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Party brewing up in Czechoslovakia as Iron Curtain falls.

Party brewing up in Czechoslovakia as Iron Curtain falls

Beer lovers in the famed brewery town of Pilsen, Czechoslovakia, have decided to mix party politics with the politics of partying.

In one of the odder side effects of this country's move to democracy, a group of dedicated beer drinkers have formed their own party to run in Czechoslovakia's first free elections in 40 years.

"The main objective of the party is to decrease the price of beer while increasing its quality and consumption," the newspaper Mlada Fronta reported on Tuesday. The party also wants 1991 the "Year of Czechoslovak Beer."

Czechoslovakia ranks second in Europe in per capita beer consumption, and the price of a pint of high-quality Pilsner Urquell is the equivalent of 18 cents. Mlada Fronta did not say how much the Pilsen party wants the price lowered.

The party, known as the "Friends of Beer," wants to run in the June 8 elections and to win parliamentary seats, Mlada Fronta said.

According to a "draft" of new election laws, a party has to have at least 10,000 supporters - a condition the "Friends of Beer" may not find hard to meet in a country where beer is the national drink.

"We don't have to remind you that quite a few people are interested in membership in our party," Pavel Mader and Karel Sury, members of the party's preparatory committee, were quoted as saying by state news agency CTK.

"We ask all people who like Czech beer to support our demands by a manifestative gluttony on any day in any pub," Mlada Fronta quoted from the party's official declaration.
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Title Annotation:"Friends of Beer" political party
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Feb 26, 1990
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