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Pastor's night out.

Is there a pastor in your life who could use a break? Millennium Entertainment is offering free tickets for clergy to attend the movie Persecuted, to be released on July 18. From the plot descriptions, the religious thriller looks like The Fugitive meets The Apostle meets Ayn Rand: A televangelist named John Luther (yes, Luther) is framed in the murder of a teenage girl and is then hunted down by the always frightening "government goons." He will not stop until he exposes the "coming storm of persecution that will threaten the entire American Christian community."

Some people might see this as a publicity stunt to attract religious leaders to a film that might contain some controversy. But director Daniel Lusko--son of a preacher himself--says that this is about giving back to pastors. "Being a preacher or a priest is not about the glitz and glamour that you see on TV," he says.

Clergy who take Millennium Entertainment up on the offer can fill out a form at, earning them two tickets to a showtime of their choosing once Persecuted opens. No word on whether the persecuted preacher tale might cause even more job stress for the clergy.

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