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Bear facts about dangers of secondhand smoke. May 26, 2021 404
Effects of Chronic Secondhand Smoke (SHS) Exposure on Cognitive Performance and Metabolic Pathways in the Hippocampus of Wild-Type and Human Tau Mice. Raber, Jacob; Perez, Ruby; Torres, Eileen Ruth S.; Krenik, Destine; Boutros, Sydney; Patel, Esha; Ch Report May 1, 2021 15626
DNA Methylation in Babies Born to Nonsmoking Mothers Exposed to Secondhand Smoke during Pregnancy: An Epigenome-Wide Association Study. Fuemmeler, Bernard F.; Dozmorov, Mikhail G.; Do, Elizabeth K.; Zhang, Junfeng "Jim"; Grenier, Carole Report May 1, 2021 13945
Black nonsmokers still at high risk for secondhand exposure. Alexander, Walter May 1, 2021 941
Ameliorative Effect of Turmeric and Cocoa Extract against Acute Second Hand Exposure of Tobacco Smoking on Hepatocytes and Enterocytes in Albino Rats: Ultrastructural Study. Khwaldeh, Alia; Shraideh, Ziad; Badran, Darwish; Alzbeede, Ahmed; Farajallah, Mohammad; Qattan, Duaa Report Mar 1, 2021 3703
Trends in Secondhand Smoke Exposure Among Nonsmoking Adults, by Race and Hispanic Origin--National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, United States, 2009-2018. Brody, Debra; Faust, Erika; Tsai, James Feb 12, 2021 172
Secondhand Smoke Starts Kids on Path to Heart Disease: Study. Dec 12, 2019 327
Philter Labs Introduces Scientific and Strategic Advisory Board, Welcomes Distinguished Toxicologist to Reduce Harm From Secondhand Smoke. Dec 9, 2019 604
Exclusive: Vape Company Brings In Renown Toxicologists To Help Reduce Secondhand Smoke. Javier Hasse Dec 4, 2019 342
Passive smoking. Hadia Aziz Dec 2, 2019 235
Secondhand smoke exposure linked to thinner choroid. Powell, Selina Dec 1, 2019 236
Secondhand Smoke May Harm Kids' Eyes. Steven Reinberg, HealthDay Reporter Oct 21, 2019 508
Exposure to Secondhand Smoke Linked to Choroidal Thinning in Children; Choroidal thinning associated with increased number of family smokers, quantity of secondhand smoke. Oct 18, 2019 287
Childhood Secondhand Smoke Tied to Later Atrial Fibrillation; Each pack/day increase in parental smoking ups offspring risk by 18 percent. Sep 30, 2019 249
Think before exposing kids to secondhand smoke, violent movies. Sep 25, 2019 462
CDC: Over One-Third of U.S. Youth Exposed to Secondhand Smoke; SHS-exposed youth increased with decreasing family income. Aug 15, 2019 255
Assessment of Genotoxicity in Lymphocytes of Active and Passive Cigarette Smokers Attenuated with Green Tea. Gul, Saleha; Khisroon, Muhammad; Khan, Ajmal; Attaullah; Gul, Saira; Khan, Gul Nabi Report Jun 30, 2019 2757
Passive smoking. May 13, 2019 275
Passive smoking; DR MIRIAM STOPPARD; Helping to keep you fit and healthy; 2 MINUTES ON. May 13, 2019 251
Secondhand Smoke Linked to High Blood Pressure. May 6, 2019 428
Combined Effect of Secondhand Smoking and Alcohol Drinking on Risk of Persistent Human Papillomavirus Infection. Seo, Sang-Soo; Oh, Hea Young; Kim, Mi Kyung; Lee, Dong Ock; Chung, Youn Kyung; Kim, Joo-Young; Lee, Apr 30, 2019 6111
What Is Passive Smoking? Feb 23, 2019 245
Silent enemy: Environmental tobacco smoke. Akpinar, Evrim Eylem Report Jan 1, 2019 3868
Exposure to Secondhand Smoke and Arrhythmogenic Cardiac Alternans in a Mouse Model. Wang, Zhen; Wang, Lianguo; Tapa, Srinivas; Pinkerton, Kent E.; Chen, Chao-Yin; Ripplinger, Crystal M Report Dec 1, 2018 8891
Secondhand smoke drives ED visits for teens. Splete, Heidi Nov 1, 2018 418
Access to Free Home Test Kits for Radon and Secondhand Smoke to Reduce Environmental Risks for Lung Cancer. Butler, Karen M.; Huntington-Moskos, Luz; Rayens, Mary Kay; Wiggins, Amanda T.; Hahn, Ellen J. Clinical report Oct 1, 2018 4889
Role of passive smoking in non-smoking related chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Sep 30, 2018 3395
