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Pathlight Technology Introduces Next Generation End-to-End Solution for Managing SAN Environments.

ITHACA, NY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 16, 1999--

SAN Director(TM) from Pathlight Provides OEMs with Comprehensive

Solution to Maintain, Monitor and Configure the Entire SAN

Pathlight Technology today announced Version 2 of SAN Director, providing OEMs and Enterprise Developers with an immediately available end-to-end solution for managing SAN environments. SAN Director(TM) is a comprehensive, JAVA(TM)-based management solution that enables system administrators to remotely maintain, monitor and configure the entire SAN network. SAN Director can also integrate with major network management initiatives, applications and frameworks including the FibreAlliance MIB, the forthcoming JIRO, Tivoli and others.

Pathlight Senior Vice President Said Rahmani said, "Effective management is the critical component of any performance-oriented network, including SANs. Pathlight's SAN Director is an immediate and comprehensive response to this need that puts Pathlight's OEM partners at a distinct advantage in the rapidly growing SAN marketplace. By leveraging the unparalleled independence built into Pathlight's entire family of SAN products, SAN Director is able to control essentially any SAN component on the market even while many of those manufacturers are only beginning to develop specific solutions for their own products."

SAN Director consists of three elements. The first is an "Agent" component residing on each installed Pathlight SAN Gateway or SAN Router. The second element is a server component -- a Java application that runs on any Windows 9x or NT, Solaris, AIX (or HP-UX) workstation and communicates with all the managed SAN Gateways, SAN Routers and connected clients. The third element is a client component, another Java application that provides the user interface and allows users to view and manipulate all SAN Gateways, SAN Routers and attached devices. With this application, any in-house or remote client can view and manage any or all installed SAN Gateways and SAN Routers, as well as any other connected device including storage elements, I/O interfaces, host adapters, etc. The client component runs on any Windows 9x or NT, Solaris or AIX (or HP-UX) workstation.

End-to-End View of SAN Topology

SAN Director works in conjunction with Pathlight's exclusive Virtual Private SAN(TM) technology to provide an end-to-end view and control of the SAN. Critical information including the World Wide Name and manufacturer of each host bus adapter, names of the host systems in which the HBAs are installed, and the details of the operating systems in use are all displayed by SAN Director. Version 2 of SAN Director delivers important benefits including remote visibility of the entire network from the connected HBAs through the disk and tape subsystems.

End-to-End SAN Configuration

SAN Director enables administrators to set up SAN configurations, interconnecting loop and point-to-point elements in private or public combinations and configuring target and initiator modes to create the most sophisticated SAN solutions available.

Remote Management of Entire SAN

SAN Director's support for remote management and event notification is an integral part of the complete serviceability strategy designed into SAN Gateway and SAN Router. Pathlight's products feature internal event logging and analysis and run periodic, automatic health checks for predictive failure analysis. These intelligent products also perform these health checks on other devices connected in the SAN.

All key SAN activities and events relating to SAN Gateway, SAN Router, interfaces and connected devices are identified by a unique event code and are logged in non-volatile memory. A real-time software component of SAN Director automatically monitors the occurrence of these unique events. If the threshold for an event is reached it automatically sends notification to the SAN Director server component. Messages are then sent on to each client that is registered to receive the data, either locally or remotely.

Security features including access permission classifications for users and administrators are built into SAN Director.

Management, configuration and remote notification capabilities are also accessible using industry-standard SNMP products and can easily be integrated into major management applications.

Pathlight SAN Director is available to OEMs immediately and can be customized to meet specific product requirements.

About Pathlight Technology

Pathlight Technology, Inc. has been pioneering the technologies that enable the sharing of critical storage resources since 1994. Today Pathlight is the leading provider of complete Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions to OEMs and systems integrators for use in storage enterprises of all sizes. Market leaders rely on Pathlight SAN products to deliver broad-based fundamental SAN functionality to their customers. Pathlight's flagship SAN Gateway(TM) is a high-performance device specifically designed to enable the sharing and management of heterogeneous functional and operational resources between all assets in a storage network. Pathlight's SAN Router(TM) puts the power of SAN resource sharing and storage options into an affordable package that meets the demand for entry-level SAN solutions while extending the options available to mid-range and high-end enterprises. For more information about Pathlight call 607-266-4000 or visit the Pathlight web site at
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