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2013-2014 Season

ACCORDING TO THE U.S. Geological Survey, about 58 million birds representing hundreds of species have been banded in North America since 1904. Over 3.1 million bands have been recovered and reported.


HUNTER: Cliff Deverger, Quincy, IL BAND #: 1827-51755 SPECIES: Mallard (H) BANDED: 08/24/2008 LOCATION: Cumberland House, SK RECOVERED: 11/08/2012 LOCATION: 10 m W New Canton, IL


HUNTER: Noah Osterman, Fernley, NV band #: 1847-54147 SPECIES: ROSS'S GOOSe (F) BANDED: 08/04/2007 LOCATION: 9 m SE Johnson Point, NU RECOVERED: 02/22/2014 LOCATION: 1 m N Milford, CA comments: Hatched in 2006 or earlier.


HUNTER: Tony Sines, Zanesville, OH BAND #: 0975-67345 SPECIES: Blue-winged Teal (M) BANDED: 08/09/2010 LOCATION: E Of Plumas, MB RECOVERED: 01/19/2014 LOCATION: South Bay, FL



HUNTER: Todd Dalrymple, Jr, New Tripoli, PA BAND #: 1727-04921 SPECIES: Greater Snow Goose (M) BANDED: 08/08/2004 LOCATION: SW Bylot Island, NU RECOVERED: 02/25/2014 LOCATION: 3.2 m E Alloway, NJ


HUNTER: Roland Louque, Broussard, LA BAND #: 2097-05712 SPECIES: Greater White-Fronted Goose (M) banded: 07/11/2012 LOCATION: 45 m NE Shageluk, YukonKoyukuk, AK RECOVERED: 12/30/2013 LOCATION: 7 m S Gueydan, LA


HUNTER: Daniel Kaiser, Jr, Emmett, ID BAND #: 1937-66173 SPECIES: Lesser Snow Goose (M) BANDED: 07/29/2012 LOCATION: Ikpikpuk River Delta, AK RECOVERED: 10/03/2013 LOCATION: 3 m NE Sedgewick, AB comments: Also harvested two other birds banded in the same location.


HUNTER: Stephen Skarosi, Burghill, OH band#: 1917-76221 SPECIES: American Black Duck (D) BANDED: 08/22/2012 LOCATION: 30 m NE Senneterre, QC RECOVERED: 12/28/2013 LOCATION: Kent County, DE


HUNTER: Jay Czuba, Columbus, NE BAND #: 1058-21945 SPECIES: Canada Goose (F) Banded: 07/22/2009 LOCATION: Regina, SK RECOVERED: 01/11/2014 LOCATION: 2 m NW Columbus, NE comments: Hatched in 2008 or earlier.


HUNTER: David McMahan, Franklin, TN BAND #: 1917-46300 SPECIES: Mallard (H) BANDED: 08/15/2013 LOCATION: 5 m NW of Castalia, OH recovered: 12/24/2013 LOCATION: 12 m N Lebanon, TN


HUNTER: Kyle Krause, Farmers Branch, TX BAND #: 1727-72345 SPECIES: Ross's Goose (F) BANDED: 07/21/2005 LOCATION: Cape Churchill, MB RECOVERED: 12/20/2013 LOCATION: 5 m E Rosser, TX


HUNTER: John Prentice, Albuquerque, NM band #: 1897-13271 SPECIES: Lesser Snow Goose (M) banded: 08/07/2009 LOCATION: 8 m S Johnson Point, NU RECOVERED: 02/10/2014


LOCATION: 0.6 m N Bernardo, NM HUNTER: Darryl Bainbridge, Kingsley, IA BAND #: 2097-23646 SPECIES: Blue Goose (M) BANDED: 08/04/2012 LOCATION: 33 km S Johnson Pt., NU RECOVERED: 03/29/2013 LOCATION: 6 M NE Kingsley, IA


HUNTER: Dan Spencer, Taylorsville, UT BAND#: 1987-03840 SPECIES: Black Brant (M) BANDED: 07/21/2012 LOCATION: Near Chevak, ak RECOVERED: 02/12/2014 LOCATION: 1.4 m NW Los Melagos, SA, Mexico

comments: On the other leg was a yellow plastic band with the code: TA followed with a heart symbol.

WE WANT YOUR INFORMATION Please send band report Information including Band#, Species, Sex, Banding Date, Banding Location, Recovery Date, Recovery Location, Hunter Name and Address and Comments, or photocopies of your band certificates for banded waterfowl taken during the 2012-2013 seasons to: Bob Humphrey, wildfowl Magazine, 727 Poland Range Rd. Pownal, Maine 04069 Wildfowl will attempt to publish as many band reports as possible. Please be sure to submit your own name and band information to USGS.
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Author:Humphrey, Bob
Date:Sep 1, 2014
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