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Party princess. (GL friends).

It's holiday season, and that means party time! Festive get-togethers are no prob for your BFF--she flits around like a social butterfly. And you? Well, you feel more like a moth.

OFF THE WALL "My BFF is the hit of every party," says Michelle, 13. "Who can match that?" It's great that your BFF is queen of the social scene, but that doesn't mean you have to blend into the wallpaper. Work the party your own way.

SOLO SOCIALIZER Fine in one-on-one sitches, but big groups make you queasy? Don't let your BFF hold up your end of the convo. Learn to ask questions that require more than "yes" or "no" answers, or tell jokes. Just don't go over-the-top or it will come off forced. Yes, it takes gusto to put yourself out there, but who says it's your place to be the life of the party? You're simply there to have fun!

GUY SHY Your chatty BFF grabs every dude's undivided attention. Worried the guys only have eyes for her? Not so fast. Some guys just feel more comfortable around girls who have lots to say. So next time a cutie looks your way, don't dart your eyes in the opposite direction. Talk to you would a bud.

BOTTOM LINE Your BFF's social skills shouldn't undermine your own chance to shine. You're friends, not clones. So be awesome, individual you, and let your true personality burst through!
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Title Annotation:teenager social skills and entertaining
Publication:Girls' Life
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Date:Dec 1, 2001
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