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Passing the torch: Daewon Song.

What were some of the highlights of your year as reigning Skater of the Year?

I had no idea it came with so much pressure! Once you get the trophy, a lot of stress descends in a dark cloud ... I'm playing, I'm playing. No, it was amazing, man. Thanks, again.

Before this, what trophies had you won?

I got a fifth-place mini-ramp trophy once. That meant a lot to me because there were a lot of top contenders at that time. So getting fifth was sort of like getting first for me. I mean, we're talking about guys like Bobby Kuhns--540 bigspin backside lip revert. How do you compete with that? There were a couple of other guys. I think Koston was in that contest. Bobby George. There were a lot of names. Kenny Anderson's older brother, Kyle, was in there. When he showed up it was over. There was no way I could compete with a kickflip backside lipslide revert followed by half-Cab rock 360 in--which I did not know nothing about back then. Fifteen years later I'm finally figuring it out.

Where do you keep your SOTY trophy?

You know what? My wife put it in this glass case with a spotlight over it. How bad is that? That's why 1 don't like people coming over, 'cause I don't want people to think I think I'm something I'm not.


That's OK. You know, Jim Greco has his outfit he wore when he ollied into the carwash bank in a glass case at his house, set up like a little display at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Yeah, right! Does he? That's awesome. I need to step up my game then. I was going to attach mine to fishing line, but it's so heavy I think it might break. I don't want people to be able to see the fishing line, but I'm gonna need 30-pound test for that trophy. I was gonna dangle it up in the air and then build a small mini-ramp under it. How would that be? I don't think anyone could compete with that. But, like I said, 30-pound test--there's no way to hide that.


Who should have gotten SOTY in the past but didn't?

There was a year where Jerry Hsu killed it, and I think he should have got it. There was also a year where Nick Dompierre should have got it. That guy, man. He kills it. And John Cardiel should get it every year. I'm not just saying that just to say it, like every person in the industry right now. I know John Cardiel and I know what kind of person he is. He's a champ, man. He keeps me going. When I sprain my ankle and dislocate my shoulder, that's no fucking excuse. Get out there and do it. Right? Like you, Mike, You eat that egg burrito and you have to take a huge dump. I don't wanna hear it. There ain't no bathrooms around here. Just get in there and do it!

What's up with Almost these days?

Everything's going good. The team's looking real good. Everyone's just doing their thing. Lewis Marnell just turned pro. He also just won the Australian Skater of the Year, which was really cool. Torey Pudwill, fuck. Just wait 'til you see. Torey's coming out with a part in this little DVS video. Look out for that. I'm gonna have five tricks in it that will probably be pretty lame, so sorry guys. I've got other things to do, like eat a baby arm's worth of licorice.

If you could put one vert pro on Almost, who would it be?

It would be Mike Frazier. I don't know where he's at now. I used to love to watch that guy. First person to do a frontside blunt on vert. I didn't think that was possible. Plus, he went really fast. On vert, when you drop in you go fast, but I think he was pushing, too. That guy was awesome.

Why is Rodney skating goofy?

Rodney's just insane. I know he was going through something where he just decided he was going to become a goofy-footer. If you look at his ads, he truly looks like a goofy-footed skater. You know Rodney, he's always on some other level. If it's a four-story building, he's on the fifth.

In that ad it also looked like he has a new Richie Sambora haircut, too.

I'm feeling it. I think he looks awesome.

Me too. I heard that Almost rider Greg Lutzka got a house from Monster energy drink. Is that true?

Yeah, I think it is. Hey, that's awesome. If you actually enjoy the drink and they're willing to buy you a house, that's cool!

If you could have a food or beverage sponsor buy you a house, what would it be?

I don't know, but whatever it was, I would want to feel huge inside my own house. I'd get them to make me a mini-couch, mini-doors, a Mini-Cooper. It would be like a movie set at Universal Studios so I'd look that much bigger. That way they could buy me twice as much stuff because it's all so small.


What food or drink would be a good fit for you?

Maybe McDonald's coffee? You think they'd buy me a house?

Maybe they'd let you just move into one of their restaurants that's not doing so good.

They've got billions of people served. I can't even count them there's so many goddamned zeros. Especially since they've got that new health menu. You tried that new Asian chicken salad? Whoo!

When you see Ryan Sheckler on TV, do you wish you could get him back on Almost?

Your favorite show? Do I want him back on the team? No way. I don't mean that in a bad way. He chose what he wanted to do, so there's no reason to wish for some other scenario. What happened, happened. He wanted to go somewhere else and separate himself from Almost and what we do, so I'm cool with that. Good for him. But, yeah. I don't wish he was back.

What advice would you give Marc Johnson as Skater of the Year?

I can safely say that there is no need for me to give Mare Johnson any advice whatsoever. He's been in the game just as long so he knows exactly what he needs to be doing. He's probably had 20 ender video parts. Obviously, he's doing it right and that's why he's Skater of the Year.

What was your reaction to seeing Guy Mariano's video part?

I ain't no bitch, but I felt a little gangster tear drop roll down. I've known Guy a long time and I know he's been through some hard times, so to see him come back and come back so strong--I was blown away, man. I'm a fan. Plain and simple. That was another guy who was a contender for SOTY. I could have seen him getting it, too. But I'm sure he'll win all these other new awards that are coming out anyway.

Yeah, probably. Thanks, Daewon.
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Date:May 1, 2008
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