No to passive smoking. Sep 4, 2018 149
Child passive smoking 'increases chronic lung risk': Study. Sep 3, 2018 327
No to passive smoking. Sep 3, 2018 172
Passive smoking. Sep 1, 2018 159
Second hand smoke linked to dry cough among teenagers. Aug 22, 2018 251
Effect of childhood exposure to secondhand smoke. Aug 21, 2018 376
Still births are caused by secondhand smoke. Jul 21, 2018 340
Passive Smoking is Responsible for Disease Activity in Female Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis. Kim, Seong Kyu; Choe, Jung Yoon Jun 1, 2018 4076
Status of Active and Passive Smoking, Addiction Level and Stages of Change at Public University Employees/Bir Kamu Universitesi Calisanlarinda Aktif ve Pasif Sigara Icicilik Durumu, Bagimlilik Duzeyi ve Degisimin Asamalari. Karatay, Gulnaz; Bas, Nazan Gurarslan Apr 1, 2018 3533
Nearly All Disadvantaged Urban Teens Exposed to Smoke; Urine biomarkers show secondhand smoke exposure highest among African-Americans. Mar 1, 2018 262
Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke by healthy children aged below five (Preliminary study). Inci, Gozde; Baysal, Serpil Ugur; Sisman, Ali Riza Report Mar 1, 2018 4722
Association between environmental tobacco smoke and dental caries amongst 5-14 years old children in Karachi, Pakistan. Feb 28, 2018 4819
IS THERE A ROLE FOR PASSIVE SMOKING IN CERVICAL NEOPLASIA--A STUDY. Dhanyasree, S.; Kumar, G. Ajay; Patro, Suneetha Rani; Sunandini, P. Anila; Asha, Shaik; Bindu, S.S. Report Feb 5, 2018 2153
Early-life exposures to environmental tobacco smoke and indoor air pollution in the Drakenstein Child Health Study: Impact on child health. Vanker, A.; Gie, R.P.; Zar, H.J. Report Feb 1, 2018 1374
Passive smoking isn't good for pets; A WORD WITH THE VETCARING FOR YOUR PETS. Jan 11, 2018 450
Milk Thistle May Help Protect Against Second-Hand Cigarette Smoke. Price, Roger Jan 1, 2018 2944
Record in U.S. Say Smoking, Secondhand Smoke Very Harmful. Swift, Art Survey Jul 25, 2017 579
Impact of active and passive smoking during pregnancy on placental coefficient--a comparative study. Jain, Aarushi; Sharma, Vijaylaxmi; Bapna, Neelam; Jain, Ritesh Report Jun 12, 2017 2276
Pitfalls of secondhand smoke. May 14, 2017 1177
2 MINUTES ON; Passive smoking. May 1, 2017 271
Passive smoking; 2 MINUTES ON. May 1, 2017 271
Children's exposure to secondhand smoke, parental nicotine dependence, and motivation to quit smoking. Kleier, Jo Ann; Mites-Campbell, Mary; Henson-Evertz, Kelly Jan 1, 2017 3712
Effect of Active and Passive Smoking on Retinal Nerve Fibre Layer and Ganglion Cell Complex. El-Shazly, Amany Abd El-Fattah; Farweez, Yousra Ahmed Thabet; Elewa, Lamia Salah; Elzankalony, Yasse Report Jan 1, 2017 4967
Temporal trends of secondhand smoke exposure: nonsmoking workers in the United States (NHANES 2001-2010). Wei, Binnian; Bernert, John T.; Blount, Benjamin C.; Sosnoff, Connie S.; Wang, Lanqing; Richter, Pat Survey Oct 1, 2016 6619
Did you know? Brief article Sep 1, 2016 124
Interactions between diet and exposure to secondhand smoke on the prevalence of childhood obesity: results from NHANES, 2007-2010. Moore, Brianna F.; Clark, Maggie L.; Bachand, Annette; Reynolds, Stephen J.; Nelson, Tracy L.; Peel, Report Aug 1, 2016 8334
Effects of acetaminophen on oxidant and irritant respiratory tract responses to environmental tobacco smoke in female mice. Smith, Gregory J.; Cichocki, Joseph A.; Doughty, Bennett J.; Manautou, Jose E.; Jordt, Sven-Eric; Mo Report May 1, 2016 8727
Origins and Evolution Of E-Cigarettes. Baker, Wane A. Column Apr 1, 2016 1517
Design of classroom intervention for teaching preschoolers to identify and avoid inhaling secondhand tobacco smoke. Calabro, Karen S.; Le, Thuan A.; Marani, Salma K.; Tami-Maury, Irene; Czemiak, Katarzyna W.; Khalil, Report Mar 22, 2016 4460
