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Passology Web Mailing System Combines US and Japan Patented Systems - Video Report.

Tokyo, Japan, July 11, 2007 - (JCN) - Passology has developed Ecomail, a web based mailing system which integrates a US patented mailing system and a Japan patented identity authentication system.

Ecomail basically shuts out all mails and only receives mails from addresses, amongst Ecomail users, to which the user has sent mail. By utilizing the cyclic mailing method, when the Ecomail user sends mail, it automatically creates and notifies the receiver with an exclusive return address.

Passlogy ! ASP is a mail address registration system which utilizes cell phones. As such, the registered address will be linked to the cell phone. If the user registers the sender under the "reject mail" setting, the user will never receive mails from that sender, unless that sender changes his mobile phone.

Spam, black mail, fraud, slander and other such mails which infringe upon laws will be stored by cellular carriers. This information helps to track down the source of SPAM mails, hence contributing to crime prevention.

Since this system completely eradicates spam, Ecomail users can display their mail addresses anywhere in public. The system will pave the way for allowing people to exchange opinions and questions via e-mail, so it is very useful for journalists, researchers, politicians, writers, celebrities, as well as corporations and organizations that want to completely eradicate spam.

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Publication:JCNN News Summaries
Date:Jul 11, 2007
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