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Patent attorneys in Arkansas find research is key.

ARKANSAS MAY NOT BE SILIcon Valley, but there is enough research and invention coming out of the Natural State to keep a small cadre of patent attorneys busy.

"There are a number of patent lawyers here that I think are very capable, and whenever we have a conflict of interest in a case, we have no problem whatsoever sending them to another local patent firm," said Gary Speed, founder of Speed Law Firm of Little Rock, which practices patent, copyright and trademark law.

The website for the U.S. Patent & Trademark office lists 38 active patent lawyers in the state. By contrast, the Arkansas Judiciary website lists more than 3,100 attorneys just in Little Rock and North Little Rock.

In addition to passing the state bar examination, patent attorneys must pass the federal patent bar exam, which proves that they have the background necessary to draft patents.

Much of the patent work in Arkansas is related to the research being done within the University of Arkansas system, including the Fayetteville and Little Rock campuses, as well as the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, said Charles Dougherty, partner with Wright Lindsey & Jennings LLP of Little Rock. That work is reflected in 22 patents awarded so far in 2010 and assigned to UA, UAMS and Arkansas State University.(See list, Page 21.)

Several Arkansas patent attorneys told Arkansas Business that their caseloads were made up largely of work for campus research and businesses, as opposed to the shade-tree Edison who builds a better mousetrap and earns an early retirement from it. Several said they couldn't get specific about the patents they were currently working on because of confidentiality agreements.

"Generally, technology is more and more becoming the core of small businesses, and the people who really make money off a patent are building a business around it," Speed said. "A lot of times it deals with industrial processes or things that aren't too sexy to talk about or to look at, but it's the way people make their money in running their business."

As far as recent patent trends, nanotechnology is one of the major emerging fields, both in Arkansas and around the world, said David Pieper, principal of Keisling & Pieper PLC, a Fayetteville firm.

Both Keisling & Pieper and Wright Lindsey & Jennings have represented the UA system, which has a nanotechnology center in Little Rock. Speed, who specializes in patent, trademark and copyright litigation, represents another side to the practice and has litigated against the UA--and other large organizations--often on behalf of individual inventors. However, his partner in the firm, Kyla Aycock, does handle patent applications.

New Solutions

Because hunting and fishing are such big draws in the state, a number of the patented products originating from Arkansas have to do with those outdoors activities, said Blake Glasgow, a patent attorney with the Wright firm. Many of these patent holders aren't full-time inventors; they're just people who found a better way to do something.

They "experience some type of frustration with the way something works, and they say, It would be a lot easier if ...' and what comes after the 'if is the invention," Glasgow said.

Of course, not everyone who comes up with a unique process or solution to a problem seeks a patent for it, Pieper said.

"When a farmer does something and figures out how to fix something, he doesn't usually start a business to go and try to profit from it. He usually moves on to the project that he's working on," Pieper said.

But some do, and several have come to Pieper's firm for guidance.

"We've got patents on everything from rock cutters to methods for reworking hay bales from round bales into square bales," he said.

Keisling & Pieper has also secured patents for such dissimilar items as candles, automotive parts, product display methods and stilts. One of the firm's clients is Marshalltown Co., an Iowa construction supply company that also has a facility in Fayetteville, and makes, among other products, drywall stilts, Pieper said.

As for Wright Lindsey & Jennings, "the tinkerer in the garage is a small part of what we do," Dougherty said. "Most of our clients are businesses or universities. But within that realm, though, we represent a pretty diverse group, everything from the startup company that's out there looking for their first hit of angel funding all the way to Fortune 500 companies."

Most of Speed's clients are businesses too.

"As far as the small inventor clients that have the latest and greatest duck call or toilet seat or whatever, those clients generally aren't our long-term clients," Speed said.

Patent Process

So what does a patent attorney do?

"Basically we prepare, file and prosecute applications with the United States Patent & Trademark Office," Pieper said.

But that isn't necessarily as simple as it might sound.

"A patent application is a complex document to draft," Dougherty said. "It's not a form. My practice includes trademark and copyright prosecution as well, and those are pretty easy. Those are sort of fill-in-the-blank things. But with patents, you start with a blank sheet of paper."

It helps to think about the patent process as a deal with the government, Dougherty said.

"They give you a monopoly, effectively: exclusive right for a certain period of time," he said. "But your part of that bargain is you've got to fully disclose the invention so that it's out there for everyone to use and to read and to improve upon. And you do that through the form of the patent application, so that document's got to be complete or you end up with a patent that's not going to be enforceable."

But before any of that gets under way, a good deal of research must take place.

"We have to figure out, first of all, what are you entitled to claim, based on what we know that's already out there--what patent attorneys call the prior art," Dougherty said.

"Then we have to try to draft the best claim we can to claim as much of that ground as possible within the limitations defined by the prior art. You don't want to go too far because then your claims won't be valid, but you want to get as far as you can in order to get the broadest possible patent. That's a lot of the art of what we do is dealing with how we draft claims and amend claims during the process."

