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Cuff Size Matters When Monitoring Blood Pressure. May 14, 2022 213
Self-Monitoring Home Blood Pressure in Community-Dwelling Older People: Age Differences in White-Coat and Masked Phenomena and Related Factors--The SONIC Study. Tuo, Jinmei; Godai, Kayo; Kabayama, Mai; Akagi, Yuya; Akasaka, Hiroshi; Takami, Yoichi; Takeya, Yasu Apr 30, 2022 6973
Dogs' heart rate doubles when entering examination room at the vets, study finds; Researchers from the University of Adelaide have been trying to better understand how dogs feel when undergoing a physical examination at the vets by monitoring their heart rate. By, Paige Freshwater Apr 22, 2022 457
Diabetics aged 21 or lower to get free remote glucose monitors as from next week. Apr 9, 2022 200
'Scrapping blood pricks and using phones to monitor glucose levels helps diabetics'; Dr Miriam Stoppard explains how new technology, trialled by University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire, was just as effective and less invasive as traditional methods used for monitoring diabetes. By, Miriam Stoppard Apr 7, 2022 402
Design of Agent-Based Embedded Family Remote Medical Monitoring System. Zhang, Haixia Apr 5, 2022 5822
Thousands benefit from AI-enabled heart monitor; device worn at home by patients. JONATHAN HUMPHRIES ECHO Reporter @JHUMPHRIESECHO Apr 5, 2022 337
FEEL THE POWER: Plastics spur growth in wearable diagnostics including self-healing electronic skin and self-powered devices. Giordano, Geoff Apr 1, 2022 2250
Correlation of Cardiac Output by Arterial Contour-Derived Cardiac Output Monitor Versus Pulmonary Artery Catheter in Liver Transplant: Experience at an Indian Center. Halemani, Kusuma; Kumar, Lakshmi; Narayanan, Bhadrinath; Rajan, Sunil; Ramamurthi, Pavithra; Sudhaka Report Apr 1, 2022 4592
The importance of accurate glucose monitoring in critically ill patients. Begos, Dennis Apr 1, 2022 1742
Prediction Model of Ischemic Stroke Recurrence Using PSO-LSTM in Mobile Medical Monitoring System. Li, Qingjiang; Chai, Xuejiao; Zhang, Chunqing; Wang, Xinjia; Ma, Wenhui Mar 24, 2022 6779
Applications and Outcomes of Internet of Things for Patients with Alzheimer's Disease/Dementia: A Scoping Review. Sheikhtaheri, Abbas; Sabermahani, Farveh Report Mar 15, 2022 11835
FDA approves implantable six-month glucose monitor. Mar 14, 2022 740
Dexcom G7 receives CE Mark - Next-generation continuous glucose monitoring system to revolutionize diabetes management. Mar 14, 2022 1048
Corporate tax must be lowered for individuals too, Bernard Grech insists PL pledges remote glucose monitoring devices to all type one diabetic patients. Mar 10, 2022 268
PL pledges remote glucose monitoring devices to all type one diabetic patients. Mar 9, 2022 268
Fitbit recalls 1.7m Ionic smartwatches after manufacturing glitch leaves users burnt; The watch was recalled after Fitbit received 174 reports of its battery overheating, including cases of 118 people being burned. Many users wear the devices in bed to monitor them while sleeping. By, Emma Munbodh Mar 4, 2022 326
CB-CPW Fed SRR Loaded ISM and 5G Low Profile Antenna for On-Body Healthcare Monitor. Shanmuganantham, Thangavelu; Kumar, Srinivasan Ashok; Sindhahaiselvi, Dhanapalan Report Mar 1, 2022 4791
Automated blood flow monitoring. Mar 1, 2022 226
Monitoring of gentamicin blood level in one-week-of-life neonates admitted to a special care nursery ward. Mustafa, Suzana; Noor, Siti Latifah Azirah Mohd; Razman, Rozitah; Yusuf, Wan Nazirah Wan Mar 1, 2022 3204
Home-monitoring scheme for patients up for healthcare award. Feb 23, 2022 400
COVID self-monitoring patients lifted from self-quarantine after 7 days. Feb 17, 2022 351
Remote ECG Monitoring by ECG247 Smart Heart Sensor. Jortveit, Jarle; Fensli, Rune Feb 11, 2022 2454
A System of Remote Patients' Monitoring and Alerting Using the Machine Learning Technique. Dhinakaran, M.; Phasinam, Khongdet; Alanya-Beltran, Joel; Srivastava, Kingshuk; Babu, D. Vijendra; S Feb 8, 2022 4291
Six months ago I had a stress test and was given a clean bill of health. Last week I felt chest pain, went to the ER and was given a stent--my third in five years. If a stress test isn't the right test for monitoring my heart, what else should my doctor be doing? Cho, Leslie; Laffin, Luke J. Feb 1, 2022 258
Glucose monitoring gains from MIR sensing: David Stuart on the health benefits of mid-infrared spectroscopy. Stuart, David Feb 1, 2022 1159
Older Adults Skipping Home Blood Pressure Monitoring. Jan 1, 2022 169
Tests for Monitoring Heart Health: These tests will help you stay apprised of your prevention efforts or reveal how well your risk-factor treatments are working. Jan 1, 2022 675
Role of free style Libre - Flash Glucose Monitoring: Glycemic control of Type-1 Diabetes. Imad A.A. Mohamed, Iman M. Talaat, Hamed A. Alghamdi and Gamal Allam Dec 31, 2021 3518
Covid patients to be treated at home on 'virtual wards' amid Omicron 'tidal wave'; The 'virtual wards' could be used for patients who are in need of treatment but do not need to be on an in-person hospital ward -with their oxygen levels remotely monitored from a hospital. By, Abigail O'Leary Dec 20, 2021 477
Lindelof has heart monitor on after scare says his wife. SAMUEL LUCKHURST @MENSports Dec 15, 2021 264