A large number of children were exposed to secondhand smoke in their homes. Feb 12, 2016 254
Active and passive smoking linked to infertility and earlier menopause. Dec 21, 2015 740
Study: Passive smoking leads to infertility. Dec 19, 2015 290
Passive smoking just as harmful to pets as children; corner vets. Nov 26, 2015 417
Expert: Passive smoking can cause infant death. Nov 22, 2015 260
Secondhand smoke ... hypoallergenic products. Nov 1, 2015 484
Frequency and risk factors related to smoking in cars with children present. Montreuil, Annie; Tremblay, Michele; Cantinotti, Michael; Leclerc, Bernard-Simon; Lasnier, Benoit; C Report Sep 1, 2015 5499
Effects of passive smoking (environmental tobacco smoke) on pregnancy outcome at district hospital, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh. Gupta, Shubhanshu; Malhotra, Anil Kumar; Verma, Santosh Kumar; Deka, Mrigen; Yadav, Rashmi; Singh, S Report Aug 1, 2015 3152
Beijing Bans Smoking In Public Places. Jun 7, 2015 518
Effects of Passive Smoking Associated with Physical Exercise in the Skeletal Muscles of Rats During Pregnancy and Lactation/Efectos del Tabaquismo Pasivo Asociado con el Ejercicio Fisico en los Musculos Esqueleticos de Ratas Durante la Gestacion y Lactancia. Valsoni, Bruna Corral Garcia; Bonfim, Mariana Rotta; Camargo, Regina Celi Trindade; de Abreu, Luiz C Jun 1, 2015 5006
Secondhand smoke exposure among nonsmoker adult females in rural households of Aligarh. Ahmed, Malik Shanawaz; Khan, Zulfia; Ahmed, Zubair; Siddiqui, Abdul Razzak Report Jun 1, 2015 3442
RESIDENTIAL EXPOSURE TO ENVIRONMENTAL TOBACCO SMOKE, AND ITS ASSOCIATES: FINDINGS FROM THE GLOBAL ADULT TOBACCO SURVEY IN POLAND. Kaleta, Dorota; Wojtysiak, Piotr; Usidame, Bukola; Dziankowska-Zaborszczyk, Elzbieta; Fronczak, Adam Survey May 1, 2015 6744
Secondhand smoke exposure reduced, but more work remains. Krisberg, Kim Apr 1, 2015 497
My second hand smoke killed my pet dog Clover. Mar 23, 2015 438
Rights for second-hand smoke sufferers. Craig, Anthony G. Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2015 327
Secondhand smoke scourge of Jam Sebastian. Feb 28, 2015 380
Vital signs: disparities in nonsmokers' exposure to secondhand smoke--United States, 1999-2012. Homa, David M.; Neff, Linda J.; King, Brian A.; Caraballo, Ralph S.; Bunnell, Rebecca E.; Babb, Step Feb 6, 2015 5349
Recommendation regarding tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure--community preventive services task force. Nov 14, 2014 125
Environmental tobacco smoke exposure and children's intelligence at 8-11 years of age. Park, Subin; Cho, Soo-Churl; Hong, Yun-Chul; Kim, Jae-Won; Shin, Min-Sup; Yoo, Hee Jeong; Han, Doug Report Oct 1, 2014 6561
Secondhand smoke is hazard for those with asthma, heart disease. Jul 18, 2014 433
Secondhand smoke as harmful to pets as to people. Manning, Sue Jul 13, 2014 561
Protecting West Virginians from secondhand smoke through regulation at the local level. Whitworth, Catherine M.; Holley, Garland; Mickey, Christina B. Report Jul 1, 2014 3011
Prenatal second-hand smoke exposure. Report Jul 1, 2014 145
Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) among pregnant women visiting primary health care (PHC) in Makkah. Banoon, Shadi Kazim Report Jun 1, 2014 4411
Secondhand smoke more harmful to obese. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 232
Recommendations regarding tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure--community preventive services task force. May 30, 2014 148
Passive Smoking Causes Irreversible Damage to Children's Arteries. Mar 6, 2014 886
Passive Smoking Damages Children's Arteries Permanently, Poses Serious Heart Risks at Adulthood: Study. Mar 5, 2014 421
