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Pasdaran back off threats to strike Israelis.

After several days of threats by Iranian officials to retaliate against Israel for killing a Pasdar general in Syria, the commander of the Pasdaran completely backed away from all such threats and telegraphed that Iran would do nothing.

The Lebanese Hezbollah had just retaliated by firing on an Israeli convoy inside Israel, killing a 25-year-old Israeli Army captain and a 20-year-old sergeant. Hezbollah said this was retaliation for the Israeli attack that killed an Iranian general, a senior Hezbollah commander, the son of one of Hezbollah's most feared terror organizers, and four other Hezbollah leaders.

In Tehran, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, the commander of the Pasdaran, said Hezbollah's response was Iran's response.

He said not a word about the Islamic Republic taking any action of its own against Israel.

He said Israel carries out terrorist acts because "it fears the resistance and, in particular, measures by the efficient commanders of Hezbollah."

The Times of Israel reported Israel had sent messages through Russia to Hezbollah and the Islamic Republic stressing that it was not interested in an escalating conflict in the region.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrollah embraced the same theme, saying Hezbollah was not interested in a wider war, but would fight one if need be.

Nasrollah said Hezbollah might carry further retaliatory at tacks, but what everyone noticed was the "might." He didn't say there would be further attacks.


In Israel, Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon told Israel Radio that Hezbollah had sent a message via the UN saying there would be no further action.

Many analysts feel Hezbollah is too over-extended with its war inside Syria to deal with a two-front war by taking on Israel at the same time.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham denied receiving any message from Israel. "The Islamic Republic of Iran has not received any official or unofficial message from the illegitimate Israeli regime," she said. Ultra-hardliners would likely be furious if the Foreign Ministry were to agree to accept any message from Israel, even one coming through the hands of the Russians.

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Date:Feb 6, 2015
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