.; Swinbourne, Alyce M.F.; Baida, Bobbie E. Lewis; Kelly, Jenn Report Oct 1, 2020 8942
More cases for inquiry into Cwm Taf maternity services. adam hale Sep 29, 2020 592
Health board maternity services inquiry expanded to 160 cases. ADAM HALE Sep 29, 2020 585
Family firm's PS2k hospital boost. Sep 14, 2020 162
SOGON Lauds FCTA On Reduction Of Maternal Mortality In Abuja. Sep 13, 2020 529
Solon files bill creating birthing facilities in GIDAs. Sep 13, 2020 289
UN: Pandemic threatens lives of millions of kids worldwide. Sep 10, 2020 486
Obstetric Referrals to a Tertiary Hospital in Northern Uganda--A One Year Experience. Nionzima, Elizabeth; Otim, Tom Charles Sep 7, 2020 4250
Study of Umbilical Cord in Normal and Intra Uterine Growth Retardation [IUGR) Placenta. Dhabhai, Pooja; Gupta, Ghanshyam; Gurjer, Harish Kumar Sep 7, 2020 2551
AS a Minister D.A. Thomas [...]; MORNING SERIAL. The Crossing by Dai Smith Sep 3, 2020 354
Treatment for a tobacco-dependent adult: Applying the American Thoracic Society's new clinical practice guideline. Skolnik, Neil; Sprogell, Anne Clinical report Sep 1, 2020 965
Ingestion of herbal medication during pregnancy and adverse perinatal outcomes. Kekana, L.S.; Sebitloane, M.H. Medical condition overview Sep 1, 2020 4069
The use of the cerebroplacental ratio in the latent phase of labour to predict adverse outcomes in a resource-limited setting. Wise, A.J.; Nicolaou, E.; Lombaard, H. Sep 1, 2020 5576
Obstetric outcomes in pregnant women with seizure disorder: A hospital-based, longitudinal study / Nobet bozuklugu olan gebe kadinlarda obstetrik sonuc: Hastane temelli, uzunlamasina bir calisma. Kaur, Tarang Preet; Sahu, Latika; Rathore, Asmita M.; Bhasin, Sangeeta Clinical report Sep 1, 2020 6107
A 5-year retrospective analysis of infant death at Salt River Mortuary, Cape Town. Heathfield, L.J.; Martin, L.J.; Ramesar, R. Sep 1, 2020 5283
Management of Severe COVID-19 in Pregnancy. Abourida, Yassamine; Rebahi, Houssam; Oussayeh, Imane; Chichou, Hajar; Fakhir, Bouchra; Soummani, Ab Aug 31, 2020 3514
Factors Associated with Utilization of Complete Postnatal Care Service in Baglung Municipality, Nepal. Chhetri, Sita; Shah, Rajani; Rajbanshi, Laxmi Aug 31, 2020 5915
Wain fall; 9% drop in number of births compared to last year. AILBHE DALY Aug 29, 2020 284
COVID-19 worsens Nigeria's high infant mortality rate. Aug 27, 2020 249
Nkoranza-Bonsu Health Centre needs standard Maternity Ward. Aug 20, 2020 502
Babyloss charity launches newgroup. Aug 19, 2020 182
Ghana requires GHc3.5 trillion to meet nutrition needs of over 850,000 children, pregnant women. Aug 10, 2020 411
Fetomaternal outcome in patients with placenta previa. Tayyiba Wasim, Natasha Bushra, Saher Riaz and Hafiza Iqra Iqbal Aug 8, 2020 2887
Early Neonatal Outcomes in Premature Rupture of Membranes Beyond Twenty-eight Weeks of Gestation in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Coastal Karnataka. Shanbhag, Sweta; Alva, Rashmi Aug 2, 2020 3044
Reproductive Outcomes and Endocrine Profile in Artificially Inseminated versus Embryo Transferred Cows. Lopes, Jordana S.; Alcazar-Trivino, Estefarna; Soriano-Ubeda, Cristina; Hamdi, Meriem; Canovas, Seba Medical condition overview Aug 1, 2020 8070
