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Path through barn leads to council row; Councillor takes a stand by voting against diversion on farm.

Byline: Report by Elgan Hearn Local Democracy Reporter

A LONE councillor voted against an application to move a path that goes through a partially built barn at a council estate farm.

Councillor Roger Williams, Liberal Democrat for Felinfach, voted against the diversion, near Forden, on principle.

He said this was because one of his constituents has been waiting years for a similar diversion.

Diversions that need to accommodate a development are given priority by Powys County Council (PCC).

In April an application to build a barn at Severnside Farm, part of PCC's farm estate, was approved. The barn would help the tenant increase milk production.

Footpath 29 goes right through the barn, and a diversion of nearly a kilometre was needed.

Councillor Williams said: "I guess this application was made some time after April 19 when the planning permission was issued.

"So in a matter of four months we are able to receive an application for a diversion of the footpath and go through all the necessary procedures. Now the officers can make a recommendation. I really do object to the process we have now."

Councillor Williams said he felt it totally wrong to give priority to path diversions that affect planning applications or permission over people who have been waiting on a list for years.

He continued: "I'm sure you all probably know the name of Llywelyn Vaughan of Llandefalle.

"He has a diversion application that's been in for many years. It's an application to take the footpath out of the farmyard.

"This (Footpath 29) has been given precedence over it which comes from the council. "So in a way we are favouring the authority. I'm going to vote against this on principle."

Councillor Williams said that he would be advising Mr Vaughan to put in an application for a rabbit hutch and then he would have the diversion dealt with.

The diversion was voted through by all councillors except Councillor Williams.

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Publication:Shropshire Star (Shropshire, England)
Date:Aug 26, 2019
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