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Passengers in pong haul flight fracas.


A FARTING passenger on a plane caused a massive mid-air punch-up that forced the pilot to make an emergency landing.

The passengers sitting next to the overweight man demanded the crew do something to stop him repeatedly breaking wind.

But the crew were said to be unsympathetic and, when the man carried on farting, a fight broke out.

The pilot of the low-cost Dutch carrier Transavia Airlines flight from Dubai to Amsterdam Schiphol made an emergency landing in Vienna, Austria.

The pilot made a report about "passengers on the rampage" and two men and two women, all Dutch, were taken off by police.

One of the four, named only as Nora, 25, said: "The crew stirred things up."


BUST-UP Cops on the plane

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 17, 2018
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