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Patented repair method restores/protects corroded steel/concrete. (Offshore Review).

MADCON Corporation, Slidell LA recently received a patent for its Structural Composite Retrofit System. Utilizing advanced composite materials, the system provides full structural restoration of damaged or corroded tubular members such as drive pipe, casing, conductors, jacket legs and bracing, concrete or steel piling, and risers/pipelines.

According to company officials, the system can restore and protect a severely corroded member without costly shut-ins due to hot work. MADCON employs specialized personnel, including divers, so the system can be installed both above and below water.

Several major offshore owner/operators recently installed the Structural Composite Retrofit System from the -15 to +60 elevations in order to rebuild extremely corroded drive pipe casing.

MADCON also has a patent pending on its method to repair damaged or collapsed casing in gas and oil wells.

This repair method sets a new precedent in cost reduction by providing a way to restore structural integrity to conductor and surface casing without using a drilling rig. The traditional repair approach has mandated mobilizing an expensive drilling rig to location to replace failed casing.

MADCON has found that most well casing perforations and failures occur within 10 feet of the wellhead and are due to the high oxygen content of water trapped on top of, or even within, poor cement grout. Experience with halting this destructive corrosion process led to the development of its casing repair method.

The method has been used to repair over a dozen offshore wells for two major production companies at a cost of $40-$100 million per well. This compares to $1.5 million per well if a drilling rig is used.

MADCON officials say its casing repair method provided considerable savings for these companies and returned the wells to service much faster.
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Comment:Patented repair method restores/protects corroded steel/concrete. (Offshore Review).
Author:Tubb, Rita
Publication:Pipeline & Gas Journal
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Date:May 1, 2003
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