Congenital High Airway Obstruction Syndrome (CHAOS): No Intervention, No Survival--A Case Report and Literature Review. Ashraf, Ammar; Abdelrahman, Ahmed Mohamed; Senna, Ahmed; Alsaad, Fatimah Jul 31, 2020 2829
Severe Life-Threatening Pregnancy Complications, "Near Miss" and Maternal Mortality in a Tertiary Hospital in Southern Nigeria: A Retrospective Study. Akpan, Ubong Bassey; Asibong, Udeme; Omoronyia, Ezukwa; Arogundade, Kazeem; Agan, Thomas; Ekott, Mab Jul 31, 2020 4121
Evaluation of Anaesthesia Technique in Emergency Caesarean Section in a Teaching Hospital of Sub Himalayan Belt--A Prospective Analysis. Nautiyal, Abhishek; Bhandari, Geeta; Shahi, Kedar Singh; Chauhan, Aditya Kumar Jul 27, 2020 4028
Africa vaccination 'far outweighs' virus child death risk: study. Jul 18, 2020 444
I'm afraid to share my story but it can help a lot of people; LEIGH'S BOOK HEALING PAIN OF BABY'S DEATHActress to remember Flynn in autobiography. EXCLUSIVE BY SIOBHAN O'CONNOR Jul 12, 2020 1059
Asuragen awarded CE Mark for AmplideX SMA Plus Kit for the diagnosis and identification of spinal muscular atrophy. Jul 7, 2020 267
Asuragen awarded CE Mark for AmplideX SMA Plus Kit for the diagnosis and identification of spinal muscular atrophy. Jul 7, 2020 271
6 nighttime survival tips for new mums. Faye Bartle Jul 5, 2020 336
Mum pays tribute to Bella with baby fund. CRAIG MUNRO Jul 2, 2020 504
Co-Benefits to Children's Health of the U.S. Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Perera, Frederica; Cooley, David; Berberian, Alique; Mills, David; Kinney, Patrick Jul 1, 2020 8713
Cerclage in twin pregnancies reduces perinatal mortality: A small multicenter randomized trial. Remaly, Jake Jul 1, 2020 972
Pandemic Influenza Mortality Reduced by Medicaid Coverage: The implied magnitudes of the reductions in infant mortality from Medicaid are quite large: approximately 1.4 fewer infant deaths per 1,000 live births in the severely affected counties. Jul 1, 2020 626
Seroprevalence of Canine Herpesvirus-1 in Breeding Dogs with or Without Vaccination in Northwest Italy. Rota, Ada; Dogliero, Andrea; Biosa, Teresa; Messina, Margherita; Pregel, Paola; Masoero, Loretta Jul 1, 2020 3891
Maternal-Fetal Perinatal Transmission of Staphylococcal Infections: A Report of Two Neonates. Thadchanamoorthy, V.; Dayasiri, Kavinda Jun 30, 2020 1536
Knowledge of Neonatal Danger Signs and Its Associated Factors among Mothers Attending Child Vaccination Centers at Sheko District in Southwest Ethiopia. Yosef, Tewodros; Nigussie, Tadesse; Asefa, Adane Medical condition overview Jun 30, 2020 3695
Leigh letting others heal for free at calm zone. KATIE GALLAGHER Showbiz Reporter Jun 29, 2020 196
First infant death due to COVID-19 confirmed. Jun 24, 2020 152
DCPO looks into how another Lumad died inside UCCP-Haran. Jun 15, 2020 666
Study of Determinants of Various Anthropometric Measurements of Neonates at Birth. Kumar, Chandan; Kumar, Ashok; Kumar, Abhishek Report Jun 15, 2020 3306
Oyo Partners UNICEF To Control Maternal, Infant Mortality. Jun 13, 2020 620
You can't beat nature you can only live with it; LETTERS Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @coventrytelegraph Facebook: Post: Coventry Telegraph, Leicester Row, Canal Basin, Coventry, CV1 4LY. Letter to the editor Jun 10, 2020 451