Victor Lindelof given heart monitor and undergoing further tests after worrying scare; Manchester United's Swedish international defender was replaced suddenly during the win over Norwich after claiming breathing difficulties during the 1-0 victory at Carrow Road. By, Alex Richards Dec 14, 2021 347
Correlation between pulse oximetry and the clinical profile of children with acute lower respiratory tract infection. Chinawa, A.T.; Chukwu, B.F.; Chinawa, J.M.; Nduagubam, O.C.; Aronu, A.E. Dec 1, 2021 2217
BING Innovations declares launch of DigiVibe cordless handheld device for blood glucose monitoring. Nov 1, 2021 259
BING Innovations declares launch of DigiVibe cordless handheld device for blood glucose monitoring. Nov 1, 2021 262
BING Innovations declares launch of DigiVibe cordless handheld device for blood glucose monitoring. Nov 1, 2021 260
Amazon Great Indian Festival 2021- Buy blood pressure monitor online. Oct 11, 2021 476
'Risk of future deaths' unless vital medical equipment is repaired; CORONER'S WARNING COMES AFTER WOMAN'S DEATH REVEALED HEART MONITOR PROBLEMS. ANNABEL BAGDI News Reporter Oct 2, 2021 391
BRING IT HOME: Growing sophistication of remote monitoring devices frees patients and doctors from centralized check-ups. Giordano, Geoff Oct 1, 2021 1690
Digital Epidemiological Surveillance, Smart Telemedicine Diagnosis Systems, and Machine Learning-based Real-Time Data Sensing and Processing in COVID-19 Remote Patient Monitoring. Woods, Mark; Miklencicova, Renata Oct 1, 2021 4554
A 4-pronged approach to foster healthy aging in older adults: Monitoring patients' health, mobility, mentation, and ability to maintain social connections can help you promote healthy aging for your older patients. Wilson, Lynn M.; Colistra, Angela L.; Giusto, Elisa; Hansen, Susan E. Report Oct 1, 2021 6363
Smart watch glucose monitoring on the horizon. Skolnik, Neil; Persampiere, Victoria Oct 1, 2021 504
Heart monitor warning after death of patient; 'Risk to others' after equipment failed to alert medics. Annabal Bagdi Staff Reporter Sep 9, 2021 548
Health board accused of covering up cancer waiting times by sending patients to England; Failures by Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board led to eight cancer patients not being appropriately monitored or included in treatment targets. By, Mark Smith Clinical report Sep 9, 2021 1212
DOH: Utilization rate of treatment, monitoring facilities for COVID patients only at 33%. Sep 6, 2021 214
Sweaty bits; Keep an eye on stress levels and your sleep with wearable monitor. Sep 3, 2021 284
Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Women with Normal OGTT in Pregnancy. Tartaglione, Linda; di Stasio, Enrico; Sirico, Angelo; Di Leo, Mauro; Caputo, Salvatore; Rizzi, Ales Clinical report Aug 24, 2021 6082
Multilayered Implantable Antenna Biosensor for Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Design and Analysis. Khadase, Rahul B.; Nandgaonkar, Anil; Iyer, Brijesh; Wagh, Abhay Report Aug 1, 2021 3799
'I thought I needed glasses but it was actually a brain tumour that almost killed me'; The brain tumour no longer causes Samantha Griffiths problems and she is able to lead a relatively normal life with regular MRI scans and eye tests to monitor her brain health. By, Mark Smith & Graeme Murray Jul 17, 2021 501
How Amazon might soon monitor your sleep patterns. Jul 15, 2021 182
Check Your Blood Pressure at Home: Monitoring your blood pressure in the comfort of your home may lead to more accurate readings, as long as you do it the right way. Jul 15, 2021 890
Do You Need Continuous Glucose Monitoring? Interest in these devices is growing, but only a select group should consider them, a Cleveland Clinic expert cautions. Jul 15, 2021 718
DHA, Enpy partner for remote-patient monitoring. Jun 17, 2021 289
New system for Eastbourne stroke patients is hailed a success; A new heart rhythm pathway that monitors stroke patients has been successful at identifying a group of people as being at potential risk of another stroke due to their abnormal heart rhythm. Jacob Panons Jun 14, 2021 354
Israeli firm to sell heart monitors in the UAE. Arab News Jun 9, 2021 165
GBS Inc. announces results from global glucose monitoring survey. Jun 8, 2021 408
Adverse Drug Reactions Monitoring In Patients On Antitubercular Treatment in Tertiary Care Hospital, Mandya. Kiran, M.; Nagabushan, H. Report Jun 1, 2021 3927
Pioneering cystic fibrosis project at Cambridgeshire hospital delivers major benefits to patients; Home monitoring for patients with cystic fibrosis at Royal Papworth Hospital has reduced the number of hospital visits during the coronavirus pandemic. Joel Lamy May 28, 2021 631
HIV Viral Load Monitoring Among Patients Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy--Eight Sub-Saharan Africa Countries, 2013-2018. Lecher, Shirley Lee; Fonjungo, Peter; Ellenberger, Dennis; Toure, Christiane Adje; Alemnji, George; May 28, 2021 2657
LifeSignals LX1550E Multiparameter Remote Monitoring Platform receives CE Mark approval. May 20, 2021 171
LifeSignals LX1550E Multiparameter Remote Monitoring Platform receives CE Mark approval. May 20, 2021 172
Emyria gains TGA approval for Openly medical grade, smartphone enabled, cardiovascular monitoring software. May 13, 2021 591