Secondhand smoking linked to poor pregnancy outcomes. Feb 27, 2014 312
Passive smoking dangerous for asthmatic kids. Feb 17, 2014 209
Despite bans, secondhand smoke still affects some workers. Krisberg, Kim Jan 1, 2014 237
Dual home screening and tailored environmental feedback to reduce radon and secondhand smoke: an exploratory study. Hahn, Ellen J.; Rayens, Mary Kay; Kercsmar, Sarah E.; Adkins, Sarah M.; Wright, Ashton Potter; Rober Jan 1, 2014 4116
Passive smoking. Nov 9, 2013 243
Effect of obesity and passive smoking on biochemical and histopathological changes in rat liver and the protective effect of exercise. Hussien, Noha I.; Shoman, Abeer A. Clinical report Aug 1, 2013 4682
Snoring and tobacco exposure. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 150
Honest tobacco exposure. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 231
Secondhand tobacco smoke exposure in open and semi-open settings: a systematic review. Sureda, Xisca; Fernandez, Esteve; Lopez, Maria J.; Nebot, Manel Report Jul 1, 2013 8259
Outdoor smoking areas: does the science support a ban? Potera, Carol Jul 1, 2013 1054
Recommendations regarding tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure from the community preventive services task force. Jun 14, 2013 147
Secondhand Smoke and Behavioral Disorders. Brief article May 1, 2013 127
Secondhand smoke more harmful to teen girls than boys. May 1, 2013 292
Beware nonsmokers! Secondhand smoke can trigger heart disease. Mar 8, 2013 482
Passive smoking increases risk of dementia. Jan 10, 2013 492
Secondhand smoke appears to impair memory. Brief article Dec 1, 2012 128
Exposure of rats to environmental tobacco smoke during cerebellar development alters behavior and perturbs mitochondrial energetics. Fuller, Brian F.; Cortes, Diego F.; Landis, Miranda K.; Yohannes, Hiyab; Griffin, Hailey E.; Staffli Report Dec 1, 2012 7381
-Study looks at dangers of airport secondhand smoke. Nov 21, 2012 247
-Study looks at dangers of airport secondhand smoke. Nov 21, 2012 257
Current tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure among women of reproductive age--14 countries, 2008-2010. Caixeta, Roberta B.; Khoury, Rula N.; Sinha, Dhirendra N.; Rarick, James; Tong, Van; Dietz, Patrici; Survey Nov 2, 2012 6134
Passive smoking and tobacco control policies in European countries. Nov 1, 2012 124
Secondhand smoke linked to diabetes and obesity. Klatz, Ronald; Goldman, Robert Brief article Nov 1, 2012 343
Smoking in the car. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 155
Secondhand smoke. Eden, Alvin N. Nov 1, 2012 583
Kidney function and tobacco exposure. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 120
Secondhand smoke in cars and bars can impair breathing within 20mins. Oct 22, 2012 347
Few U.S. Smokers Say Secondhand Smoke Is Very Harmful; Eight in 10 Americans say smoking is very harmful to smokers. Brown, Alyssa Survey Sep 28, 2012 890
Risk of exposure to second hand smoke for adolescents in Las Vegas casinos: an evaluation of the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act. Cochran, Christopher; Henriques, Dominic; York, Nancy; Lee, Kiyoung Report Sep 22, 2012 4125
Secondhand smoke exposure 'affects memory'. Sep 14, 2012 240
Secondhand smoke exposure may damage lining of blood vessels. Brief article Sep 14, 2012 139
Estimation of serum nicotine by gas chromatography in smokers, passive smokers and never smokers. Ata-ur-Rahman, Zil-a-Rubab; Ata-ur-Rahman, Mohammad Report Aug 31, 2012 2795
Secondhand smoke may up risk for respiratory illness in kids. Aug 20, 2012 347
Exposure to secondhand smoke outside of a bar and a restaurant and tobacco exposure biomarkers in nonsmokers. Helen, Gideon; Bernert, J. Thomas; Hall, Daniel B.; Sosnoff, Connie S.; Xia, Yang; Balmes, John R.; Report Jul 1, 2012 7151
