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Path integrals in quantum mechanics.



Path integrals in quantum mechanics.

Zinn-Justin, Jean.

Oxford U. Press, [c]

318 p.


Zinn-Justin (Dapnia, CEA/Saclay and mathematics, U. of Paris VII) describes this alternate point of view that has proven very useful in quantum field theory and its applications from particle physics to phase transitions or properties of quantum gases. He begins by introducing, in the case of ordinary integrals, concepts and methods that can be generalized to path integrals, including offering a section on gaussian integrals and complex matrices. He then describes path integrals within quantum mechanics, and follows with chapters on partition function and spectrum, classical and quantum statistical physics, path integrals and quantization, path integrals and holomorphic formalism, path integrals and formions, semi-classical approximation of barrier penetration, quantum evolution and scattering matrix, and path integrals in phase space. In an appendix he provides basic information on quantum mechanics, including Hilbert space and operators, quantum evolution, symmetries and the density matrix, and Schrodinger equations.
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Date:Jun 1, 2005
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