Because they need a deep understanding of the process involved in a patented product, patent attorneys must sit for the patent bar exam, which is administered by the patent office at locations around the country, in addition to the state bar exam, to prove their technical mettle and be allowed to practice before the Patent & Trademark Office, Glasgow said.

Usually this calls for an undergraduate degree in one of the hard sciences. Glasgow, for instance, has an undergraduate degree in biology and a master's degree in physiology and biophysics. His specialty is biological, chemical and pharmaceutical patents.

However, a degree isn't always necessary. An attorney can still qualify to take the patent bar exam if he or she has enough science-related credit hours earned at an accredited college.

Attorneys whose undergraduate degrees are not in one of the sciences but who have practical experience in engineering or physics can qualify to take the patent bar exam by passing the Fundamentals of Engineering test, which is administered by the State Board of Engineering Examiners in each state.

Enforceable Patent

Besides litigating infringement cases and drafting and submitting applications, patent attorneys also give their clients good, old-fashioned counsel, which occasionally involves a letdown.

Sometimes, would-be inventors come up with a product idea that isn't patentable or one that doesn't require a patent, Speed said.

"A lot of times, people will call and say they need a patent and what they really need is a trademark or copyright," he said. "Everyone has their big idea that they think will enable them to retire and to be wealthy. Part of our process in dealing with clients is basically to educate them about what the copyright, patent and trademark laws protect and how to best pursue their dream."

What Pieper's firm generally advises most potential patent applicants "is to take a look at what is the market for the device and what's the advantage that you hope to gain by getting a patent in terms of the breadth of the monopoly," he said.

Sometimes an idea might be patentable, but obtaining the patent might be more trouble than it's worth, Glasgow said.

"Is this going to be obsolete? Is this something you would be better off making and producing yourself without patent protection and making your money while you can?" he said. "That also comes up with individual inventors that may not have the resources to get in there and fight and be able make their product at as low a cost as a bigger manufacturer."

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ONE ISSUE FACING ANYONE SEEKING A patent in the United States is the backlog at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, said David Pieper, patent attorney and principal of Keisling & Pieper PLC.

Depending on the type of patent one is seeking, the wait can be anywhere from two and a half years to five years, he said.

"Your patent rights begin when your patent gets issued, and then your rights continue until 20 years from the date it was filed. So if there's a big delay from the time it's filed until it issues, that cuts into the length of the monopoly that's granted," he said.

The cost of obtaining a patent "can really vary a lot," said Charles Dougherty, a patent attorney and partner with Wright Lindsey & Jennings LLP. "For a simple invention, start to finish, getting it filed, you may easily be able to do it for $5,000, or even less. But for something more complex--especially when you're talking biotechnology or some of the more complex software-related inventions--it's going to be much higher than that. It's just a matter of the time involved in it."

Though there is a good deal of effort being made in the patent office right now to shorten the timeline, the wait is still long "and it's going to take a lot of work to get it down," Dougherty said.

The patent office backlog "does have a dramatic impact on folks," he said, "because having that patent in hand is something that is very important to inventors, especially when your client is a startup business, and they're trying to raise capital and they really need that process to move as quickly as it possibly can.

"It does a disservice to them, and it's incredibly frustrating, the time--that long wait that you go through," he said. "Of course, they can say 'patent pending' during all that time, but they don't have enforceable right."

--Robert Bell
Arkansas Patents

Patents issued to Arkansas inventors since Jan. 1, 2010

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Scroll compressor with Gregory Hahn, Scroll
back pressure cavity for Arkadelphia Technologies,
assisting in start up Arkadelphia

Molecular determinants of John D. Shaughnessy
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uses thereof

Rice cultivar Karen Moldenhaur, University of
 Stuttgart Arkansas Board
 of Trustees,
 Little Rock

Continuous folded sheet Travis Brooks,
with diamond and boxwear Fayetteville

Arcuate display stand Andrew Bojie, Stribling
 Centerton Packaging Inc.,

Arcuate display stand Andrew Bojie, Stribling
 Centerton Packaging Inc.,

Arcuate tiered display Andrew Bojie, Stribling
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Arcuate display stand Andrew Bojie, Stribling
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Touchpad Kelvin Kleman, Fort Rheem
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Method and apparatus for William Cullun, Snap-On
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Spreader apparatus for use Raymond Liberatore, Mack-Ray Inc.,
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Orthosis and footwear Dale Hatton, Mount
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Method and apparatus for Robert Friedman, Virlite
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Non-compressed coaxial Glen David Shaw, DS Engineering
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tactile surfaces Little Rock

Compressed coaxial cable Glen David Shaw, DS Engineering
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surfaces Little Rock

Ringed compressed coaxial Glen David Shaw, DS Engineering
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 Little Rock

