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Passing the torch: Ishod Wair.

So we heard you got broke off snowboarding. What the hell happened out there on that mountain?

Ohhh! I don't know. I was going real fast and some dude cut me off!

Was he on skis or a snowboard? He was on a snowboard but I was already going really fast and on a slight turn. He came from the left directly into where I was turning. I was already leaning so I couldn't lean anymore. I couldn't shift my weight. 1 saw it coming but I was going way too fast--too fast to do anything about turning. Yeah, I hit him and flew in the air. I hit my head and shoulder really hard. I was airborne for awhile! There was a lot of tumbling, a lot of rolling. It was a pretty violent fall.

Are you good on the snow? Was this your first time?

Nah, I feel pretty comfortable on a snowboard. This was only my third time but I can ride no problem and all that.

It's pretty easy, right?

Yeah, totally.

So then what happened? I heard you were dressed like the ski patrol, so did that cause any confusion?

Oh really? Yeah, I was wearing all red for some reason. Those were the snow clothes I ended up with somehow. But no, I didn't even have to get carried down. I sucked it up and went down on my own. I rode down the hill all injured.

How was the other guy?

He got away clean. I hit the back of his legs. I just kinda wrapped around him and then got flung off of him so I was airborne. He was fine.

Did you realize you were fucked up?

I realized I was fucked up. I was laying on the ground for awhile. Usually I can shake it off. But I was moving my arm around and I could hear it popping and shit. I knew it was messed up.


Yeah, 'cause I was just about to come out to California to shoot photos with you. I had to get my flight changed so now I'm home in Philly playing video games.

Back it up a second. You get to the emergency clinic and what do you find in there?

Oh, Daryl's in there. Daryl Angel. It was the end of the day and we're going up the last lift. I get off the lift and we get the text with the photo of Daryl with his arm messed up. We're all, "Oh shit. Daryl hurt his arm? Snowboarding?" I was kinda talking shit like, "Damn! I can't believe it? What?! He hurt himself snowboarding? That shit's so stupid!" And that was the run I got hurt on. Next thing I know I'm in the clinic sitting next to him. He may have got hurt worse, but he just caught an edge and slammed. I got cut the fuck off! Shit sucks!

Is this your worst injury you've ever had?

Nah. The only thing I've ever broken was my finger and I had to get surgery on it. So technically that was the worst injury I've ever had since I had to get surgery, but that really wasn't a big deal. My finger's all fucked up and I've got five pins in there and my hand looks kinda gross, but it's fine. Other than that I took a good slam at Black Box. You know that wallride over that pyramid? I tried to do that and kicked my board out and landed on it upside down with one leg and kinda sat on my other leg! I though I messed it up good, but somehow I didn't even tear any tendons. I just stretched out the muscle, I guess. My leg was fucked up for a month or more.

Didn't you get messed up on those Jet Skis in Cayman Islands?

Nah, that was Donnie. He and Scuba had some souped-up Jet Skis and got broke.

How lame is it to get hurt not even skating?

It's kinda true for everything--you gotta pay to play, especially with skating. It sucks 'cause you can get hurt skating so easily and then when you get hurt not skating you feel so dumb.

So what is your recovery like?

I play video games. Kinda just chillin'.

What are your games?

I be playing 2K--NBA 2K2015. Call of Duty.I get on my Grand Theft Auto shit.

You know, killin'.

How long can you play in one sitting?

I can play for three hours straight, easy. Usually I'm doing other things, too--cleaning the house, smoking weed. I'm not just playing video games.

How long until it heals?

Well, I actually did the same thing last year at the same event. I separated my other shoulder! I was trying to wallie off this tube thing and I got smoked! Should only take a few more weeks to heal, though.

So is this the end of your snowboarding career?

Nah. The only reason I got hurt was become somebody cut me off. Accidents happen. It sucks, but whatever.

You been buying any more expensive bullshit for your house? You got a grandfather clock yet? You been treating yourself?

Yeah, kind of. The thing is, shit for the house just costs a lot. I'm not buying anything too expensive, but there's a lot of it. I don't think I'm treating myself, but then I look at the total I spent and I'm like, "Damn! I really am treating myself!" But, you know, what the fuck is money for? You gotta spend that shit!

You live with Jamal Smith now, right?

Yeah, I live with Jamal and Brian Panebianco, who makes the Sabotage videos. He just moved in a few weeks ago.

And Jamal is the kid from Upstate New York who used to blitz that quarterpipe on the Crailtap site, right?