Exposure to secondhand smoke may trigger diabetes and obesity. Jun 26, 2012 529
Passive smoking facts unreliable; Views of the North. Apr 3, 2012 182
The beat. Dooley, Erin E. Apr 1, 2012 871
New campaign warns of passive smoking dangers. Mar 31, 2012 405
passive smoking. warning. Mar 31, 2012 332
Did smokefree legislation in England reduce exposure to secondhand smoke among nonsmoking adults? Cotinine analysis from the health survey for England. Sims, Michelle; Mindell, Jennifer S.; Jarvis, Martin J.; Feyerabend, Colin; Wardle, Heather; Gilmore Report Mar 1, 2012 6964
Secondhand smoke in cars. Anderson, Jane Mar 1, 2012 143
Smoking and asthma. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 141
Stop lighting up in cars with children ...or we'll ban you; Welsh Government to get tough on passive smoking. Feb 6, 2012 461
Disease progression unrelated to passive environmental tobacco smoke exposure in HIV-infected children. Green, Robin J.; Becker, Piet J.; Labuschagne, Denise; Kitchin, Omolemo P.; Masekela, Refiloe Report Feb 1, 2012 2071
WHO Warns against Secondhand Smoke in Enclosed Public Spaces. Jan 31, 2012 441
Smoking stinks. Brief article Jan 1, 2012 105
Should you light up at the wheel? MEDICS and a Teesside MP want people to be banned from lighting up in their own cars saying secondhand smoke is harmful to passengers. KRYSTA EAVES looks at the issue. Nov 19, 2011 512
Secondhand smoke and coronary artery calcification. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 148
Secondhand smoke exposure and coronary artery calcification among nonsmokinq participants of a population-based cohort. Peinemann, Frank; Moebus, Susanne; Dragano, Nico; Mohlenkamp, Stefan; Lehmann, Nils; Zeeb, Hajo; Erb Report Nov 1, 2011 6229
Kids helping kids. Nov 1, 2011 222
Smoke and ear disease. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 122
Particulate matter ([PM.sub.2.5]) and carbon monoxide from secondhand smoke outside bars and restaurants in downtown Athens, Georgia. St.Helen, Gideon; Hall, Daniel B.; Kudon, Louis H.; Pearce, John; Baptiste, Shanece; Ferguson, Sylvi Cover story Oct 1, 2011 7576
The new danger of thirdhand smoke: why passive smoking does not stop at secondhand smoke. Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2011 709
Secondhand smoke and inflammatory markers in nonsmoking truckers. Brief article Sep 1, 2011 124
Teen hearing loss linked to SHS. Dooley, Erin E. Brief article Sep 1, 2011 106
Secondhand smoke exposure and inflammatory markers in nonsmokers in the trucking industry. Chiu, Yueh-Hsiu Mathilda; Spiegelman, Donna; Dockery, Douglas W.; Garshick, Eric; Hammond, Katharine Report Sep 1, 2011 8341
Secondhand smoke linked to hearing loss. Currie, Donya Sep 1, 2011 127
Secondhand smoke raises boys' blood pressure. Otto, Alexander M. Aug 1, 2011 602
Exposure to second hand smoke may 'lead to hearing loss in adolescents'. Jul 19, 2011 222
ADHD Result of Passive Smoking: Study. Jul 17, 2011 323
Secondhand smoke: their cigarettes can make you sick. Johnson, Teddi Dineley Jun 29, 2011 784
Health beliefs related to secondhand smoke and smoke-free policies in a college community. Williams, Ronald D., Jr.; Barnes, Jeremy T.; Hunt, Barry P.; Winborne, Heidi Jun 22, 2011 5516
Smoke-free laws lift clouds. Jun 1, 2011 584
Secondhand smoke raised boys' blood pressure: effect was similar regardless of exposure level; systolic BP in girls was down by 1.8 mm Hg. Otto, M. Alexander May 15, 2011 643
Flu admissions longer in kids exposed to cigarette smoke. Brunk, Doug May 15, 2011 805
Moderate levels of secondhand smoke deliver nicotine to the brain. May 2, 2011 110
Infant secondhand smoke exposure in Louisiana, 1998-2004: trend and high risk population. Liang, Yan; Funke, Lillian; Tran, Tri Survey May 1, 2011 4348