Ringed compressed coaxial Glen David Shaw, DS Engineering
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Ringed non-compressed Glen David Shaw, DS Engineering
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with tactile surfaces Little Rock

Method and manufacture, Joel Donnenwirth, Garlock Rubber
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Weight free tire balancing Perry Cude,
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Ringed, non-compressed Glen David Shaw, DS Engineering
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Lock system for Richard Godin,
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Gene expression profiling Alessandro Santin, University of
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Tennis ball recharging William Dirst,
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Soybean variety Michael Uphoff, Monsanto
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Arm chair Gregory Martin, Innovative
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 Mountain Home Home

Concealment mantle clock Billy Pennington,
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Grape plant named John Reuben Clark, University of
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System and method for John Robbins Sr., Datapath Inc.,
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Small love seat Gregory Martin, Innovative
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 Mountain Home Home

Decorative chair Gregory Martin, Innovative
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 Mountain Home Home

Basketball hoop Clinton Likins, Hot

Multi-directional RFID Richard Ulrich, Wal-Mart Stores
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Diagnosis and John D. Shaughnessy University of
classification of multiple Jr., Little Rock Arkansas Board
myeloma Bart Barlogie Little of Trustees,
 Rock Little Rock
 Fenghuang Zhan,
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Pair of anti-wedging Clinton Likins, Hot
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basketball hoop

Trigger point massage Joyce Forte, Pine
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Methods for assaying Alan Tackett, Little
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System and methods for Harold Landorff Wal-Mort Stores
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Short toothbrush Kerry Evans, Hardy

Stun gun Billy Pennington,
 Little Rock

Stun gun Billy Pennington,
 Little Rock

Stun gun Billy Pennington,
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Domed food container Tim Cimmerer, Anchor Packaging
 Paragould Inc., St. Louis
 Satya Grag, St. Louis
 Dieter Oelschlaeger,
 Kevin Krueger Fenton,
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Mandoline Richard Smith, Hot Smith Abrasives
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Solar heating system and James Patrick Wal-Mart Stores
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Die casting process Arnie Fulton, Pace Industries
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 Michael Bomar, Ozark

Composition and process Harvey Cobb, North Coriba
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Method for making Robbie Thompson, Centria, Moon
segmented composite panel Bauxite Township
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 Charles Edwards
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Device for focusing a Stanley Sisemore,
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Method of making ignition Bradley Hopper, Federal-Mogul
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Steering wheel level Carl Pruitt, Conway Snap-On Inc.,
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Fault tolerant wheel Steven Rogers, Snap-On Inc.,
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 Adam Brown, Maumelle
 Eric Bryan, Conway

Ball mount Doyle Blankenship,

Paintball marker sight Terry Neumaster, JT Sports LLC,
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Acoustic horn having Rogelio Delgado, Klipsch LLC,
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Scroll compressor with John Vondenstein, Hot Scroll
device to limit orbit Springs Technologies,
radius Edward Tomayko, Arkadelphia

Fabrication of a large Min Zou, University of
grain polycrystalline Fayetteville Arkansas Board
silicon film by nano Li Cai, Fayetteville of Trustees,
aluminum-induced William David Brown, Little Rock
crystallization of Fayetteville
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Bathtub Jeffrey Cunningham, Jason
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 Remo Jacuzzi, Little Inc., North
 Rock Little Rock

Leveling device Cathy Fetzek, Little

Blackberry plant named John Reuben Clark, University of
'Natchez' Fayetteville Arkansas Board
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Hydraulic riding trowel Dewayne Allen, Allen
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Method and apparatus for Andrew Polnicki, ARS USA LLC,
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 Auerbach, Germany

Method for manufacturing a Edward Malle, Little Vec Industries
glass fiber reinforced Rock LLC,
article, and a glass fiber Jay Hood, Commerce, Minneapolis
reinforced article OK

Composition and process Harvey Cobb, North Coriba
for enhanced oil recovery Little Rock Technologies
 LLC, North
 Little Rock

Soybean cultivator Glenn Bowers, Syngenta
S07-02KG242708 Jonesboro Participations
 Karen Gallo, AG, Basel,
 Jonesboro Switzerland

Curve dip with aligned Andrew Rieder, Van
side arms and opposing Buren Rhonda Rieder
center arms

Method and apparatus of Stephen Smith, Little
preventing sunburn Rock

Method and apparatus for Andrew Polnicki, ARS USA LLC,
decontamination of fluid Maumelle Placitas, NM
 Gerald Grafe,
 Corrales, NM
 Frank Huang, Socorro,

Modulation of the activity John D. Shaughnessy University of
of an interleukin 17 Jr., Little Rock Arkansas Board
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EV127, and uses thereof Little Rock

Electronic enterprise Judd Hollas, Beta-Rubicon
capital marketplace and Fayetteville Technologies,
monitoring apparatus and Ronald Goforth, Fayetteville
method Fayetteville