Missed Opportunities for Prevention of Congenital Syphilis--United States, 2018. Kimball, Anne; Torrone, Elizabeth; Miele, Kathryn; Bachmann, Laura; Thorpe, Phoebe; Weinstock, Hilla Jun 5, 2020 3732
Medicaid expansion and infant mortality, revisited: A difference-in-differences analysis. Wiggins, Alexandra; Karaye, Ibraheem M.; Horney, Jennifer A. Report Jun 1, 2020 3991
PREVENTION OF BIRTH DEFECTS IN EAST AFRICA: A REVIEW OF NATIONAL POLICIES. Walani, S.R.; Hiebert, L.; Pachon, H.; Mwaisaka, R. Jun 1, 2020 8363
An evaluation of the perinatal mortality surveillance system in Gwanda District, Matabeleland South Province, Zimbabwe. Mundagowa, P.T.; Chimberengwa, P.T.; Chadambuka, E.M. Jun 1, 2020 3922
0-13 Aylik Bebegi Olan Ebeveynlerin Uyku Guvenligi Hakkinda Bilgi ve Davranislarinin Degerlendirilmesi/Estimation of Awareness of Acts and Information on Sleep Safety in Those Parents that Have 0-13-month-old Babies. Ayyildiz, Tulay Kuzlu; Ozdemir, Sumeyye; Topan, Aysel; Cebeci, Elif; Kuzlu, Nazife; Toplu, Merve Jun 1, 2020 4867
Evaluation of first-trimester neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio and platelet-lymphocyte ratio values in pregnancies complicated by intrauterine growth retardation/Intrauterin buyume geriligi ile komplike olan gebeliklerde ilk trimester notrofil-lenfosit orani ve platelet-lenfosit oraninin degerlendirilmesi. Tolunay, Harun Egemen; Eroglu, Hasan; Varli, Erol Nadi; Aksar, Mustafa; Sahin, Dilek; Yucel, Aykan Jun 1, 2020 2070
Tetanus Toxoid Vaccination Uptake and Associated Factors among Mothers Who Gave Birth in the Last 12 Months in Errer District, Somali Regional State, Eastern Ethiopia. Gebremedhin, Tsige Shushay; Welay, Fissaha Tekulu; Mengesha, Meresa Berwo; Assefa, Natnael Etsay; We Survey May 31, 2020 4833
The Effect of Different Treatment Regimens and Multiple Risk Factors on Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes among Syphilis-Seropositive Women in Guangzhou: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Hu, Fang; Guo, Shuai-Jun; Lu, Jian-Jun; Zhu, Sui; Hua, Ning-Xuan; Song, Yan- Yan; Liang, Jing-Jing; Report May 31, 2020 8904
We can't do anything for Billy - but the charity run is one thing we can do. It makes us feel that he isn't forgotten; mum appeals for people to join in memory of son on what would have been his third birthday. ZOE CHAMBERLAIN Feature Writer May 28, 2020 632
Trends and Causes of Neonatal Mortality in Serbia, 1997-2016. Lazarevic, Konstansa; Bogdanovic, Dragan; Stosic, Ljiljana May 28, 2020 4906
Incinerators raise infant mortality; Get in touch - tell us what you think about the news Email: Post: Birmingham Mail, 60 Church Street, Birmingham B3 2DJ Twitter: @birminghammail Facebook: Letter to the editor May 25, 2020 152
The Impacts of Healthcare Spending on Health Outcomes: New Evidence from OECD Countries. Karaman, Sevilay; Urek, Duygu; Demir, Ipek Bilgin; Ugurluoglu, Ozgur; Isik, Oguz May 21, 2020 3896
Correlation of Meconium Stained Liquor with Cardiotocography and Its Foetal Outcome. Khan, Anam Khusrau; Pajai, Sandhya Pralhad May 18, 2020 3991
Infant deaths from birth defects decline, but some disparities widen. Franki, Richard May 1, 2020 420
Incidence and Predictors of Maternal and Perinatal Mortality among Women with Severe Maternal Outcomes: A Tanzanian Facility-Based Survey for Improving Maternal and Newborn Care. Lilungulu, Athanase; Bintabara, Deogratius; Mujungu, Simon; Chiwanga, Enid; Chetto, Paulo; Nassoro, Apr 30, 2020 6413