Secondhand smoke and academic performance. Brief article May 1, 2011 106
Passive smoking can harm your unborn baby. Mar 10, 2011 263
Strengthening tobacco control and clean indoor air initiatives. Brief article Mar 1, 2011 285
Passive smoking 'is also harmful'. Mar 1, 2011 524
Apartment house smoke exposure. Brief article Mar 1, 2011 127
Passive smoking raised children's blood pressure. Worcester, Sharon Feb 15, 2011 471
Secondhand smoke kills 600,000 a year. Currie, Donya Feb 1, 2011 209
Global estimate of SHS burden. Lubick, Naomi Feb 1, 2011 1466
Does the smoke ever really clear? Thirdhand smoke exposure raises new concerns. Burton, Adrian Report Feb 1, 2011 3592
Risks linked to secondhand smoke in cars carrying kids. Jan 12, 2011 318
Examining the joint effect of multiple risk factors using exposure risk profiles: lung cancer in nonsmokers. Papathomas, Michail; Molitor, John; Richardson, Sylvia; Riboli, Elio; Vineis, Paolo Report Jan 1, 2011 7695
'Do it for the kids': barriers and facilitators to smoke-free homes and vehicles. Herbert, Rosemary J.; Gagnon, Anita J.; Rennick, Janet E.; O'Loughlin, Jennifer L. Report Jan 1, 2011 5050
HEART HEALTH; High cost of passive smoking to children. Dec 6, 2010 321
PASSIVE smoking claims more than [...]; HEALTH IN BRIEF... Nov 29, 2010 113
Air travelers 'at risk from disease-causing secondhand smoke'. Nov 27, 2010 289
Passive smoking kills 600,000. Nov 27, 2010 335
SHS plus ozone poses one fine particle problem. Burton, Adrian Report Nov 1, 2010 856
Study finds no level of SHS exposure free of effects. Potera, Carol Report Nov 1, 2010 612
Smoking rates stall, secondhand smoke sinks. Finn, Robert Survey Sep 15, 2010 459
Decline in smoking stalled; secondhand smoke is down. Finn, Robert Sep 15, 2010 687
Vital signs: nonsmokers' exposure to secondhand smoke - United States, 1999-2008. Kaufmann, R.B.; Babb, S.; O'Halloran, A.; Asman, K.; Bishop, E.; Tynan, M.; Caraballo, R.S.; Pechace Sep 10, 2010 3508
Program helps pregnant women reduce exposure to secondhand smoke. Hollander, D. Report Sep 1, 2010 839
Secondhand smoke alarm. Brief article Sep 1, 2010 198
Secondhand smoke may harm mental health. Brief article Sep 1, 2010 108
Passive smoking doing more harm than people may think. Aug 21, 2010 417
Nearly 770m non-smokers exposed to secondhand smoke in China: Study. Aug 18, 2010 287
Passive smoking facts. Aug 12, 2010 133
Appalachia residents exposed to smoking. Brief article Aug 1, 2010 156
Secondhand smoke may raise C-reactive protein. Moon, Mary Ann Aug 1, 2010 438
Smoking bans. Hieb, Lee Jun 22, 2010 690
Passive smoking threat to our kids; HEALTH Reporter HELEN RAE finds out why medical staff in the region are being empowered to tackle smoking in the home. Jun 21, 2010 420
Passive smoking tied to poorer mental health. Jun 10, 2010 387
Secondhand smoke exposure tied to psychiatric distress, illness. Jun 10, 2010 347
Smoke-free public places law can protect kids from second hand smoke. Jun 8, 2010 486
Secondhand smoke exposure tied to psychiatric distress, illness. Jun 8, 2010 347
Smoking has long been the leading cause of preventable death and disease among women. Jun 1, 2010 1412
Secondhand smoke problems. Brief article May 1, 2010 151
Secondhand smoke 'raises risk of chronic sinus problems'. Apr 20, 2010 181
Secondhand smoke exposure may alter fetal blood pressure programming. Burton, Adrian Report Apr 1, 2010 812
'Reduce the risks of secondhand smoke'. Mar 30, 2010 252
Stop dangers of secondhand smoke; emails & letters. Mar 26, 2010 140
Passive smoking toll. Mar 24, 2010 104
Obesity, passive smoking cut supply of oxygen to unborn child. Mar 18, 2010 473
Secondhand smoke exposure 'ups hardened arteries risk among teens'. Mar 3, 2010 256