Flexible denture and Bryan Childress,
method to make same Springdale

Separation system and Yanbin Li, University of
efficient capture of Fayetteville Arkansas Board
contaminants using Madhukar Varshney, of Trustees,
magnetic nanoparticles Fayetteville Little Rock
 Zunzhang Ye,

Remote controlled Mike McClurkan,
extension cord with Jonesboro
embedded housing for a
remote control

Cryogenic pumping systems, Michael Bailey, Mena Emerson Electric
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Vehicle wheel alignment Steven Rogers, Snap-On Inc.,
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Automatic subterranean Milton Watson,
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Method of applying silane Charles Smith, University of
coating to metal Conway Cincinnati,
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 Lake City, UT
 William Van Ooij,
 Fairfield, OH
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Pizza slicing device Christopher Grace. Grace
 Russellville Manufacturing,
 Carter McGuyer, Russellville
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Independent four wheel Robert Foster, Bad Boy Inc.,
vibration damping system Batesville Batesville
for riding mowers

Systems, devices and Richard McCarthy, Warsaw
methods for stabilization Little Rock Orthopedic Inc.,
of the spinal column Chris Johnson, Warsaw, IN
 Germantown, TN
 Rex Armstrong,
 Cordova, TN

Treatment of cancer with Suzanne Klimberg, Eisai Inc.,
glutamine Little Rock Ridgefield Park,
 Robert Petit II, NJ
 Langhorne, PA
 Edward Shinal,
 Pennington, NJ

Fishing lure having a Joseph Jarboe, Fort Ebsco
composite weight Smith Industries,
 Birmingham, AL

Adjustable resilient William Bell,
bicycle training wheel Romance

High pressure tide Albert Davis, Little
activated fluid pump Rock

Extended release Cherng-ju Kim, Little University of
perforated tablet Rock Arkansas Board
 of Trustees,
 Little Rock

Apparatus for enabling a Laura Wilson, Mena
trained dog to open a

Field easel with Susan Edgmon,
integrated paint with Gravette
sketch box Billy Joe Edgmon,

Masonry line block Cloyd Arnold,

Fuel dispensing system Timothy Perrien,

Adaptable dual Lee Pendleton Morgan, Camfil Farr
directional, differential Jonesboro Inc., Jonesboro
pressure assembly Jan Larsen, Trosa,

Prevention and treatment Sudhir Shah, Little University of
of atherosclerosis by Rock Arkansas Board
reducing carbamylation of Alexei Basnakian, of Trustees.
LDL or the effects of Little Rock Little Rock
carbamylated LDL Yousri Barri, Department of
 Richardson, TX Veterans
 Washington, DC

Pharmaceutical John D. Shaughnessy University of
compositions comprising an Jr., Little Rock Arkansas Board
anti-teratogenic compound Uli Ruther, of Trustees,
and application of the Dusseldorf, Germany Little Rock
same Jurgen Knobloch,
 Cologne, Germany

Method and system for James Maddox, Little Alltell
indicating reception of an Rock Communications,
incoming call by a Wilmington, DE
wireless device

Accupressure device Charles Boyer,

Soybean cultivar Glenn Bowers, Syngenta
S07-03K6212421 Jonesboro Participations
 Karen Gallo, AG, Basel,
 Jonesboro Switzerland

Wireless vehicle service James Mashburn, Snap-On Inc.,
systems using addressable Conway Pleasant
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Arcuate display stand Andrew Bojie. Stribling
 Centerton Packaging Inc.,

Soybean variety D5362795 Michael Uphoff, Monsanto
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 St. Louis

Method and apparatus for Charles Hunt, Keiser United States
evaluating software Harry Jamieson, Postal Service,
 Memphis, TN Washington, DC

Extracellular serine Timothy J. O'Brien University of
protease Little Rock Arkansas Board
 John Beard, Little of Trustees,
 Rock Little Rock
 Kazushi Shigemasa,
 Hiroshima, Japan

Stun baton Billy Pennington,
 Little Rock

Pedicure callus wand Marsha Martin, Little Onyx Corp.,
 Rock North Little

Gun safe Charles Taylor, Mena Gun B Safe LLC,
 Leonard Lujan, Carthage, MO
 Carthage, MO

Simulated brick building Clint Everhart,
panel Bryant
 Chuck Cole, Beebe

Latch for suppressor Douglas Olson, Wilson's Gun
 Huntsville Shop Inc.,

System for controlled Harvey Songer, Beech
aerial distribution of Grove
substance Casey Couch, Beech

Low profile latching Bruce Reed, Maumelle Molex Inc.,
connector Jay Neer, Boca Raton, Lisle, IL
 Cleaver Binkerhoff
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Use of gene expression John D. Shaughnessy University of
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survival in cancer Bart Barlogie, Little of Trustees,
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Plate dispenser Kevin Stephens,