Monitor Your Blood Sugar at Home: A home glucose meter can help you avoid serious diabetes complications. May 11, 2021 1040
Red Cross launches free blood pressure monitoring, sugar testing campaign. May 11, 2021 912
VitalConnect's Vista Solution wirelessly monitors COVID-19 patients at Northwell Plainview Hospital. May 6, 2021 191
Generex's NuGenHealth contracts with FHCA to provide remote patient monitoring. May 6, 2021 177
Special NCOC committee monitoring oxygen situation in country: Dr Faisal. Apr 28, 2021 532
Special NCOC committee monitoring oxygen situation in country: Dr Faisal. Apr 27, 2021 1071
Managing the second stage of labor: An evidence-based approach: Continuously assessing and monitoring maternal, fetal, and modifiable factors in the second stage of labor may aid clinicians in weighing the appropriateness of expectant management against operative delivery. Ghartey, Jeny; Cahill, Alison G. Cover story Apr 1, 2021 3707
Internet of Things-based Smart Healthcare Systems, Wireless Connected Devices, and Body Sensor Networks in COVID-19 Remote Patient Monitoring. Rogers, Rebecca Apr 1, 2021 3739
Evaluation of the Appropriateness of Valproic Acid-Levels Monitoring in Mexican Pediatric Patients. del Rosario Hernandez-Jeronimo, Maria; Chehue-Romero, Alejandro; Olvera-Hernandez, Elena Guadalupe; Report Apr 1, 2021 3033
First Microwave Tomography Approach Towards a Truly Noninvasive, Pain-Free and Wearable Blood Glucose Monitoring Device. Bakkali, Asma; Buisson, Clement; Mounien, Lourdes; Landrier, Jean Francois; Tishkova, Victoria; Sabo Report Apr 1, 2021 5938
PORTABLE SMART MINI PATIENT MONITOR FOR IMPROVED HEALTHCARE OUTCOMES: PATIENT-BASED CARE DEVICE. H. Zahid, S. A. Syed, A. Saad, T. Mushtaq, M. Nadeem, R. Siddiqui, H. Ghazal and E. Waqar Mar 31, 2021 3227
Xiaomi launches Mi Band 6 with 156-inch AMOLED display featuring SpO2 tracking, heart rate monitoring. Mar 29, 2021 480
Apple Watch is able to monitor cardiovascular frailty in patients according to Stanford study. Mar 28, 2021 303
Charity boost for care of newborn patients; NHS trust receives heart condition monitoring machines for babies. LISA O'BRIEN Mar 23, 2021 286
Plea to monitor blood pressure. Mar 17, 2021 165
Covid care on 'virtual ward' PS20 GADGET ALLOWS FOR PATIENTS TO BE MONITORED IN THEIR HOME. AMY ORTON News Reporter Feb 17, 2021 570
Patient safety monitoring in international laboratories. Report Feb 1, 2021 3463
COVID-19: NSIA hands over 126 monitors, 53 oxygen concentrators to 21 healthcare institutions. Jan 29, 2021 765
Health Ministry monitors steady oxygen supply to hospitals. Egypt Today staff Jan 13, 2021 191
Design and Evaluation of a Wearable Smart Blanket System for Monitoring Vital Signs of Patients in an Ambulance. Rezayi, Sorayya; Safaei, Ali Asghar; Mohammadzadeh, Niloofar Jan 1, 2021 7820
Time-Frequency Analysis of EEG Signals and GLCM Features for Depth of Anesthesia Monitoring. Mousavi, Seyed Mortaza; Asgharzadeh-Bonab, Akbar; Ranjbarzadeh, Ramin Jan 1, 2021 6988
A Pilot Study of Detecting Individual Sleep Apnea Events Using Noncontact Radar Technology, Pulse Oximetry, and Machine Learning. Toften, Ståle; Kjellstadli, Jonas T.; Tyvold, Stig S.; Moxness, Mads H. S. Jan 1, 2021 5093
Association of Body Fat Percentage with Time in Range Generated by Continuous Glucose Monitoring during Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion Therapy in Type 2 Diabetes. Ruan, Yuting; Zhong, Jiana; Chen, Rongping; Zhang, Zhen; Liu, Dixing; Sun, Jia; Chen, Hong Jan 1, 2021 6732
Home Blood Pressure Control and Drug Prescription Patterns among Thai Hypertensives: A 1-Year Analysis of Telehealth Assisted Instrument in Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Nationwide Pilot Project. Sakulsupsiri, Anut; Chattranukulchai, Pairoj; Siwamogsatham, Sarawut; Boonchayaanant, Patchaya; Naeo Clinical report Jan 1, 2021 5923
Nemaura Medical announces official US launch of flagship program BEATdiabetes and availability of glucose monitor proBEAT. Dec 18, 2020 385
BIOTRONIK granted FDA clearance for Vital Data Sensor in new cardiac monitor. Dec 17, 2020 174
BIOTRONIK granted FDA clearance for Vital Data Sensor in new cardiac monitor. Dec 17, 2020 170
New tech could monitor patients' vital signs touch-free. Annette Chrysostomou Dec 12, 2020 413
New tech could monitor patients' vital signs touch-free. Dec 12, 2020 400
City covid patients could be monitored via an app. Dec 7, 2020 157
Coronavirus: GPs slam ministry decision for them to monitor Covid patients. Evie Andreou Nov 24, 2020 376
Coronavirus: GPs slam ministry decision for them to monitor Covid patients. Nov 24, 2020 364
COVID19: GPs to monitor infected patients. fm Nov 23, 2020 181
Realme Watch S with heart rate and blood oxygen monitor officially launched. Nov 4, 2020 459
The Utility of Neutrophil CD64 and Presepsin as Diagnostic, Prognostic, and Monitoring Biomarkers in Neonatal Sepsis. Hashem, Heba E.; Abdel Halim, Rania M.; El Masry, Sherin A.; Mokhtar, Amira M.; Abdelaal, Noureldin Nov 2, 2020 10067
IoT Healthcare: Design of Smart and Cost-Effective Sleep Quality Monitoring System. Saleem, Khizra; Bajwa, Imran Sarwar; Sarwar, Nadeem; Anwar, Waheed; Ashraf, Amna Oct 24, 2020 8695
HealthSolutions and Philips partner for the exclusive launch of next-gen patient monitors in PHL. Oct 14, 2020 475
HC: Why no commission to monitor patients' complaints? Oct 13, 2020 382
