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Past and present in perspective.

STEVE Walmsley's brilliant letter (Feedback, 13.05.15) seems to put the past and present into perspective.

Great men like Attlee only come round once in a while.

I believe Labour missed a trick. Nationalisation was a vote-winner.

We have seen how the poor, sick and disabled are treated.

Savings are made at the expense of those who can ill afford it.

The Tories are terrified of the Left, the friend of the impoverished and worker.

Steve is right, the electorate have chosen something different, which we must work with although we disagree.

Mayor Dave Budd will shortly, along with his executive, have to make a controversial decision whether to transfer many council services to a private company (Norse Ltd) based in Norfolk. Our council taxes could finish up in Norfolk.

Privatisation is against the ethos of the Labour Party. Dave Budd was their mayoral candidate.

DENNIS LANE, Coulby Newham STEVE Walmsley writes an interesting letter which shows his heart is in the right place, recalling a time very different from the position we are in now. Then we had emerged from a war and there was a spirit of social solidarity based on a better sense of community and fairness than exists today. We can't return to those days which were difficult because rationing continued. We have moved on, and though we have more material goods, we are not the same people. It was easier then to communicate the socialist message.

We have to talk to the present generations and recognise that it is more difficult get others on side. I retain a burning conviction nourished at that time and wish it would return, but it won't, and I have to settle for present reality. The Labour Party is far from perfect and they must have been unhappy about what I have written since I left, but I have been generously welcomed back.

It will be an upward journey but we have to always remember why we came to be a party and address the problems of our country imaginatively and concentrate on winning over hearts and minds for our basic values of social justice and fairness.

The going might be tough, but it is always important to do what we think is the right thing.

GEOFF BULMER, Billingham

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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:May 16, 2015
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