Secondhand smoke exposure and cardiovascular effects; making sense of the evidence. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 147
Passive smoke exposure and cholesterol. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 144
Wisdom and influence of elders: possibilities for health promotion and decreasing tobacco exposure in first nations communities. Varcoe, Colleen; Bottorff, Joan L.; Carey, Joanne; Sullivan, Debbie; Williams, Wanda Report Mar 1, 2010 4470
TSI: Teen Science investigations: on the case, with winners of the 2009 Intel ISEF Addiction Science Awards. Feb 20, 2010 919
TSI: teen science investigations: on the case, with winners of the 2009 Intel ISEF Addiction Science Awards. Feb 8, 2010 1238
Secondhand smoke exposure in the U.S. trucking industry. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 192
Children and smokers: the hazard without the habit. Dooley, Erin E. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 98
Workplace secondhand smoke exposure in the U.S. trucking industry. Chiu, Yueh-Hsiu; Hart, Jaime E.; Spiegelman, Donna; Garshick, Eric; Smith, Thomas J.; Dockery, Dougl Survey Feb 1, 2010 8119
Secondhand smoke adds to health risk for smokers. Jan 29, 2010 201
A family affair: aboriginal women's efforts to limit second-hand smoke exposure at home. Bottorff, Joan L.; Johnson, Joy L.; Carey, Joanne; Hutchinson, Peter; Sullivan, Debbie; Mowatt, Robe Report Jan 1, 2010 3854
Toddlers suffer from secondhand smoke. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 135
Toddlers, fat kids suffer most from secondhand smoke. Nov 19, 2009 358
State-specific secondhand smoke exposure and current cigarette smoking among adults--United States, 2008. Malarcher, A.; Shah, N.; Tynan, M.; Maurice, E.; Rock, V. Statistical data Nov 13, 2009 4260
Secondhand smoke exposure could lead to heart problems. Oct 21, 2009 203
Secondhand smoke exposure could lead to heart problems. Oct 18, 2009 203
Smoking Bans and Air Quality. Schlafly, Phyllis Brief article Sep 22, 2009 296
Children and secondhand smoke exposure. Book review Sep 1, 2009 96
Is passive smoking a risk factor for postmenopausal osteoporosis?/ Pasif sigara icimi postmenopozal osteoporoz icin bir risk faktoru mudur? Altunbayrak, Osman; Sandogan, Merih; Ateser, Guler; Akanmak, Ulku; Palamar, Deniz Report Aug 1, 2009 2837
Epidemiologic and economic research, and the question of smoking bans. Marlow, Michael L. Essay Jun 22, 2009 2637
Second hand smoke exposure robs kids of vital antioxidants. May 6, 2009 323
Tobacco exposure in three-year-olds. Benaroch, Roy Brief article May 1, 2009 187
The nose knows: thirdhand smoke alarm. Sullum, Jacob Brief article May 1, 2009 243
Smokers putting non-smoking men at risk of heart attacks. Abstract May 1, 2009 203
Crowded cities dramatically raise second hand smoke exposure risk. Apr 9, 2009 354
Environmental tobacco smoke exposure worsens asthma in kids. Apr 8, 2009 123
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), passive smoking carries serious risks, especially for children and those chronically exposed. The WHO estimates that passive smoking is associated with a 10-43% increase in risk of COPD in adults. Lalloo, Umesh G.; Ambaram, Anish Case study Apr 1, 2009 3869
Children's exposure to secondhand smoke. Sloviter, Vikki Survey Mar 1, 2009 475
The impact of passive smoking on the development of lower respiratory tract infection in infancy/sut cocuklugu doneminde edilgin sigara iciminin alt solunum yolu enfeksiyonu gelisimine etkisi. Arvas, Ahmet; Bas, Vedat; Emel Gur Report Mar 1, 2009 3845
Secondhand smoke exposure high. Anderson, Jane Jan 1, 2009 129
Passive smoking can leave women infertile. Dec 6, 2008 256
Secondhand smoke linked to peripheral artery disease risk. Dec 1, 2008 170
