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Patents no longer pending. (Digest).

Recon/Optical (ROI) was granted two European patents for its digital imaging technology inventions; the first titled " Electro Optical Step Frame Camera System with Image Motion Compensation", is a foreign counterpart to ROI's US patent describing the same technology. Step framing captures large area, photographic quality digital images while enhancing the survivability of the tactical reconnaissance platform--already in service by US Navy in the CA-261 cameras deployed to the Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance Pods/Completely Digital squadrons. The second patent, "Electro Optical Imaging Detector Array with Two Axis Image Motion Compensation", describes a method for achieving bi-directional, on-chip compensation- an on-chip, electronic, graded image motion compensation technology that eliminates the image blur caused by airborne platform motion in all three axes: roll, pitch and yaw.
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Publication:Armada International
Date:Dec 1, 2002
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