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Pasco County, Florida Proposed School Impact Fee Ordinance.

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This ordinance establishes uniform school impact fees throughout Pasco County, Florida, and details the calculation, collection, administration, and expenditure of school impact fees imposed on new residential construction. The document identifies and reflects major provisions of the ordinance that were significantly modified. These changes pertain to: low income exclusions, the establishment of a school impact fee fund, appropriation of the school impact fees, and refund procedures. The document includes a memorandum that: (1) discusses development projections and student generation rates used in the impact fee calculations; (2) specifies each cost factor and level-of-service standard for the Pasco County school impact fees; and (3) examines implementation and administration of fees. (Contains 13 figures.) (GR)

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Author:Blair, W. Elizabeth
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Feb 22, 2001
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