Dining in smoking establishments. Poff, Sara Jo Nov 1, 2008 1011
David Michaels: corporate campaigns manufacture scientific doubt. Raloff, Janet Interview Sep 27, 2008 726
Bid to help child victims of passive smoking. Jul 31, 2008 175
Disparities in secondhand smoke exposure--United States, 1988-1994 and 1999-2004. Schober, S.E.; Zhang, C.; Brody, D.J.; Marano, C. Survey Jul 11, 2008 2856
Factors influencing openness to future smoking among nonsmoking adolescents *. Seo, Dong-Chul; Torabi, Mohammad R.; Weaver, Amy E. Report Jun 1, 2008 6391
Tobacco use triggers for mothers of infants: implications for pediatric nursing practice. Gaffney, Kathleen F.; Henry, Linda L.; Douglas, Charlene Y.; Goldberg, Patricia A. May 1, 2008 4639
Secondhand smoke dangers. Brief article Apr 1, 2008 168
MRI spots lung damage from secondhand smoke. Wendling, Patrice Jan 1, 2008 807
Lung damage from secondhand smoke exposed. Wendling, Patrice Jan 1, 2008 554
Have smoke will travel: Americans are finding that it's not whether or not secondhand smoke is harmful, but rather how harmful. Dec 1, 2007 685
Secondhand smoke: dangerous: if you're a smoker, you can do your cat a huge favor by kicking the habit. Here's the proof. Ewing, Tom Dec 1, 2007 818
Reduced secondhand smoke exposure after implementation of a comprehensive statewide smoking ban--New York, June 26, 2003-June 30, 2004. Bauer, U.; Juster, H.; Hyland, A.; Farrelly, M.; Engelen, M.; Weitzenkamp, D.; Repace, J.; Babb, S. Jul 20, 2007 3118
Secondhand smoke increases risk for dementia. Brief article Jul 1, 2007 179
PASSIVE SMOKING KILLED OUR TELLY; Couple's cigs ruin pounds 1000 set. Jun 29, 2007 290
Passive smoking victim's backing. Jun 29, 2007 395
Secondhand smoke signals from prison. Wilcox, Scott C. Jun 1, 2007 13990
World No Tobacco Day--May 31, 2007. Brief article May 25, 2007 229
Exposure to secondhand smoke among students aged 13-15 years--worldwide, 2000-2007. Bettcher, D.W.; Peruga, A.; Fishburn, B.; Baptiste, J.; El-Awa, F.; Nikogosian, H.; Rahman, K.; de S May 25, 2007 2714
Viewpoints Passive smoking DID harm me. Apr 25, 2007 153
Stoking the rigged terror of secondhand smoke: the "science" behind the surgeon general's latest report on secondhand smoke does not support officials' claims. Gori, Gio Batta Mar 22, 2007 3029
Senate passes restaurant smoking ban by large margin. Mar 2, 2007 537
Tobacco addiction and secondhand smoke. Volkow, Nora D. Feb 19, 2007 109
Is the public health message on secondhand smoke based on science? Arnett, Jerome C., Jr.; Tuteur, Peter G. Feb 15, 2007 1453
Effects of smoking bans. Brief article Jan 1, 2007 150
Is the public health message on secondhand smoke based on science? Arnett, Jerome C., Jr.; Tuteur, Peter G. Jan 1, 2007 1451
New BAAF practice note on smoking. Mather, Mary; Lehner, Karen Brief article Dec 22, 2006 218
Passive smoke increases surgery risks. Oct 15, 2006 166
Secondhand smoke damages babies' lungs. Brief article Oct 1, 2006 316
The economic impact of early life environmental tobacco smoke exposure: early intervention for developmental delay. Perera, Frederica Oct 1, 2006 5434
Where there's a smoker, risks can reach you. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 218
Ventilation systems not enough to stop secondhand smoke. Sep 1, 2006 108
Secondhand smoke. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 185
Surgeon general: no smoke is safe smoke: evidence exists to infer causal relationship between secondhand exposure, lung cancer in nonsmokers. Nickell, Nancy Aug 1, 2006 1058
Any amount of secondhand smoke is unhealthy, report says. Cowdrey, Leah Report Aug 1, 2006 482
Surgeon general: secondhand smoke is never safe. Nickell, Nancy Aug 1, 2006 1087
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