Current Health, BARDA Partner to Remotely Monitor COVID-19 Patients, Predict Hospitalization and Inform Clinical Treatment. Oct 9, 2020 287
BetterLife Pharma announces VirTrial as patient monitoring partner for COVID-19 study in Australia to test efficacy of AP-003. Oct 9, 2020 447
Payout for family after birth errors left boy disabled; Heart monitor was switched off for 100 minutes. Ed Chatterton Oct 8, 2020 620
Baby left disabled after heart monitor turned off for 100 minutes during labour; Devastated parents Lotti and Marc Ellis have received an undisclosed fee from the Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust after it admitted liability in relation to son Josiah. By, James Rodger & Ryan Merrifield Oct 6, 2020 794
Pasig Health Monitor to improve medical response in the city. Oct 5, 2020 326
Ugandan doctor creates blood oxygen monitor. Oct 2, 2020 799
Smart health devices--promises and pitfalls. Notte, Chris Oct 1, 2020 891
FIRST BLUETOOTH HEART MONITOR.. Firefighter's implant probes blackouts. LOUIE SMITH Sep 26, 2020 460
Cloud DX unveils Connected Health Kit and new quick-start programme across the US to expand remote patient monitoring during the COVID-19 crisis. Sep 23, 2020 251
Cloud DX unveils Connected Health Kit and new quick-start programme across the US to expand remote patient monitoring during the COVID-19 crisis. Sep 23, 2020 249
Cloud DX unveils Connected Health Kit and new quick-start programme across the US to expand remote patient monitoring during the COVID-19 crisis. Sep 23, 2020 245
CardieX partners with Andon to manufacture next gen telehealth and remote patient home health monitoring devices. Sep 8, 2020 729
Foregrounding mathematics in integrated STEM projects via digital technology: The authors start from the premise that mathematical understanding and skills are fundamentally important in STEM education as they underpin the three other discplines of STEM. They describe how contextualised integrated STEM projects can bring mathematics into the foreground with digital technologies--such as Kitsi blocks. They outine a project in which the theme of 'rhythm and beat' was explored in the creation of a heart rate monitor. Easton, Genevieve; Wellington, Angela; Davis, James P.; Yeh, Andy Sep 1, 2020 3816
Identifying Electrocardiographic Artifact: An Overview for Bedside Cardiac Monitoring. Dzikowicz, Dillon J.; Carey, Mary G. Sep 1, 2020 2045
Chronic Care Management: Reimagining Engagement Through Remote Patient Monitoring. Leventhal, Rajiv Cover story Sep 1, 2020 711
END-TIDAL CARBON DIOXIDE MONITORING IN THE NEONATAL VENTILATED PATIENTS USING CAPNOGRAPHY TECHNIQUE. Muhammad Shoaib, Shabbir Hussain, Zeeshan Ahmed, Asma Razzaq and Waqas Ahmed Farooqui Aug 31, 2020 2636
Nemaura Medical Issues Presentation Pertaining to the use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring in COVID-19 Patients. Aug 19, 2020 403
Arizton Predicts Pulse Oximeter Market Size to Reach Revenues of USD 2.8bn by 2025. Aug 17, 2020 615
Characteristics and Outcomes of Contacts of COVID-19 Patients Monitored Using an Automated Symptom Monitoring Tool--Maine, May-June 2020. Krueger, Anna; Gunn, Jayleen K.L.; Watson, Joanna; Smith, Andrew E.; Lincoln, Rebecca; Huston, Sara Aug 7, 2020 3568
Nemaura Medical expands painless sugarBEAT glucose monitor footprint in Europe, and eyes entry into US market. Aug 5, 2020 1380
Methodist University Hospital to take part in first EEG study to improve brain monitoring in patients during COVID-19. Aug 4, 2020 205
Methodist University Hospital to take part in first EEG study to improve brain monitoring in patients during COVID-19. Aug 4, 2020 201
Biofourmis' AI-Powered Remote Monitoring Platform Deployed to Monitor COVID-19 Patients in Singapore. Jul 31, 2020 680
Application Study of Monitoring Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction Based on Wireless Communication. Ziyu Pan, Jie Yang and Nan Guo Jul 31, 2020 225
Effect of continuous training on blood glucose monitoring in people with Diabetes Mellitus. Yuanfang Liu and Xiang Liu Jul 31, 2020 239
Close2U: An App for Monitoring Cancer Patients with Enriched Information from Interaction Patterns. Navarro-Alaman, Javier; Lacuesta, Raquel; Garcia-Magarino, Ivan; Gallardo, Jesus; Ibarz, Elena; Llor Jul 31, 2020 7578
Using Flexible Curved Noncontact Active Electrodes to Monitor Long-Term Heart Rate Variability. Huang, Ji-Jer; Cai, Zhe-Lin Jul 31, 2020 9888
Nemaura Medical to launch $11.5 million public offering as it commercializes sugarBEAT glucose monitor. Jul 29, 2020 352
QC to use 'AI' to contact trace, monitor COVID-19 patients. Jul 28, 2020 251
Southwest Florida Home Care Choses Claris Continuum for Remote Patient Monitoring Solution. Jul 10, 2020 283
Southwest Florida Home Care Choses Claris Continuum for Remote Patient Monitoring Solution. Jul 10, 2020 283
Southwest Florida Home Care Choses Claris Continuum for Remote Patient Monitoring Solution. Jul 10, 2020 267
Nemaura Medical files premarket application for sugarBEAT glucose monitor with FDA. Jul 8, 2020 408
Masimo investigates the accuracy of RRp with the Rad-G Pulse Oximeter in paediatric patients. Jul 6, 2020 242
Masimo investigates the accuracy of RRp with the Rad-G Pulse Oximeter in paediatric patients. Jul 6, 2020 238
