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Passion, determination allow lady exec to capture markets.

To simply say that the woman is driven may in fact be an understatement.

The burning passion in Liezel Tuason-Magpoc is so palpable and distinct that it is not surprising to hear how this same passion, coupled with her strong determination and commitment, has successfully propelled her to where she is today.

As the chief executive officer and executive vice president of Sta. Lucia Ventures Inc., Tuason-Magpoc is now in charge of all the local and international sales of one of the most trusted property developers in the country.

Tuason-Magpoc, however, credits part of her success from the different events early on in her life, which she claimed to have helped shape her to become the person that she is.

Early days

Even at a young age, Tuason-Magpoc has already shown a strong desire and willfulness to succeed in life.

While having led a comfortable life then, Tuason-Magpoc, at the age of 18, applied to become one of McDonald's service crew, and eventually, an events host for the same firm. This, she did, while studying at St. Scholastica's College in Manila.

She, however, admitted that there were instances in her life when she had to deal with certain challenges and blows-ordeals that she felt became more bearable as her mother would constantly remind her that these are just part of the so-called growing pains.

And she couldn't have been more thankful to her mother for constantly reminding her, as this eventually led her to become the go-getter and highly determined person that she is right now.

Thus, after earning her college degree, Tuason-Magpoc immediately went job hunting and became part of a company, which helped hone her skills and taught her to become focused in reaching her goals.

'My first job was with the CAVeL group. I was a marketing assistant for Faces Philippines, in charge of handling event planning and membership,' Tuason-Magpoc recalled.

However, it didn't take long for her to move to another company. This time, it was with a property developer, which led her to discover her strengths in the real estate industry.

'My stint in Landco showed me the many opportunities in real estate. Landco, at that time, was just a consultant for real estate developers. While I was with the company, I was given the task to handle and sell some of Sta. Lucia's projects,' Tuason-Magpoc related.

Achieving goals

Having seen the potential and the great rewards that came with selling and marketing property projects, Tuason-Magpoc did not have any second thoughts of moving to Sta. Lucia Land, as she saw this opportunity as the perfect tool for her to achieve her goals.

'I decided to move to Sta. Lucia because that time, they already have a number of projects which the company itself develops,' she noted.

'When I was with Landco, they were still not into developments. They were purely into marketing. Most of the projects that were given to me, and the ones that I handled were just selected product developments. That time, I think I was only tasked to sell the country club at Royale Tagaytay and that was it,' Tuason-Magpoc shared.

With this opportunity at hand, Tuason-Magpoc immediately joined Sta. Lucia. And the rest, as they say. was history.


'Sta. Lucia Ventures Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sta. Lucia Land Inc. The company was formed primarily to sell projects exclusively assigned to us by Sta. Lucia Land and Sta. Lucia Realty both locally and internationally,' she explained.

'As chief executive officer and executive vice president of Sta. Lucia Ventures, I am responsible for sales. And we try to accomplish this by opening international and local branches. I am on top of all the departments from accounting, sales administration, training, to marketing and even advertising,' Tuason-Magpoc claimed.

One look at the task on hand and you would know that what the CEO has on her hand is no mean feat as she is somehow the lifeblood of the business.

Tuason-Magpoc needs to ensure that sales quotas are met, agents are driven to make the necessary pitch to the customers, oversee the documentation process, and make sure that Sta. Lucia has an effective aftersales service.

'I am on top of all the local and international sales operations. I determine pricing, develop payment terms and conceptualize for new projects. Currently the international offices I have established included those in United Kingdom, Singapore, London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Milan and Paris. In the Philippines, aside from our head office in Cainta, I also have branch offices in SM Fairview, SM Iloilo, SM Davao and Robinsons Puerto Princess,' she said.

Role model

As the industry and the company went through a number of economic cycles, Tuason-Magpoc lays claim to having seen the best and the worst. But these events, she said, did this not deter her from achieving her goals.

According to Tuason-Magpoc, what really helped her and the rest of the company to weather the challenges and counter the blows that came their way was the strong leadership of Sta. Lucia Land president Exequiel Robles, who remained unfazed throughout the past four decades.

It was the strength of character, discipline, and determination of the man that kept them going. Robles continues to inspire them to see the bright spot amid the looming dark clouds, she added.

For now, there is no immediate plan for Tuason-Magpoc, to leave the battleground as there remains much to be achieved and learned.

'Professionally, I am happy that I am able to deliver to Sta. Lucia more than what was required of us. But there are still opportunities for me to tap, both internationally and locally. Also, I want to open more international offices for Sta. Lucia as I believe this would help many overseas Filipinos to realize their dreams of owning a home,' she explained.

Like family

'Personally, I have achieved dreams that I think everyone dreams about-dream home, family travels, good education for kids, and an understanding and supportive husband. At this point, I just want to see my four sons finish school which I think is the culmination of all my dreams,' Tuason-Magpoc proudly shared.

'My youngest son is just 8 years old, so I think I am 15 years away from achieving my personal goal,' she candidly said.

And just as Tuason-Magpoc has dreams for her family, she also has aspirations for the people at Sta. Lucia Ventures.

'As a manager, I treat everyone like a family. I am a hands-on manager. I am very involved with the operations and I look at every competitor very closely. I am very close with our sales partners (agents) both locally and internationally,' she said.

'I study what tickles them and what makes them stay. I have a personal touch and this, I believe, is the key to surviving competition. I know what incentive to offer them because I know their needs,' she claimed.

According to Tuason-Magpoc, she would always try to put herself in the shoes of the agents and buyers. This, she claimed, is the reason why she is able to respond quickly to the needs of both the agents and the buyers.

'I go out of my comfort zone just to make my agents feel that I am with them in wanting to serve their clients. I don't hide from our clients. If they want to talk to me I meet with them and welcome them because I believe this is the best way for me to get first-hand information about our buyers' needs, wants, and concerns,' Tuason-Magpoc said.

'But most of all, surviving competition was also possible because our proponent (Sta. Lucia) understands that need of our clients too. As such, it welcomes my proposals that will surely make the purchase and owning of real estate affordable and hassle free. Lastly, Sta Lucia's developments are very diverse such that it's easy to sell because it has something to offer to everyone,' she concluded.
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