Roof exhaust vent Robert Stone, Lomanco Inc.,
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Steerable carriage Eric Bailey,
apparatus Gravette
 Edward Grimberg Jr.,
 Golden, CO
 Matthew Emenheiser,
 Golden, CO
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 Boulder, CO

Adaptable tile-cutter Andrew Harding, Marshallton Co.,
apparatus for receiving Springdale Marshalltown,
disparately sized tiles Troy Thurber, IA

Extracellular serine Lowell Underwood, University of
protease Little Rock Arkansas Board
 Timothy J. O'Brien, of Trustees,
 Little Rock Little Rock

Combination pliers and Brad Broadus, Calico
spudding tool Rock

Multiple service vending Clinton Sheppard, Fragmatics
machine with unitized Mountain Home Manufacturing
pricing and James Larry Ingram, Co., Pine Bluff
proportionalized analog Hot Springs
display Yefim Fundyler,
 Little Rock
 Tony Goodwin, White

Handle Billy Pennington,
 Little Rock

Plastic flying toy Gordon Bopp,

Phosphorescent wind Wayne Woolsey,
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Method of operating a die David Thomason, Pace Industries
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 David Bumpas. Fayetteville
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High rise evacuation Edward Horn, Hot
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System for blending Steven Conrad, Assembled
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Sealed compressor with Gene Fields, Scroll
structure on lower housing Arkadelphia Technologies,
shell to assist weld Vince Loy, Bismarck Arkadelphia
placement Paul Cambron. Hot
 Zili Sun,

Monodisperse core/shell Xiaogang Peng, University of
and other complex Fayetteville Arkansas Board
structured nanaocrystals Jianging Li, Los of Trustees,
and method of preparing Angeles, CA Little Rock
the same David Battaglia,
 Andrew Wang,
 Yunjun Wang,

Multi-color cavity Scott Reeves, Arkansas State
ringdown based detention Jonesboro University,
method and apparatus Susan Allen, Jonesboro

Minimally invasive Suzanne Klimberg, University of
diagnosis and treatment Little Rock Arkansas Board
for breast cancer Sohelia Korourian of Trustees,
 Little Rock Little Rock
 Steven E. Harms.
 Gal Shafirstein,
 Little Rock

Exercise device with Terry Reams, Pine
footboards having tubular Bluff

Bag Craig Alan Parsley,
 Christopher James
 Niklas, Naperville,
 Peter Grable,
 Glenview, IL

IV tube separator Tammy Downs,

System and method for C. Wayne Crolley, AT&T
providing advertisements Bryant Intellectual
to wi-fi devices Property I LP,
 Reno, NV

Pager and mobile Garrett Childers,
communications system and Conway
method Ashley Childers,
 Kevin Miller, Little
 Gary Childers,

Bag Craig Alan Parsley, Klein Tools
 Greenwood Inc.,
 Christopher James Lincolnshire,
 Niklas, Naperville, IL
 Peter Grable,
 Glenview, IL

Semi-automatic firing Timothy J. Polston, SA Ordnance LLC,
closed bolt-type carbine Jacksonville Tierra Verde,
anti-jamming cartridge FL
loading system

Method of molding a David L Pruitt Jr., Target Brands
shopping cart Brookland Inc.,
 Mark T.Ryan, Haskell, Minneapolis
 Charles E. Shell,
 Robert D. Peota,
 Minneapolis, MN
 Kenneth R. Crow,
 Northfield, UK
 Matthew E. Sawyer,
 Marlow, UK

Nanotube-porphyrin Jerry Darsey, Little University of
molecular structure and Rock Arkansas Board
applications of same Dan Alexander Buzatu, of Trustees,
 Little Rock Little Rock
 Freddy Nguyen,
 Urbana, IL

Electronic device with an Hiroki Gakumura,
anti-theft function and Forrest City
method for preventing Hideki Baba, Forrest
theft of electronic City
devices Akira Tsurusaki,
 Forrest City

Filtering and managing John D. Robinson,
electronic mail Little Rock Inc., Little

Insulated jug W. Geoffrey Daniel, The Coleman Co.
 Bentonville Inc., Wichita,
 Philip M. Holsinger, KS
 Arbor Vitae, WI

Methods for the early Timothy J. O'Brien, University of
diagnosis for ovarian Little Rock Arkansas Board
cancer Martin J. Cannon, of Trustees,
 Little Rock Little Rock
 Alessandro Santin,
 Little Rock
 John Beard, Little
 Kazushi Shigemasa,
 Hiroshima, Japan

Soil treatment device Billy D.Marshall,

Child restraint lower Mickey E. Glover International
anchorage for a motor Damascus Truck
vehicle seat Mike E. Woods, Intellectual
 Conway Property Co. LLC
 Robert L. Douglas, Warrenville, IL

Body limb movement Susan Davis Allen,
limiter Jonesboro

Composition and regimen Tom R. Lowder,
for the treatment of Elkins
herpes simplex virus,
herpes zoster and herpes
genitalia epidermal
herpetic lesions