These are not a series of random events. Apr 24, 2020 243
UN chief calls for greater protection for children caught up in coronavirus crisis. Apr 18, 2020 785
Recession could kill hundreds of thousands of children: UN. Apr 17, 2020 775
Maternal Plasma Perfluoroalkyl Substances and Miscarriage: A Nested Case-Control Study in the Danish National Birth Cohort. Case study Apr 1, 2020 13819
Determinants of Child Size at Birth and Associated Maternal Factor in Gurage Zone. Alemayehu, Gedif Mulat; Chernet, Ayele Gebeyehu; Dumga, Kassahun Trueha Apr 1, 2020 5281
Prescribing aspirin to improve pregnancy outcomes: Expand the indications? Increase the dose? Barbieri, Robert L. Medical condition overview Apr 1, 2020 2424
Is Dietary 2-Oxoglutaric Acid Effective in Accelerating Bone Growth and Development in Experimentally-Induced Intrauterine Growth Retarded Gilts? Tomaszewska, Ewa; Dobrowolski, Piotr; Swiatkiewicz, Malgorzata; Donaldson, Janine; Puzio, Iwona; Mus Report Apr 1, 2020 11515
Determinants of Noncompletion of the Third Dose of Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine in Pregnant Women in Dschang Health District, Cameroon. Fouelifack, Florent Ymele; Kenfack, Bruno; Nguefack, Skinner Lekelem; Ndenkeh, Jackson Nforbewing, J Mar 31, 2020 5121
Prevalence of Congenital Malaria in Kisangani, A Stable Malaria Transmission Area in Democratic Republic of the Congo. Noel, Labama Otuli; Jean-Didier, Bosenge Nguma; Mike-Antoine, Maindo Alongo; Gedeon, Katenga Bosunga Medical condition overview Mar 31, 2020 5005
Determinants of Low Fifth Minute Apgar Score among Newborn Delivered in Jimma University Medical Center, Southwest Ethiopia. Getachew, Bekalu; Etefa, Tesema; Asefa, Adissu; Terefe, Behailu; Dereje, Diriba Mar 31, 2020 4390
Foeto-Maternal Outcome of Obstructed Labour in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Kolkata. Sarkar, Mihir Kumar; Halder, Arindam Mar 30, 2020 1773
US reports first coronavirus-related death of an infant. Mohamed Samir Mar 29, 2020 237
Coronavirus: US records first infant death due to Covid-19. Washington Mar 29, 2020 151
Illinois reports first infant death due to COVID-19. Madhu Krishnamurthy Mar 29, 2020 754
Infant death figures are down in county. JOHN MCDOUGALL @JMACD1988 Mar 26, 2020 493
15,000 pregnant women and children to get improved health care. Mar 17, 2020 723
Create a safe sleep space in a baby's crib, bassinet. Mar 15, 2020 295
Ayushman Bharat for women's health. Mar 12, 2020 971
infant deaths; The postcode lottery when it comes to. ANNIE GOUK Mar 3, 2020 538
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The postcode lottery when it comes to infant deaths. ANNIE GOUK Mar 2, 2020 507
Figures reveal shock rise in infant deaths; STATS POINT TO LINK BETWEEN DEPRIVATION AND CHILD MORTALITY LEVELS. ANNIE GOUK ECHO Correspondent @LIVECHONEWS Mar 2, 2020 501
The postcode lottery when it comes to infant deaths. ANNIE GOUK Mar 2, 2020 507
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Authorities probing into two newborn deaths at BHU. Feb 29, 2020 425
What's the latest research about keeping infants safe during sleep Children: Beware of items bought from online stores. Lisa Black American Academy of Pediatrics Feb 24, 2020 568