Nemaura Medical "to take full advantage" to commercialize sugarBEAT continuous glucose monitor in US. Jul 1, 2020 484
MedLog: AMLC Propaq Defibrillator Monitor-Recorder System Tip Sheet. Jun 22, 2020 409
COVID-19 patients monitored even after recovery. Jun 20, 2020 692
Nemaura executive touts sugarBEAT continuous glucose monitor at virtual diabetes conference. Conference news Jun 17, 2020 290
MoH launches AI-based investigation system to monitor COVID-19 patients. Jun 10, 2020 204
Artificial intelligence to monitor COVID-19 patients. Jun 10, 2020 275
What is a pulse oximeter, and do you need one? Oximeter: Everything in moderation. Laura Daily The Washington Post Jun 8, 2020 921
What is a pulse oximeter, and do you need one? Laura Daily The Washington Post Jun 8, 2020 947
MedLog: AMLC Portable Patient Vital Signs Monitor Tip Sheet. Jun 8, 2020 489
Philips receives FDA EUA for acute care patient monitoring solutions. Jun 2, 2020 359
Services for coronavirus patients being monitored from centre, says Yasmin. May 23, 2020 209
Services for coronavirus patients being monitored from centre : Health Minister. May 23, 2020 215
Services for coronavirus patients being monitored from centre : Health Minister. May 23, 2020 215
Nemaura's sugarBEAT non-invasive glucose monitor shows comparable accuracy to invasive competitor in volunteer tests. May 21, 2020 679
Probe launched into four BSL-III labs, purchase of cardiac monitors. Asif Chaudhry May 20, 2020 453
CardieX outlines wearable sensor technology breakthrough for monitoring blood pressure and other vitals. May 12, 2020 282
Nemaura's sugarBEAT non-invasive glucose monitor shows comparable accuracy to competitor in volunteer tests. May 12, 2020 581
Honoring The Inventor Of Pulse Oximeter. Aaditi P, Writer May 7, 2020 497
VitalConnect Inc awarded FDA EUA for VitalPatch and the Vista Solution for cardiac monitoring in COVID-19 patients. May 6, 2020 177
Hypertension Subtypes among Thai Hypertensives: An Analysis of Telehealth-Assisted Instrument in Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Nationwide Pilot Project. Montrivade, Sakolwat; Chattranukulchai, Pairoj; Siwamogsatham, Sarawut; Vorasettakarnkij, Yongkasem; Clinical report Apr 30, 2020 7402
The Association of Health Literacy with High-Quality Home Blood Pressure Monitoring for Hypertensive Patients in Outpatient Settings. Fu, Sau Nga; Dao, Man Chi; Wong, Carlos King Ho; Cheung, Bernard Man Yung Report Apr 30, 2020 9815
Effects of Flash Glucose Monitoring on Dietary Variety, Physical Activity, and Self-Care Behaviors in Patients with Diabetes. Ida, Satoshi; Kaneko, Ryutaro; Imataka, Kanako; Okubo, Kaoru; Shirakura, Yoshitaka; Azuma, Kentaro; Apr 30, 2020 5196
New technology to help people with diabetes monitor glucose levels during Ramadan. Staff Reporter Apr 28, 2020 375
DexCom to reduce glucose monitoring costs for patients who lost insurance. Apr 27, 2020 159
Here are the winners of best app to monitor COVID-19 patients in Oman. ONA Apr 12, 2020 464
Best apps to monitor COVID-19 patients announced. Apr 12, 2020 272
Saudi health ministry launches app to help monitor COVID-19 patients. Ruba Obaid Apr 8, 2020 447
COVID19: Cyprus e-health platform for monitoring patients. fm Apr 6, 2020 246
Raziel Health Adds Ideal Life Remote Patient Monitoring to Portfolio. Apr 6, 2020 158
Nemaura repurposes SugarBEAT glucose monitor to track the fever caused by coronavirus. Apr 2, 2020 501
Internet of Things-enabled Smart Devices in Medical Practice: Healthcare Big Data, Wearable Biometric Sensors, and Real-Time Patient Monitoring. Miller, Kate Apr 1, 2020 2001
Nuvo passes FDA clearance for INVU pregnancy platform for remote monitoring of fetal and maternal heart rate. Medical condition overview Mar 31, 2020 225
Nuvo passes FDA clearance for INVU pregnancy platform for remote monitoring of fetal and maternal heart rate. Medical condition overview Mar 31, 2020 221
Medtronic launches new solutions to help monitor patients for COVID-19. Mar 27, 2020 273
Bio-Techne's Ella panel utilized in COVID-19 patient monitoring. Mar 25, 2020 272
Nemaura preparing for launch of sugarBEAT glucose monitor in the US. Mar 19, 2020 605
Dubai doctors to use VR glasses to monitor patients in ambulance. Saman Haziq Mar 18, 2020 396
Vivify Health Offers Rapid Deployment Plan for Providers to Screen and Monitor Patients Remotely. Mar 17, 2020 565
Number of patients monitored for COVID-19 in hospitals soars to 39. Mar 4, 2020 322
Whole Blood Stimulation Assay as a Treatment Outcome Monitoring Tool for VL Patients in Ethiopia: A Pilot Evaluation. Aleka, Yetemwork; Ibarra-Meneses, Ana Victoria; Workineh, Meseret; Tajebe, Fitsumbrhan; Kiflie, Amar Clinical report Mar 1, 2020 7713
Zynex wins FDA clearance to market its CM-1500 Blood Volume Monitor. Feb 26, 2020 179
Zynex wins FDA clearance to market its CM-1500 Blood Volume Monitor. Feb 26, 2020 175
Nemaura to compare its sugarBEAT continuous glucose monitor vs highly successful CGM rival sensor. Feb 26, 2020 544
453 patients monitored for COVID-19 test negative for infection. Feb 17, 2020 294
DOH monitors 487 patients for possible COVID-19 infection. Feb 15, 2020 297
Sick baby hooked to heart monitor on A&E sofa because NHS had nowhere to put her; Jonny Trotter was shocked after his 10-month-old baby Maisie's ECG was carried out in front of other patients in an 'overrun' waiting room despite Harrogate Hospital being "not that busy". By, Ryan Merrifield Feb 14, 2020 1060