Compositions and methods Robert Wolfe, Little HealthSpan
for increasing muscle Rock Solutions LLC,
mass, strength and John Troup, Plymouth, Little Rock
functional performance in MN
the elderly Nicolaas Emile "Mick"
 Paulus Deutz, Little

Dumbbell shrug bench Steven Lee Evans,
 Siloam Springs

Grip Matt Hoffman, Siloam

Acupressure device Charles Boyer,

Reserve sheet material John C. Udouj, Fort
roll with low supply Smith

Methods for the early Timothy J. O'Brien, University of
diagnosis of ovarian Little Rock Arkansas Board
cancer of Trustees,

Elastic fishing device Richard L. McKelvey,

Dual rubber cartridge Grant Pruitt, Fort Pruitt Group
 Smith Inc., Fort
 Cris Braun, Leander, Smith

Hat accessory Nathan J. Robb,

Poultry vaccination Jesse Jones, Emmet
apparatus and method Larry Cox, Ashdown
 Clovis Hicks, Hope

Thermally tolerant pectin Brett Savary, Secretary of
methylesterase Jonesboro Agriculture,
 Randall Cameron, Washington, DC
 Thonotosassa, FL
 Gary Luzio, Winter
 Haven, FL
 Thomas McCollum, Vero
 Beach, FL
 Prasanna Vasu,
 Alberto Nunez,
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Led cooler apparatus and Michael Raymond Intencity
method of use Brock, Morrilton Lighting Inc.,
 Patrick Stuart Dardanelle
 Miller, Russellville

Protective outerwear Mark A. Guthrie,
apparatus Gamaliel

Engine mount bearing Andrew R. Gratton, United
sleeve repair Fayetteville Technologies
 Corp., Hartford,

Molecular determinants of John D. Shaughnessy University of
myeloma bone disease and Jr., Little Rock Arkansas Board
use thereof of Trustees,
 Little Rock

Portable game lift David E. Missildine,

Fish retention structure David King,

System for distributing Daniel H. Pote, Secretary of
poultry litter below the Booneville Agriculture,
soil surface Stephen M. Haller, Washington, DC

Method for making Carl M. Faulkner, Acorn
semiconductor Little Rock Technologies,
insulated-gate Daniel J. Connelly, Santa Monica,
field-effect transistor San Francisco CA
having multi-layer Paul A. Clifton,
deposited metal source(s) Mountain View, CA
and/or drain(s) Daniel E. Grupp, Palo
 Alto, CA

Bag design with solid Craig Alan Parsley, Klein Tools
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 Christopher James Lincolnshire,
 Niklas, Naperville, IL
 Peter Grable,
 Glenview, IL

Method and system for Dan Vancil, Rogers
physically qualifying Gary Moffitt,
commercial overload truck Springdale
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Bag with solid color Craig Alan Parsley, Klein Tools
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 Christopher James Lincolnshire,
 Niklas, Naperville, IL
 Peter Grable,
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Canister filter Lee Pendleton Morgan, Camfil Farr
 Jonesboro Inc., Jonesboro

Description of Invention Patent Date
 Number Issued

Scroll compressor with 7641456 1/5/2010
back pressure cavity for
assisting in start up

Molecular determinants of 7642238 1/5/2010
myeloma bone disease and
uses thereof

Rice cultivar 7642434 1/5/2010

Continuous folded sheet D607214 1/5/2010
with diamond and boxwear

Arcuate display stand D607232 1/5/2010

Arcuate display stand D607233 1/5/2010

Arcuate tiered display D607236 1/5/2010

Arcuate display stand D607237 1/5/2010

Touchpad D607418 1/5/2010

Method and apparatus for 7644616 1/12/2010
tracking wheel balancer
corrective weight usage

Spreader apparatus for use 7645085 1/12/2010
with dispensers

Orthosis and footwear 7645251 1/12/2010
attachment mechanism for

Self-contained 7645615 1/12/2010
bioassay platforms and

System and method of 7646740 1/12/2010
providing advertisements
to vehicles

Method and apparatus for 7646834 1/12/2010
combining transponders on
multiple satellites into
virtual channels

Non-compressed coaxial D607826 1/12/2010
cable F-connector with
tactile surfaces

Compressed coaxial cable D607827 1/12/2010
F-connector with tactile

Ringed compressed coaxial D607828 1/12/2010
cable F-connector

Ringed compressed coaxial D607829 1/12/2010
cable F-connector with
tactile surfaces

Ringed non-compressed D607830 1/12/2010
coaxial cable F-connector
with tactile surfaces

Method and manufacture, 7648021 1/19/2010
refurbishment and repair
of non-moldable
conveyor belt covers and
related products

