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Sabinsa Corporation, East Windsor, NJ, has announced that its Saberry+Cococin synergistic formulation has been granted U.S. patent #8247003. The newly patented Saberry+Cococin synergistic formulation protects dermal papilla cells from stress signals. Dermal papilla cell clusters are mesenchyme cells, which perform several important functions that include being reservoirs of multipotent stem dens, which are critical assets in the area of regenerative medicine; having the physical inductive influence on the cells of undifferentiated epidermis to push into the dermis as part of processes involved in skin appendage formation; acting as body's antidote mechanisms for preventing unwarranted inflammatory reactions; and producing useful antimicrobial proteins.

The Japanese Patent Office has issued Nutraceutix, Redmond, WA, patent number 5041651 for its BIO-tract delivery technology. The Canadian Patent Office has also allowed the company patent application number 2461708, which it expects to formally issue in the coming days. These are the fifth and sixth international patents that the delivery technology has been awarded.

PureCircle, Chicago, IL, producer and marketer of high purity stevia products has announced it has received a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a patent application pertaining to its line of natural flavors. The Notice of Allowance is a milestone in the global protection of PureCircle's intellectual property, covering the information and skills achieved in PureCircle's proprietary natural flavor manufacturing. In line with PureCircle's global business strategy, the company has further sought international protection of its intellectual property.

Aker BioMarine, Oslo, Norway, has announced that during re-examination proceedings requested by Neptune Technologies & Bioressources, Inc. Quebec, Canada, IP Australia has confirmed the novelty and inventiveness of the broad krill oil composition claims in its Australian patent #2008231570. In a request for re-examination dated May 22, 2012, Neptune had alleged that all the claims of the patent lacked novelty and inventiveness and therefore should be revoked. However, in a recent decision IP Australia upheld claims 1 to 31 and 44 stating that the krill oil composition invention covered by these claims "is novel and involves an inventive step in light of any of the documents" upon which Neptune had based its re-examination request.
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Date:Oct 1, 2012
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