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Passing the mustard.

THE BRITISH ARE KNOWN FOR DOING things the classic, time-honored, old-fashioned way; at The Tracklement Co. that applies to mustard. The 40-year-old family-owned company, named after an arcane British word for "condiments," makes its award-winning wholegrain mustards with mustard seed grown about two miles away from its Wiltshire, England factory. Its horseradish comes from small farms in East Anglia and Southeast England, while the Beer Mustard contains 6X beer, brewed by Wadworth & Co. of Devizes, 20 miles down the road.

Currently stocked by Whole Foods, The Food Emporium, The Fresh Market, Mollie Stone's Markets and other upscale chains, Tracklements is expanding its distribution in the U.S. The Tracklements line consists of Whole Grain Mustard, Beer Mustard, Florseradish Mustard, and the newest offering, Balsamic Mustard.

Packed in 5-ounce glass jars, Tracklements mustards have a suggested retail of $4.79.

Tracklement is also introducing its award-winning Caramelized Onion Marmalade to the U.S. Like the mustards, Caramelized Onion Marmalade is made by hand in small batches and has a sweet roasted onion flavor derived from its main ingredient--white onions that are cooked for three hours and enriched with redcurrant juice. According to the manufacturer, it pairs well with roasted meats and is a popular accompaniment for pates, terrines and cheese, and can also be used as a burger topping. A 9-ounce jar has a suggested retail of $7.99.

In the U.S., the Tracklements line is distributed by Belgravia Imports of Portsmouth, R.I. For more information, visit

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