Weight free tire balancing 7648606 1/19/2010

Ringed, non-compressed D608294 1/19/2010
coaxial cable F-connector

Lock system for 7651304 1/26/2010
immobilizing transported

Gene expression profiling 76559062 2/9/2010
of uterineserous papillary
carcinomas and ovarian
serous papillary tumors

Tennis ball recharging 7658211 2/9/2010
apparatus method

Soybean variety D5882437 2/9/2010

Arm chair D609479 2/9/2010

Concealment mantle clock D609582 2/9/2010

Grape plant named PP20745 2/9/2010

System and method for 7661586 2/16/2010
providing a credit card
with back-end payment

Small love seat D609292 2/16/2010

Decorative chair D609928 2/16/2010

Basketball hoop D610214 2/16/2010

Multi-directional RFID 7667602 2/23/2010
reader for controlling
inventory and shelf stock

Diagnosis and 7668659 2/23/2010
classification of multiple

Pair of anti-wedging D610639 2/23/2010
attachments to a
basketball hoop

Trigger point massage D610695 2/23/2010

Methods for assaying 7670795 3/2/2010
acetyl transferase or
deacetyl activity

System and methods for 7672930 3/2/2010
facilitating a linear grid
database with data
organization by dimension

Short toothbrush D610810 3/2/2010

Stun gun D611114 3/2/2010

Stun gun D611115 3/2/2010

Stun gun D611116 3/2/2010

Domed food container D611303 3/9/2010

Mandoline D611311 3/9/2010

Solar heating system and 7677243 3/16/2010
architectural structure
with a solar heating

Die casting process 7677295 3/16/2010
incorporating computerized
pattern recognition

Composition and process 7678201 3/16/2010
for the removal and
recovery of hydrocarbons
from substrates

Method for making 7678219 3/16/2010
segmented composite panel
with false joints

Device for focusing a 7678270 3/16/2010
magnetic field to treat
fluids in conduits

Method of making ignition 7681305 3/23/2010
wire with grafted coating

Steering wheel level 7681322 3/23/2010
verification with
alignment sensors

Fault tolerant wheel 7684026 3/23/2010
alignment head and system

Ball mount D612305 3/23/2010

Paintball marker sight 7685760 3/30/2010

Acoustic horn having 7686129 3/30/2010
internally raised
geometric shapes

Scroll compressor with 7686599 3/30/2010
device to limit orbit

Fabrication of a large 7687334 3/30/2010
grain polycrystalline
silicon film by nano
crystallization of
amorphous silicon

Bathtub D612920 3/30/2010

Leveling device D613023 3/30/2010

Blackberry plant named PP20891 3/30/2010

Hydraulic riding trowel 7690864 4/6/2010
with automatic load
sensing system

Method and apparatus for 7691253 4/6/2010
decontamination of fluid

Method for manufacturing a 7691311 4/6/2010
glass fiber reinforced
article, and a glass fiber
reinforced article

Composition and process 7691790 4/6/2010
for enhanced oil recovery

Soybean cultivator 7692073 4/6/2010

Curve dip with aligned D613150 4/6/2010
side arms and opposing
center arms

Method and apparatus of 7694348 4/13/2010
preventing sunburn

Method and apparatus for 7695607 4/13/2010
decontamination of fluid

Modulation of the activity 7696150 4/13/2010
of an interleukin 17
receptor-related protein,
EV127, and uses thereof

Electronic enterprise 7698188 4/13/2010
capital marketplace and
monitoring apparatus and

Flexible denture and 7699610 4/20/2010
method to make same

Separation system and 7699979 4/20/2010
efficient capture of
contaminants using
magnetic nanoparticles

Remote controlled 7701086 4/20/2010
extension cord with
embedded housing for a
remote control

Cryogenic pumping systems, 7701105 4/20/2010
rotors and methods for
pumping cryogenic fluids

Vehicle wheel alignment 7703213 4/27/2010
system and methodology

Automatic subterranean 7703240 4/27/2010
watering device

Method of applying silane 7704563 4/27/2010
coating to metal

Pizza slicing device D614460 4/27/2010

Independent four wheel 7708292 5/4/2010
vibration damping system
for riding mowers

Systems, devices and 7708762 5/4/2010
methods for stabilization
of the spinal column

Treatment of cancer with 7709529 5/4/2010

Fishing lure having a 7712245 5/11/2010
composite weight

Adjustable resilient 7712759 5/11/2010
bicycle training wheel

High pressure tide 7713032 5/11/2010
activated fluid pump

Extended release 7713549 5/11/2010
perforated tablet

Apparatus for enabling a 7717068 5/18/2010
trained dog to open a

Field easel with 7717393 5/18/2010
integrated paint with
sketch box

Masonry line block D616112 5/18/2010

Fuel dispensing system 7721751 5/25/2010

Adaptable dual 7722699 5/25/2010
directional, differential
pressure assembly

Prevention and treatment 7722858 5/25/2010
of atherosclerosis by
reducing carbamylation of
LDL or the effects of
carbamylated LDL

