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Past President's Message.

I first would like to encourage all VAHPERD members to let's join together for our 77th VAHPERD Convention at the Founder's Inn and Spa in Virginia Beach, VA from November 6-9, 2014. As always we have a great lineup of educational presentations, and some wonderful keynote speakers that will be addressing us. I also challenge you to not just come to VAHPERD, but bring another faculty member, colleague, students, and family.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to serve as the VAHPERD President. I will be rotating off of the board after this convention, and I just wanted to use this moment to say thank you. We accomplished just about everything we set out to do three years ago. As we head into this convention, we will have Ms. Kimberly Rhodes leading us in our bookkeeping. We worked hard as a board to get a Treasurer for the organization. We also had a vision of having the members choose the President-elect and the VP-elects, and I thank Mr. Fred Milbert who during my tenure as President led the ad hoc committee for this and had the board to pass this motion. We also wanted some influence in government, and I thank Ms. Vanessa Wigand for encouraging us to have a Lobbyist for VAHPERD. The board approved this last November, and we now have an active role in the decision making of the bills that affect our teachers and students in Health and physical education. During my tenure we were able to improve our communication with the American Heart Association, which has helped increase revenue in Jump Rope for Heart. I had suggested that not only the Executive Director sit in on meetings and conference call, but it should include the entire executive committee.

We have achieved a lot in the last 2-3 years, but there is more work to be done. We need fresh ideas and young professionals to pick up the leadership torch, and start serving in VAHPERD. We need to continue to listen to the pulse of our teachers and students, and make sure we are meeting their professional development needs. The one big thing that I learned from my experience as VAHPERD President is Humility. I also learned that you continue to push forward your ideas, especially when you know that they are right in your heart. As I leave I give special thanks to Dr. Kerry Redican and Dr. Richard Stratton for preparing me way back at Virginia Tech for this time. I thank Dr. Delano Tucker who introduced me to VAHPERD, and encouraged me to make my first presentation. I thank Ms. Vanessa Wigand for her mentoring during my tenure as President, and I thank Dr. Liz Payne for serving as my Parliamentarian. I thank Mr. Henry Castelvecchi, Mr. Chad Triolet, Ms. Sheila Jones, Ms. Regina Kirk, and Mr. Fred Milbert for their support and leadership as well. I thank all the board members that allowed me to serve with them, and we accomplished a lot together. I thank everyone again for giving me the opportunity to serve. You, the members of VAHPERD, changed my life forever, and I hope that I was able to have an ounce of influence in your life. Thank you and God Bless.

Dr. Rodney Gaines

Past President

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Author:Gaines, Rodney
Publication:VAHPERD Journal
Date:Sep 22, 2014
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