Four more firms to stop selling inclined sleepers amid scrutiny. The Washington Post Feb 24, 2020 555
Keep infants safe during sleep AAP recommends all babies sleep on their back, on a flat, firm, separate sleep surface such as a bassinet, play yard or crib, and to keep the baby's sleep space free of blankets, bumpers, toys or other objects. Lisa Black American Academy of Pediatrics Feb 24, 2020 568
PS3,700 raised for motor neurone disease. Feb 21, 2020 264
From The Past Pages Of Dawn: 1970: Fifty Years Ago: Maternity death rate. Feb 21, 2020 207
Memorial service invite. Obituary Feb 19, 2020 154
USAID Signs MoU With Local NGOs On Specific Health Issues In Bauchi. Feb 19, 2020 538
Haemorrhage leading cause of maternal mortality, says new report. Feb 16, 2020 548
FREQUENCY OF ABRUPTION PLACENTA IN GRAND MULTIGRAVIDA. Tanweer Akhtar, Shabnam Naz Shaikh and Arooba Bhutto Feb 14, 2020 2035
Sands cash boost. Feb 14, 2020 170
Warriors join battle to aid charity. DAYNA FARRINGTON Feb 14, 2020 298
Officers are an arresting sight in charity challenge. DAYNA FARRINGTON Feb 14, 2020 449
Family case management program Available. Submitted by Shelby County Health Department Feb 12, 2020 207
Campaign launched to control newborn deaths in Balochistan. Muhammad Akbar Notezai Feb 12, 2020 522
MPA lauds Health Deptt for initiating newborn survival strategy. Feb 12, 2020 301
Provincial Newborn Survival Strategy Balochistan lunched. Feb 12, 2020 711
Baby memorial service to be held. Feb 12, 2020 196
Family case management program offered at Shelby County Health. Submitted by Shelby County Health Department Feb 5, 2020 184
Nyeri, Mama Lucy hospitals get equipment to stop infant deaths. Jan 31, 2020 495
'I was comfort eating after I lost my little girl... my weight got out of control'. anna lewis Reporter Jan 30, 2020 851
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DHO Tharparkar confirms 6 infant deaths. Jan 15, 2020 185
The child marriages are the main factors behind the unabated deaths of infants in Thar. Jan 13, 2020 437
How FG's Ban On Midwives' Employment Spiked Maternal, Infant Mortality. Jan 13, 2020 2564
Child marriages prime factors behind infants' death in Thar. Jan 13, 2020 220
Child marriages blamed for higher infant mortality rate in Thar region. SAWAN KHASKHELI Jan 12, 2020 775
More maternity care services on the way. Jan 11, 2020 509
No child should die in any corner of the country: Union Agri Minister on MP infant deaths. ANI Jan 9, 2020 244
Maternal deaths in Nakuru drop as healthcare improves. Jan 7, 2020 664
Rajasthan HC hears PIL on infants death in Jodhpur Hospitals, seeks report from govt. ANI Jan 7, 2020 373
269 infants died at Rajkot govt hospital in last 3 months of 2019. ANI Jan 5, 2020 186
Bikaner hospital records 162 infant deaths in December. ANI Jan 5, 2020 208
Each person should be held accountable, says Rajasthan Health Min on Kota infants death. ANI Jan 5, 2020 240
Congress diverting attention from Kota infant deaths, says Gujarat Deputy CM. ANI Jan 5, 2020 246
Kota infants death shouldn't be politicised, says Rajasthan CM. ANI Jan 5, 2020 398
Rajasthan: 10 infants die within month in hospital in Bundi. ANI Jan 4, 2020 263