Nemaura ends 3Q with $1M in cash as it commercializes sugarBEAT glucose monitor. Feb 12, 2020 514
INQUEST TOLD OF BIRTH TRAGEDY; Hospital's Midwifery-Led Unit did not have water birth heart monitor available, coroner hears. JAMES DRIVER-FISHER Feb 4, 2020 327
5 CDO, Bacolod patients being monitored for nCoV. Feb 3, 2020 488
Elementary Students Learn to Regulate Emotions with Heart Rate Monitors. Feb 1, 2020 494
DOH now monitoring 31 patients for nCov. Jan 31, 2020 801
29 patients now being monitored for possible new coronavirus infection. Jan 30, 2020 327
Taiwan to electronically monitor potential coronavirus patients. Jan 29, 2020 333
Arab Health: UAE MoHAP unveils AI-powered heart monitor. Adelle Geronimo Jan 29, 2020 446
DOH monitoring 24 patients for suspected novel coronavirus. Jan 28, 2020 323
USA Glucose Monitoring Devices 2020 Global Market Analysis, Company Profiles and Industrial Overview Research Report Forecasting to 2026. Report Jan 28, 2020 853
Top affordable wearables with a heart rate monitor. Jan 28, 2020 540
Ministry of Health unveils technology to monitor cerebral blood flow in preterm infants. Jan 26, 2020 397
The Gateway Family YMCA to Offer New Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program. Jan 18, 2020 509
Fitbit Launches Blood Oxygen Monitoring Features Ahead Of Apple Watch. Julio Cachila Jan 16, 2020 378
Advanced MedTech TechVision Opportunity Engine 2020 - Innovations are Sourced from Areas such as Surgical Robots, Drug Delivery, Remote Patient Monitoring, Next-Generation Implants & Artificial Organs. Jan 9, 2020 288
Global Patient Monitoring Solutions Market Analysis, 2019-2028: Focus on Products, Applications, End-users, Countries, Industry Insights and Competitive Landscape. Jan 6, 2020 1437
New Continuous Glucose Monitor May Cut Hypoglycemia in T1DM; Adults using intermittently scanned continuous glucose monitoring also report less work absenteeism. Jan 3, 2020 233
Monitored Anesthesia Care of Two Patients with Highly Elevated Subpulmonic Ventricular Pressure due to Adult Congenital Heart Disease. Kida, Tatsuya; Irie, Tomoya; Goto, Takahisa Jan 1, 2020 2938
Contributions of Fasting and Postprandial Glucose Concentrations to Haemoglobin A1c in Drug-Naive Mal-Glucose Metabolism in Chinese Population Using Continuous Glucose Monitoring System. Yan, Rengna; Hu, Yun; Li, Fengfei; Jiang, Lanlan; Xu, Xiaohua; Wang, Jie; Zhang, Ying; Ye, Lei; Lee, Dec 31, 2019 3551
The Degree of Hyperglycemia Excursion in Patients of Kidney Transplantation (KT) or Liver Transplantation (LT) Assessed by Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM): Pilot Study. Jin, Heung Yong; Lee, Kyung Ae; Kim, Yu Ji; Park, Tae Sun; Lee, Sik; Park, Sung Kwang; Hwang, Hong P Report Dec 31, 2019 6169
Advance Anesthesia Monitoring Devices Market Emerging Technologies, Competition & Strategies of Key Players, Regional Analysis and Forecast By 2023. Dec 27, 2019 791
Patient Monitoring Equipment Market Drivers & Restraints During the Forecast Period, 2019-2025. Dec 20, 2019 887
Global Hemodynamic Monitoring Systems Market by Application, End-user & Region - Forecast to 2025. Dec 9, 2019 872
Global Brain Monitoring Market Expected to Generate a Value of USD 11.6 Billion by edn of Forecast Period, 2019-2024. Dec 9, 2019 964
Nemaura Medical unveils Type 2 diabetes management app as companion to its SugarBEAT glucose monitor. Dec 6, 2019 366
Negligence and medical monitoring. Roche, Jim Dec 6, 2019 679
Video Electrical Brain Monitoring Market : Size, Share, Growth, Innovation By Experts, Competitive Landscape And Outlook 2023 / Radiant Insights, Inc. Dec 5, 2019 902
Brain Monitoring Market 2019 Global Trend, Segmentation And Opportunities Forecast To 2025. Dec 5, 2019 1116
Opportunities in Global Critical Care Markets, 2019 and Beyond - Focus on Anesthesia Systems, Ventilators, Hemodynamic Monitoring. Dec 5, 2019 204
Global Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring Market Report 2019-2024: Data on ECG Monitors, Event Recorders, Implantable Cardiac Loop Recorders, Mobile Cardiac Telemetry, and Other Devices. Report Dec 4, 2019 933
Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Market 2019 Global Analysis, Opportunities and Forecast To 2024. Industry overview Dec 3, 2019 1197
Possible Error in Reflection Pulse Oximeter Readings as a Result of Applied Pressure. Fine, Ilya; Kaminsky, Alexander Nov 30, 2019 4684
HEC would now monitor medical colleges, PMDCA. Nov 27, 2019 174
Indian Innovators Launch a Single Lead, Wireless Lightweight Ambulatory Cardiac Monitor to Enhance Patient Care. Nov 26, 2019 715
Is Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Devices Market Trapped Between Growth Expectations and Uncertainty? Nov 22, 2019 707
DOH still monitoring first vaping injury patient. Nov 20, 2019 132
Digital alerts monitoring patients help reduce number of sepsis deaths. Nov 20, 2019 226
CDC Updates Interim Guidance on Vaping-Linked Lung Illness; CDC will no longer monitor nonhospitalized patients due to similarities with hospitalized cases. Nov 20, 2019 289
Central Nervous Systems (CNS) Therapeutic Drug Monitoring - World Medical Devices Pipeline Assessment Report, 2019. Report Nov 19, 2019 771