Pharmaceutical 7723301 5/25/2010
compositions comprising an
anti-teratogenic compound
and application of the

Method and system for 7725100 5/25/2010
indicating reception of an
incoming call by a
wireless device

Accupressure device D616559 5/25/2010

Soybean cultivar 7728197 6/1/2010

Wireless vehicle service 7729880 6/1/2010
systems using addressable

Arcuate display stand D616673 6/1/2010

Soybean variety D5362795 7732674 6/8/2010

Method and apparatus for 7735064 6/8/2010
evaluating software

Extracellular serine 7735277 6/8/2010

Stun baton D617411 6/8/2010

Pedicure callus wand D617498 6/8/2010

Gun safe D617525 6/8/2010

Simulated brick building 7735277 6/15/2010

Latch for suppressor 7735406 6/15/2010

System for controlled 7735752 6/15/2010
aerial distribution of

Low profile latching 7736171 6/15/2010

Use of gene expression 7741035 6/22/2010
profiling to predict
survival in cancer

Plate dispenser D618073 6/22/2010

Roof exhaust vent D618331 6/22/2010

Steerable carriage 7744102 6/29/2010

Adaptable tile-cutter 7748372 7/6/2010
apparatus for receiving
disparately sized tiles

Extracellular serine 7759103 7/20/2010

Combination pliers and 7762163 7/27/2010
spudding tool

Multiple service vending 7765026 7/27/2010
machine with unitized
pricing and
proportionalized analog

Handle D620339 7/27/2010

Plastic flying toy D620537 7/27/2010

Phosphorescent wind 7765863 8/3/2010

Method of operating a die 7766070 8/3/2010
casting reciprocator

High rise evacuation 7766124 8/3/2010

System for blending 7766538 8/3/2010
liquids in selected

Sealed compressor with 7766628 8/3/2010
structure on lower housing
shell to assist weld

Monodisperse core/shell 7768647 8/3/2010
and other complex
structured nanaocrystals
and method of preparing
the same

Multi-color cavity 7768647 8/3/2010
ringdown based detention
method and apparatus

Minimally invasive 7769432 8/3/2010
diagnosis and treatment
for breast cancer

Exercise device with 7771327 8/10/2010
footboards having tubular

Bag D621153 8/10/2010

IV tube separator D621502 8/10/2010

System and method for 7778873 8/17/2010
providing advertisements
to wi-fi devices

Pager and mobile 7779594 8/17/2010
communications system and

Bag D621610 8/17/2010

Semi-automatic firing 7779741 8/24/2010
closed bolt-type carbine
anti-jamming cartridge
loading system

Method of molding a 7780902 8/24/2010
shopping cart

Nanotube-porphyrin 7781756 8/24/2010
molecular structure and
applications of same

Electronic device with an 7782205 8/24/2010
anti-theft function and
method for preventing
theft of electronic

Filtering and managing 7783706 8/24/2010
electronic mail

Insulated jug D622089 8/24/2010

Methods for the early 7785841 8/31/2010
diagnosis for ovarian

Soil treatment device 7789027 9/7/2010

Child restraint lower 7789462 9/7/2010
anchorage for a motor
vehicle seat

Body limb movement 7789844 9/7/2010

Composition and regimen 7790203 9/7/2010
for the treatment of
herpes simplex virus,
herpes zoster and herpes
genitalia epidermal
herpetic lesions

Compositions and methods 7790688 9/7/2010
for increasing muscle
mass, strength and
functional performance in
the elderly

Dumbbell shrug bench D623245 9/7/2010

Grip D623253 9/7/2010

Acupressure device D623306 9/7/2010

Reserve sheet material 7793608 9/14/2010
roll with low supply

Methods for the early 7795211 9/14/2010
diagnosis of ovarian

Elastic fishing device 7797876 9/21/2010

Dual rubber cartridge 7798210 9/21/2010

Hat accessory D623833 9/21/2010

Poultry vaccination 7802541 9/28/2010
apparatus and method

Thermally tolerant pectin 7803597 9/28/2010

Led cooler apparatus and 7806563 10/5/2010
method of use

Protective outerwear 7810170 10/12/2010

Engine mount bearing 7810239 10/12/2010
sleeve repair

Molecular determinants of 7811750 10/12/2010
myeloma bone disease and
use thereof

Portable game lift D625386 10/12/2010

Fish retention structure D625471 10/12/2010

System for distributing 7814848 10/19/2010
poultry litter below the
soil surface

Method for making 7816240 10/19/2010
field-effect transistor
having multi-layer
deposited metal source(s)
and/or drain(s)

Bag design with solid D625515 10/19/2010

Method and system for 7821408 10/26/2010
physically qualifying
commercial overload truck

Bag with solid color 00625915 10/26/2010

Canister filter D626204 10/26/2010

Source: U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. If no assignee is listed, the
patent holder has retained the rights.

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