Yeah, that's him. He's still got moves. You can catch 'em on my Instagram. I'll be posting a few

Is he still calling out Koston?

Yeah, on that tornado spin. Yeah, he's funny.

You picked up any tornado moves off him?

Not really. He's really good at fakie switch front crooking on quarterpipes and shit. I never ended up learning that trick, though.

So let's talk SOTY. How do you feel about Wes Kremer as Skater of the Year?

I think that he completely, 100 percent, deserved it for the shit that he did. He fucked it up, dude. He's chillin'. You saw that hippie jump kickflip thing! It doesn't even look like he's trying! And he does some hard-to-do shit. Wallie late shove? Nobody does that. I've always been a huge fan of Wes Kremer, but now more than ever.

As an East Coaster, were you disappointed that PJ didn't have a part in the Plan B video?

Yeah, that was a pretty big bummer, man. I don't know what happened.

Maybe some secret shit's about to come out.

Hopefully. That would be cool so I can see him skate and shit.

You went on a lot of trips with Cory this year. How's he to skate with?

He's always tearing it up. The way he and Wes skate is similar. They both seem to not really even give a fuck. They just do tricks without even trying. It's like, "Oh, did you want me to make that trick? Okay."

You've been getting into skating some transition lately, too, going on all these trips with Grant. How's that?

It's tight. I feel like skating with those dudes and being able to travel around and skate all kinds of different transition--I just get to pick up more on skating transition. I get to go to places where there's all different kinds of tranny. I get to go to Kona. I get to skate all different types of shit and with people I look up to who really influence me, so I learn all kinds of shit.

You've got those frontside airs proper. Can you do backside airs yet?

Nah. With those backside airs I feel like I can't get my hand down there. I feel like I need to do yoga or something so my body's more flexible. 1 feel like my ribs are grinding together when I bend down to grab like that. That shit's so sick. Just put that shit flat. Like Grant or Kevin Bradley has a good one of those backside method things where you put the board flat in the air. He can just ollie off something and do it.

Who's an underground skater we should watch out for?

Joey O'Brien. He's from Pennsylvania. He's gonna have a part in Sabotage 4. So fool's will be tripping off that in a little bit.

Who's got the best frontside crooks in the game?

Ant Travis. They're crazy, man. That's, like, a rhetorical question.

I know. I knew the answer.

He's highly acclaimed for his front crooks! I seriously can't wait to get back out to California and skate with everybody. I have dreams about skating every night! I'll have memories of having a session then I'll realize it never happened, it was just in my sleep. That's been happening a lot lately.

You better heal up!

It's not like I'm fully depressed that 1 can't skate, but it doesn't mean that I don't want to do it anymore. I'm trying not to be that bummed out about it. It's always on my mind. I have dreams about tricks like, "Back 180 to switch front crooks... that shit's tight!"

Are you gonna win Street League this year? What's it gonna take?

That'd be cool. I feel like it depends on my focus, though. Any of the times that I'm really focused and I'm trying to win I get close. Other times, I don't know. I'm just living in the moment and don't really care. I'm just skating and having fun. The other thing is that if you don't make it into the contest the first day, there's a whole weekend of partying lined up for you where you don't have to pay for any drinks and shit. Just mad homies and chicks lined up for you. The first year of me being at Street League and not really understanding how it works, I was getting fucked up! 'Cause I wouldn't make it into the contest so I'd just be partying the whole weekend. Take the excess to the full level of the Street League--watching Shane O'Neill and P-Rod fuck shit up!

Let's make a wild, wild guess a year out. Who do you think will be the 2015 Skateof the Year? Let's see if you can guess it.

2015 Skater of the Year? I think Grant could win it again. Yeah, he's like Cole. Or Cory, obviously. He's got that Nike part coming out. I'm sure he won't disappoint. He rips. He was in the running for SOTY this year and he only had one part, plus a slew of web clips fuckin' shit up. If he has another heavy part in this Nike video... it's gonna be a gnarly part. They're gonna be traveling the world for this shit.

You have any goals for 2015?

Just stay healthy. There's so many variables for everything. I don't have any real goals inside of skating. I just want to learn tricks and skate with my friends Have a good time. Those are my goals.

That's what it's all about. ^ Yeah. Have fun and skate.

Well, thanks for being our 2014 Skater of the Year. You really repped skateboarding in a great way and we're all really proud of you. Thank you.

Hell yeah! Thanks for making me Skater of the Year! I still cannot believe it. Shit's crazy!
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