This device can monitor blood sugar while patient sleeps, eats. Ismail Sebugwaawo Nov 16, 2019 410
Blood pressure monitoring must be a part of a diabetic's routine. Advertiser's Content Nov 14, 2019 738
FreeStyle Libre system 'effective in glucose monitoring'. Nov 14, 2019 382
Bittium and Preventice Solutions Share Progress of Strategic Partnership in the US Cardiac Monitoring Market; Partnership leverages Bittium's technology along with Preventice's expertise in 24/7 remote cardiac monitoring and patient experience ... Nov 14, 2019 720
World Veterinary Patient Monitoring Equipment Markets, 2015-2019 & 2020-2030. Nov 13, 2019 715
Digital Patient Monitoring Device Market To Reach $272.6 Billion By 2026: Grand View Research, Inc. Nov 11, 2019 878
Brain Monitoring Market: Opportunities and Challenges. Nov 11, 2019 809
Global Patient Monitoring, Wearables, Digitial Clinical Trials, and Medical Image Management Innovations Report 2019. Report Nov 8, 2019 615
Cardiac Monitoring (CM) & Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) Devices Market Opportunities to 2024 - World Market Projected to Exceed $25 Billion by 2024. Nov 5, 2019 703
Philips launches next-generation vital signs monitor for early patient intervention in general care setting. Nov 5, 2019 907
High-Tech Pacifier Might Monitor Baby's Blood Sugar. Serena Gordon, HealthDay Reporter Nov 1, 2019 684
Contamination of pulse oximeter probes before and after decontamination in two intensive care units. Desai, F.; Perrie, H.; Fourtounas, M. Nov 1, 2019 4655
Development of an Evidence-Based Practice Standard: Timing of Preprandial Blood Glucose Monitoring in the Inpatient Setting. Eichmiller, Brianne B.; Horner, Margaret; Sanjurjo, Veronica G. Nov 1, 2019 2462
A Real-Time Patient Monitoring Framework for Fall Detection. Ajerla, Dharmitha; Mahfuz, Sazia; Zulkernine, Farhana Oct 31, 2019 7635
North America Cardiovascular Devices Markets, 2018 & 2019-2027: Pacemaker, Stent, Defibrillator, Cardiac Catheter, Guidewire, Heart Valve, Event Monitor. Oct 31, 2019 848
Global Advanced Anesthesia Monitoring Devices Market expected to grow at CAGR 10.3% during the forecasted period 2019-2023 / Market Segments, Dynamics, Size, Supply and Demand, Current Trends. Oct 30, 2019 915
Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices Market Likely to Reach Beyond $17.8 Billion By 2026: Grand View Research, Inc. Oct 24, 2019 892
Patient Monitoring Systems Market: Opportunities and Challenges. Oct 21, 2019 869
Cardiac Monitoring Devices Market: Opportunities and Challenges. Oct 17, 2019 756
Patient Monitoring Devices Market Research 2019, Business Opportunity, Global Trend, Future Growth, Key Findings / industry grow at CAGR of 5.7% Forecast to 2023. Oct 16, 2019 822
Blood Gas Monitoring Systems Markets, 2023 - Medtronic, Masimo, Abbott, Radiometer, and Siemens Account for More than 80%. Oct 16, 2019 680
Global Patient Home Monitoring Market Statistical Analysis,Opportunities,Trend,Application,Regional Growth And Top Competitors. Oct 16, 2019 575
Sports Electronics Markets - Global Outlook and Forecast 2019-2024 / Analysis on Pedometers, Activity Monitors, Smart Fabrics, Fitness & Heart Rate Monitors, and More. Oct 15, 2019 1222
$6.6 Billion Medical Electronics Markets, 2025 by Component (Sensors, MCUs/MPUs, Displays, Memory Devices, Batteries) & Application (Patient Monitoring, Diagnostic Imaging, Medical Implants). Oct 14, 2019 772
Global Wearable Heart Monitoring Devices Market to Registering approx. 9.86% CAGR during 2019-2023. Oct 11, 2019 1123
Global Point-of-care Cholesterol Monitoring Devices Market Size And Industry Forecasts Till, 2019-2023: Radiant Insights, Inc. Industry overview Oct 10, 2019 756
Asia-Pacific Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Devices Market (2019-2024): Share, Scope, Revenue, Growth Forecast, Trends, Drivers, Challenges. Oct 9, 2019 722
US and EU Patient Monitoring Solutions Market, 2017-2025: The Shift from In-hospital Care to Home-based Care is Expected to Drive the Patient Monitoring Industry in the Forecast Period. Oct 8, 2019 795
Global Veterinary Patient Monitoring Equipment Market Valued $0.28 Billion In 2018. Oct 7, 2019 765
Zimbabwe HIV Patient Monitoring and Case-Based Surveillance – Leveraging on data to end AIDS by 2030. Oct 4, 2019 619
Nemaura cites positive patient-user experiences of SugarBEAT glucose monitors; says European launch moving ahead. Oct 4, 2019 506
Cardiac Monitoring Market Trends Estimates High Growth And Demand by 2026. Oct 2, 2019 1121
Global Patient Care Monitoring Systems Market: 2017-2018 Review and 2019-2026 Forecast. Oct 1, 2019 973
An Evaluation of the Accuracy of a Flash Glucose Monitoring System in Children with Diabetes in comparison with Venous Blood Glucose. Cao, Bingyan; Wang, Rui; Gong, Chunxiu; Wu, Di; Su, Chang; Chen, Jiajia; Yi, Yajun; Liu, Min; Liang, Sep 30, 2019 3597
ADHERENCE TO SELF-MONITORING OF BLOOD GLUCOSE AMONG TYPE 1 DIABETICS AND ITS IMPACT ON DIABETIC KETOACIDOSIS IN THE REAL WORLD. Muhammad Yaqoob Khan, Faheem Ullah, Tahir Ghaffar, Ibrar Ahmed, Khalid Usman and Aziz Ul Hassan Aami Sep 30, 2019 2765
Anesthesia Monitoring Devices Market to Grow at $1.9 Billion by 2024 / Key Players - Masimo Corporation, Fukuda Denshi Co. Ltd., Philips Healthcare, Medtronic plc and GE Healthcare. Sep 27, 2019 910