Kota infant deaths: Action being taken against those at fault, says Harish Rawat. ANI Jan 4, 2020 257
Kota: Central team reaches JK Lon Hospital as death toll rises to 107. ANI Jan 4, 2020 225
Kota: Infant death toll in JK Lon Hospital rises to 107. ANI Jan 4, 2020 232
Kota infant deaths: Mayawati warns UP govt to maintain hospitals in state. ANI Jan 4, 2020 295
Delhi: Ahmed Patel meets Sonia Gandhi, discusses several issues including Kota infants death and Maha portfolio distribution. ANI Jan 4, 2020 183
Priyanka Gandhi responds to Mayawati, says 'She should visit Rajasthan to meet Kota victims' families'. ANI Jan 4, 2020 381
Infants death at Khar hospital protested. Jan 3, 2020 245
Kota infant deaths: Mayawati demands sacking of Rajasthan CM. ANI Jan 3, 2020 256
Can definitely find drawbacks in any hospital, no need to politicise death of infants in Kota: CM Gehlot. ANI Jan 3, 2020 444
Kota infant deaths: No attention was paid by Rajasthan govt, says Smriti Irani. ANI Jan 3, 2020 293
Kota infant deaths: NHRC issues notice to Chief Secretary, seeks detailed report in 4 weeks. ANI Jan 3, 2020 314
Rajasthan: Minister Pratap Singh blames Kota hospital staff for infant deaths. ANI Jan 3, 2020 252
Kota infant deaths: Mayawati slams Priyanka Gandhi over her silence. ANI Jan 2, 2020 215
New Year's Day a reminder of need for action to prevent newborn deaths: UNICEF. Jan 2, 2020 467
Rajasthan: Infant deaths in Kota hospital rises to 103. ANI Jan 2, 2020 325
Kota infant deaths: Speaker Om Birla writes to CM, urges him to strengthen medical facilities. ANI Jan 2, 2020 220
Number of infant deaths least in past 6 years in Rajasthan: Ashok Gehlot. ANI Jan 2, 2020 369
Bernie Should Be Grateful We Don't Have 'Medicare for All'. Merline, John Jan 1, 2020 1604
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IMR reduced to 5.55 per cent in 2019 which stood at 7.62 per cent during BJP's tenure: Rajasthan Health Minister. ANI Dec 31, 2019 448
Factors behind infant mortality discussed. Dec 31, 2019 158
Design and Assessment of a Robust and Generalizable ANN-Based Classifier for the Prediction of Premature Birth by means of Multichannel Electrohysterographic Records. Mas-Cabo, J.; Prats-Boluda, G.; Garcia-Casado, J.; Alberola-Rubio, J.; Perales, A.; Ye-Lin, Y. Dec 31, 2019 8993
Kota infant deaths: NCPCR issues notice against Chief Medical Officer. ANI Dec 30, 2019 260
Welcome 2020: Journey towards a healthy UAE. Dhanusha Gokulan Dec 28, 2019 1109
State govt committed to reduce IMR, MMR: Rajasthan Chief Minister. ANI Dec 28, 2019 434
Welcome 2020: Journey towards a healthy UAE. Saman Haziq Dec 27, 2019 822
Siddhivinayak Trust to provide Rs 10 crore for vaccination drive in 5 dist. ANI Dec 26, 2019 201
A Study of Different Biochemical and Sonological Parameters as Predictors of Preeclampsia. Saha, Jhantu Kumar; Mazumder, Palash; Bandyopadhyay, Prithu; Datta, Shyamali Clinical report Dec 23, 2019 4314
Iron intake: a must for weaning diet. Dr Hasan Dawood Dec 22, 2019 627
Region has highest neonatal death rates. RICHARD GUTTRIDGE Dec 21, 2019 406
Region has highest neonatal mortality rate. Dec 21, 2019 406
Oligohydramnios with Liquor <5 cms and Its Maternal and Foetal Outcome. Sarmishta, M.; Usharani Dec 16, 2019 2787

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