Heart Rate Monitor Watch Market 2019 - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2025. Sep 25, 2019 707
Mobile Blood Glucose Monitor System 2019 - Global Sales, Price, Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share Forecast Report. Report Sep 23, 2019 489
Wearable Cardiac Monitors Market by Types, Applications, Countries, Companies and Forecasts to 2029. Sep 19, 2019 893
Wearable Cardiac Monitors Market by Types, Applications, Countries, Companies and Forecasts to 2029. Sep 18, 2019 908
Wireless Ambulatory Telemetry Monitors Market Is Driven By Growing Inclination Of Healthcare Industry Toward Investment In Patient-Worn Monitors Till 2028 / Million Insights. Sep 17, 2019 769
Digital Patient Monitoring Devices Market 2019: Global Key Players, Trends, Share, Industry Size, Segmentation, Opportunities, Forecast To 2025. Sep 11, 2019 600
Hemodynamic Monitoring Systems Market Business Opportunity, Growth, Size, Share, Demand, Study Report by MRFR till 2023. Report Sep 9, 2019 1051
Global Blood Glucose Monitoring Market 2019 Global Size, Segments, Regional Analysis, Industry Growth and Trends by Forecast to 2023. Sep 6, 2019 885
Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices: Smart Monitoring Capabilities Improve Functionality. Sep 3, 2019 782
RFID Blood Monitoring Systems Market Is Set To Grow on Account of Rising Awareness Pertaining to Minimize Transfusion Errors in Medical Process Till 2022 / Million Insights. Sep 2, 2019 939
How Sweet It Is: The Coming of Age of Continuous Glucose Monitoring. Thomas, Stefani N. Sep 1, 2019 974
Bittium Exhibits Its Cardiac Monitoring Products and Solutions at ESC Congress 2019. Aug 30, 2019 628
Neonatal Monitoring Equipment Market: Standalone Devices Spearhead on the Trail Forecasts to 2028 co. Aug 30, 2019 833
Remote Patient Monitoring Systems Market Value Chain and Forecast 2018 to 2028. Aug 29, 2019 927
Patient Monitoring Systems Market Segments, Opportunity, Growth and Forecast by End-use Industry 201. Aug 29, 2019 948
Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems Market Overview & Potential Growth Opportunities 2028/ Key Players: Dexcom, Medtronic, San Meditech, GlySens Incorporated : Radiant Insights, Inc. Aug 28, 2019 751
Patient Monitoring Systems Market Value Share, Supply Demand, share and Value Chain 2018 to 2028. Aug 28, 2019 963
Impact of Existing and Emerging Remote Patient Monitoring Systems Market Trends 2018 to 2028. Aug 28, 2019 942
Biobeat wins US FDA clearance for first-ever wearable watch and patch for non-invasive cuffless monitoring of blood pressure. Aug 27, 2019 244
Biobeat wins US FDA clearance for first-ever wearable watch and patch for non-invasive cuffless monitoring of blood pressure. Aug 27, 2019 240
Implantable Cardiac Monitor Market Size, Share, Trends and Future Growth Predictions and Forecast 20. Aug 27, 2019 772
Cardiac Holter Monitor Market Report, Global Industry Overview, Growth and Forecast 2019-2024. Report Aug 27, 2019 800
Implantable Cardiac Monitor Market Size, Share, Trends and Future Growth Predictions and Forecast 20. Aug 26, 2019 785
Global Cardiac Holter Monitor Market Report 2019-2024. Report Aug 26, 2019 851
Global Blood Glucose Monitoring Market 2019 Trends, Share, Industry Size, Growth, Business Strategy, Sales Revenue, Opportunity Assessment and Future Scope. Aug 26, 2019 1169
Drawbridge Health wins FDA 510(k) clearance for OneDraw A1C Test System for monitoring glucose control. Aug 23, 2019 259
Wearable Heart Monitoring Devices Market - 2019 Trends, Growth Insight, Size, Share, Competitive Analysis, Technology Advancement, Regional Statistics, And Global Forecast To 2023. Aug 23, 2019 1118
Drawbridge Health wins FDA 510(k) clearance for OneDraw A1C Test System for monitoring glucose control. Aug 23, 2019 255
Remote Patient Monitoring Systems Market Value Share, Analysis 2018 to 2028. Aug 22, 2019 1057
Wearable Cardiac Monitors Market 2019-2029 Shares, Trend and Growth Report. Aug 21, 2019 1072
Medical Radiation Detection, Monitoring & Safety Market Strategies, Technologies Behavior Analysis By Segmentation Trends, Growth and Demand Overview 2019 - 2023. Aug 20, 2019 904
Band-Aid-Like Device Monitors Heart Rate, Breathing And Movement. Aug 20, 2019 397
Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor Supports Medical Students Protests. Aug 20, 2019 444
Global Depth of Anesthesia Monitoring Market Growth Opportunities 2019-2025, Business Strategies, Top Companies & more. Aug 19, 2019 427
Patient Monitoring Devices Market size, share,Growth, Trend Technology Innovation Shows A Rapid Growth By New Opportunities, Price And Regional Outlook To 2027. Aug 19, 2019 824
Pulse Oximeter Market SWOT Analysis by Key Factors from 2018-2026. Aug 19, 2019 892
BP Outside of Clinic May Better Predict Outcomes in Black Patients; Higher systolic blood pressure measured with ambulatory monitoring tied to cardiovascular events, mortality. Aug 19, 2019 365
Heart Rate Monitor Market Size Is Anticipated To Register a CAGR of 13.5% Till 2023 / Leading Companies, Market Share, Future Trends and Business Opportunities. Aug 16, 2019 821
Reach IPS Partners with CareHalo Corp to Deliver Outstanding Live Clinical Care Partnering with Remote Patient Monitoring. Aug 15, 2019 739

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